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Infestation: Survivor Stories Videos: MMOFTW Live - Ep 4 - The War Z Debacle (58:36)

Talking everything from the week of 12/22 in MMOs. War Z controversy, WoW 5.2's, SWTOR, Age of Wushu, Darkfall, Defiance beta!

Talking everything from the week of 12/22 in MMOs. War Z controversy, WoW 5.2's, SWTOR, Age of Wushu, Darkfall, Defiance beta!
Duration: 58:36
Views: 7,469  20 comments
Game: Infestation: Survivor Stories
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bcbully writes: hi bill! Sat Dec 22 2012 9:05AM Report
BillMurphy writes: Hi Bc!  :) Sat Dec 22 2012 9:07AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I think warz is done for after the mess this week.   I like the idea of chained quest that unlock other quests, we already have that in eq2. 


Sat Dec 22 2012 9:09AM Report
wildtalent writes: I hate that War Z has fallen so low.  I love the concept of a zombie apocalypse mmo.  This could have been huge, now it will be nothing. Sat Dec 22 2012 10:22AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: i have no kids. Sat Dec 22 2012 10:32AM Report
Grakulen writes:

@I_Return One Day!

Sat Dec 22 2012 11:00AM Report
Wizlock23 writes:

Always love watching  ur videos and reviews on games , good work .


 Hope u get into beta soon and they let u do a full review on it , its a great game !

Sat Dec 22 2012 12:55PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: my child would be beethoven or the anti christ, the risk is just to great :) Sat Dec 22 2012 2:12PM Report
manus writes: He actually likes Windows 8... on PC, what o_O Sat Dec 22 2012 6:51PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

Great episode. I share many of your 2 feelings on the games talked about. My thought on WoW has always been a 3rd break away faction, but they chose pandas :(  WoW was not my first MMO but definately one I stayed with the longest. SWTOR has been a big dissapointment for me. I played the alpha and beta, enjoyed the quests. I played the (so called) F2P and found way toooooo many nickel and diming for basic features even. Right now I am in MMO limbo. I play GW2 and pop in and out of other ones, but nothing has grabbed my attention like WoW vanilla did.

Oh well.... keep on keeping on ! Love the show.

Sat Dec 22 2012 8:11PM Report
Grakulen writes: Thanks Xepo.  Keep watching and giving us those thumbs up and we'll keep making it. Sat Dec 22 2012 8:44PM Report
Dantae87 writes: WarZ IS NOT A MMO!!! if warz is a mmo then BF3 is a mmo, same with ARMA 2 and all FPS games cuz they all have the same player cap at glad this gameis going down hill.  Sat Dec 22 2012 10:29PM Report
zomard100 writes: You are right in some points. But i disagree in some points about wow. I was back to wow after eq2, after aoc and now after swtor. It is not so much about how addicted i am it is about how much i have to do in wow, it is neverending story.. You talk something  about how good is to have dodging in mmo's and exct... Sure why not but  i don't want that in wow, i want  smooth fluid combat and be to able to focus how to counter spells and abilities, it   is easy to use dodging  when you have 3 or 4 buttons to push. After all we see how most of players come back to wow after they got  disappointed with new titles. Only thing that  could destroy wow is wow 2 and believe me Bill you will reinstall your OS for wow 2. Sorry for my bad english :) Sun Dec 23 2012 1:47AM Report
BelegStrongbow writes:

AV gets a bad Rap because they BLATENTLY LIE to its customers.  I think they realize this and they have been super cool devs and being very active in Beta forums.  

The game is not even remotely close to being finished, They knew this,  this was the plan all along.  They were just lieing and building vaper hype.  


With that said,  It is still the only game on the market worth playing,  so all of the fans are going to play it no matter what.  I think they know this.



Sun Dec 23 2012 10:54AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Grakulen +1( x10 at least) for the people who yapping about combat

"I don't play mmo's to be fighter. If I did I would go play Tekken"

awesome line :)

Sun Dec 23 2012 12:28PM Report
Seeker728 writes: Is anyone else sick to death of zombies?  Anymore for me, the moment I see a Z word, I turn away. Mon Dec 24 2012 3:28AM Report
Gravarg writes:

You mentioned it a little bit, but WoW's number one and two strength is that if you have an internet connection and a computer, you can play it pretty much, and there are so many people playing it.


I had an 11 year old Dell Dimension 8200 (it finally shorted out and burned up the motherboard).  It ran WoW perfectly fine up til the day it died.  WoW didn't even actually kill it, it did it while starting up hehe.


I have a Horde emblem sticker on the corner of my back window, and I get people all the time mentioning that they play wow too.  Just random strangers, noticing a small 6" by 4" emblem, and a whole conversation starts up.  I also have a WoW skin for my laptop, and I've had alot of people notice it too.  It's nice to be out in the world and someone comes upto you and wants to talk MMOs with you.  I don't even live in a big city (Austin Area, ATX yeah!).  I could just imagine if I lived in LA or NYC or even Dallas.  Some of my best friends started with noticing my horde emblem on my car, or the skin on my lap top (or horde emblem I had on my old laptop).


Also mentioned, probably it's 3rd best strenght is the lore.  I do get that nostalgia feeling when I play WoW.  I can remember poking peons til they yell at me to stop...then abrubtly sending them to get slaughtered by alliance mwuahahaha.  Unlike other games (DAoC, Ashen Empires, EQ) that I've gone back to, that nostalgia fades over time.  It might be a week, sometimes a few months, but it does fade.  Other than sometimes in Cataclysm, in WoW, that nostalgic feeling never fades.  I get a quest to mark some goat turds on a mountain for the 10th time on an alt, and I still laugh at it...and say to myself "Another poo quest...I love you blizzard!"  No other MMO does that to me, and only a few games ever do (Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong (yeah I'm a nintendo nerd lol) Elder Scrolls, Gran Turismo).

Mon Dec 24 2012 3:40AM Report
Pratt2112 writes:

Holy crap, Bill! Your Walken impression is freaking awesome!

Okay... a challenge, by way of a request... or vice versa....

Do a future edition of MMOFTW entirely in your Christopher Walken impression. That would be EPIC.


It's Christmas....

Mon Dec 24 2012 10:38PM Report
Hokie writes:

TangentPoint, I think he has done a Walken-voiced episode.

Was like episode two or three of MMOFTW not MMOFTW - Live. 

It was hilarious and I'll admit, I was impressed.

Wed Dec 26 2012 2:14AM Report
kedara writes: So, WoW copies GW2, Christopher Walken is still the boos of the world, and new useless rehashed games are being released at record speeds. Fri Dec 28 2012 5:30PM Report