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Hammerpoint Interactive | Official Site
MMOFPS | Setting:Horror | Status:Final  (rel 12/17/12)  | Pub:Hammerpoint Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Infestation: Survivor Stories Videos: Game Face: A Look into The War Z (7:32)

WarZ is a recently announced MMO that Pokket takes a look into. Follow Pokket: Follow MMORPG:

WarZ is a recently announced MMO that Pokket takes a look into. Follow Pokket: Follow MMORPG:
Duration: 7:32
Views: 9,297  59 comments
Game: Infestation: Survivor Stories
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Dkompoze writes:


Fri Jul 27 2012 12:32PM Report
XPraetorianX writes:

War Z is no Day Z thats for sure. Ill try it but I dont have high hopes. Rocket the dev for Dayz has the right idea going the simulation route.  Warz sounds like a dumbed down version of Dayz.

Fri Jul 27 2012 12:52PM Report
Mephster writes:

DayZ and WarZ have zombies but different game mechanics which is a good thing. Looking forward to playing WarZ!

Fri Jul 27 2012 1:01PM Report
Hodo writes:

Zombies, the new elves and orcs. 

Fri Jul 27 2012 2:02PM Report
Phaleg31 writes:

So basically, shes reading notes on the game that are available to everyone...




Can someone tell me how I can apply for a job like this?

Fri Jul 27 2012 3:03PM Report
TheBigDRC writes:


Or zombie elves and zombie orcs. Oh, on to something here.

Fri Jul 27 2012 3:06PM Report
Nilden writes:

Well after this I found out it's hard to roll your eyes and raise your eyebrows at the same time.

Fri Jul 27 2012 3:35PM Report
Tenebrion writes:

Her eyebrows are distracting.

Fri Jul 27 2012 4:26PM Report
DarthMooska writes:


I understood what he was saying perfectly. I don't understand how you don't understand. 

I could use a dumbed down version of DayZ sometimes. A nice getaway from the frequent anxiety filled version. Man I hate zombies.

Fri Jul 27 2012 4:39PM Report
xenorace writes:

Sounds like the kids will get what they want with a kid friendly zombie MMO experience. Me I think I will stick with the survival of Dayz....unless Rocket manages to drive the project into the ground with a flop launch of the standalone. :(

Fri Jul 27 2012 4:40PM Report
adderVXI writes:  /cut..../cut....

Fri Jul 27 2012 4:41PM Report
ECGangel writes:

that `whatever` at the end was sexy as hell

Fri Jul 27 2012 4:59PM Report
Ichmen writes:

sadly having wasted the 8minutes or so to watch this video.. i found out 3 things

1) the woman is just reading the forum posts about the game and its planned features..

2) i could have saved my self the trouble of watching the video as this info was already made avalible to my self and millions of others about 3days+ ago

3) the opionons this woman has about the game.. sound phony  as the majority of them are the exact same opinions people have posted about this game already O-o 


frankly i would rather spend 8minutes hearing about some of the unreported things about this game.. instead of a copy and paste of the already public/posted planned features and comments made about it.  fact is this video provides nothing to the discussion on WarZ... as the planned features are not writen in cement they could change right now... 

might have been a tad more prudent to hold off making this video until after some sort of alpha was provided so the "look at" was more of a look at then an hopeful opinion peice :/

Fri Jul 27 2012 6:25PM Report
FrodoFragins writes:

oh geesh - pigtails and flirting.  Too cute.  I unfortunately was too distracted to hear what you were saying. :(

Fri Jul 27 2012 6:41PM Report
Steazy writes:

Thanks Pokket your hottness made my day, and I learned some new info on warz ;)

Fri Jul 27 2012 8:13PM Report
YakCast writes:

The War Z is going to be what DayZ should have been. Accept with a better game engine and a full dev team behind it.

Fri Jul 27 2012 8:46PM Report
MikeB writes:

Can we cut it with the responses on Pokket's appearance? Would you say this nonsense to someone in person? Please focus on the content of what she is saying in the video.

Fri Jul 27 2012 10:02PM Report
remyburke writes:

Ya, I'm on the fence with this one. I just hope huge, open and sprawling. I want to be able to hunt, scavenge and get lost in this world, much like DayZ...only with a bigger budget.

Nicely done Pokket. You are getting better at this. Thanks for the info. :)

Fri Jul 27 2012 10:15PM Report
Banegrivm writes:

One thing that's been said is that this isn't going to be a theme park game. The devs did say that this was going to be a sandbox. I read this on a recent interview, I think on PC Gamer with one of the devs.

Sat Jul 28 2012 12:51AM Report
MaxJac writes:

The game is clearly going for a more cut throat approach and I like it. I know it will not be for everyone, but that is how it should be. There are too many games that promis to deliver to everyone and usually end up being mediocre in all but one area. It is nice to know from the word "go" what to expect to some degree.

I especially like that the, I guess you would call it a hub, town can have PvP in it. It kind of fits into the "if everyone had a gun but bullets were a million dollars each" saying. You will likely die if you try anything in a town but shoulden't you still have the choice? Besides, I like being kept on my toes.

Sat Jul 28 2012 2:13AM Report
Pokket writes:

@Ichmen If the things covered in this video were "unreported" than it'd either be me using industry leaks or making up information for content and views. I don't deal in doing either.

This Game Face was done no differently than the last, in all honesty.

And phony opinion? Great minds think alike. Nothing wrong with having an opinion similar to others. Shouldn't be so quick to make accusations.

@Banegrivm The fact that it has an experience and skill point system (effectively a leveling system - even tho it isn't number based), makes it pretty themepark and less like the sandbox that is DayZ. Honestly, that is part of the charm of DayZ, there isn't really a "leveling" system besides getting gear/weapons.

Not to mention WarZ will have questing in the game. Taken from an interview on IGN:

"Outside of that, for each world there’ll be set of “missions” that you need to complete in order to have the world “100% complete” – those missions range from simple things like “kill X number of zombies’ to more elaborate like “open safe on military base” or “ find this rare item."

Not themepark? I disagree. It may not be linear, however, it does have elements of a themepark MMO.

Sat Jul 28 2012 2:29AM Report
jeremyjodes writes:

Nice Information pokket. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Sat Jul 28 2012 3:10AM Report
Ichmen writes:

its "phony" in that it sounds like you are reading it off a tella propter... really doesnt come across as natural. 

As for unreported there are loads of ways to get extra public info without being a insider leak :/ couldnt you have contacted the devs and had an impromtue chat (not an offical offical interview or anything) just impromt chat ?? while i have no idea when you actually recorded this, i have run across lots of other posts with more info on other sites from interviews and impromt chats, not sure why you didnt try to gather more info. as that would really help you draw people. 

much like i watch the 6'oclock news over the 11'oclock as there is not much differance other then ancher most nites. 


my simple constructive crit would be, try to gather more "news" for this kinda thing doesnt have to be much.. just alittle more info then talking about their "future plans" splash from their game discription.  not asking for a full blowin thing just browse around send an email or two, to the PR for the game.. from what i have seen, a few indies dont mine talking about their game to people who are interested.  do that and your little video blog thing could be quite interesting to watch.

you would be amazed how a paragraph of new info can go with people interested in a game. 

Sat Jul 28 2012 3:49AM Report
SkullyWoods writes:

Sexy 'whatever' is sexy.

Sat Jul 28 2012 4:04AM Report
UsulDaNeriak writes:

I agree, that this was just a summary. IMO, this format (video) is not appropriate for a summary. With or without Pokket. For a summary i prefer structured text, because its much neater.

There are other opportunites, where the video-format shines.

Sat Jul 28 2012 4:33AM Report
The_Oddler writes:

I think I love you :$ Though I also feel my iq drop when listening to you :( Still, like my brain less than you :D

Sat Jul 28 2012 5:04AM Report
miguksaram writes:


TLDR entire thread.  That said the end result is this, when given the opportunity to screw over other player characters, players will take part.  
This is in direct relation to the board posting ability mentioned in this video.  I'm sorry, I would LOVE to believe that humans aren't sadistic psychopathic killers by nature but the reality is when there are no real consequences this just isn't true (as a whole).
If you feel I am wrong just take a look at ANY game available that offers the aforementioned as an option then compare those that take part versus those that don't (as long as not doing so IS in fact a viable option).
Sat Jul 28 2012 7:01AM Report
Weretigar writes:

I gave your video a thumbs down for comparing yourself with phony. You have not been around long enough to do that.

Sat Jul 28 2012 9:39AM Report
CracMonki writes:

I wanna have her babies...

Sat Jul 28 2012 2:07PM Report
jfz133 writes:

@Weretigar She didn't compare herself to anyone, she was defending her opinions, which were qualified phony by a viewer.

Sat Jul 28 2012 2:11PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Lots of editing?I sure got the feel she was again reading from a script and couldn't really relate to the actual game.


May i ask of all the games on the planet,what enticed Pokket to talk about this game?She was STRUGGLING badly to make this game sound remotely interesting.

After a while she began just rambling .

I am no different than any otehr normal guy,we all think female gamers are cool as heck,but to me it all just appears to be a job to her and not gaming fun.

Sat Jul 28 2012 3:15PM Report
VirgoThree writes:

I enjoyed this summary on WarZ. I had no real idea what is was about (other then zombies) until watching this video. Keep up the good work Pokket!

The thing that I like about Pokket's videos is that she sounds legitimate in her opinion, and thoughts on the subject. I look forward to the next Game Face.

Sat Jul 28 2012 3:36PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:



I agree, but while listening to her I can also feel my IQ sharply dropping.


Literally, I'm confused why she tries to act cute with all the short mannerisms because they're just, off.


Either way, if I wanted to hear a "hot chick" talk about games I'd watch G4. WTB: more personal interest in a game and less about you being "hot" Pokket :I

Sat Jul 28 2012 4:03PM Report
Digna writes:

I would appreciate a good game report  but the young lady really, really needs a lot of polish.

This 'article' sounds like a teenager running off at the mouth on a cell phone.

Kudos for 'doing something' (which I have offered before) but please add some quality control.

I can't listen to these anymore.


Sat Jul 28 2012 4:16PM Report
senti02 writes:

nice review..looks high but still pretty pokket ^^

Sat Jul 28 2012 5:36PM Report
Laromuss writes:



Will The War Z have traditional quests?

ST: There are no quests or missions in the traditional gaming industry sense of the word. We’re not building an objective based game, but instead building a sandbox with lots of tools that will allow players to create their own experiences. We took a basic theme that we love—the zombie apocalypse/survival genre—and asked ourselves what the world would look like in this scenario? What means of interacting with the world or other players would be available? What would the world economy look like? We built the game design around that. If you think about our feature set with that perspective it makes more sense. For example, we have what we call “safe settlements,” that are really not completely safe at all. They are built by people that survived the infestation and are working to rebuild civilization, so they are taking precautions to make sure that their home remains safe. If you obey the rules, there’s no danger for you, but it’s not a place that you can go anytime and expect you’ll be 100 percent invincible.

I"m not sure where you are getting themepark from? Or is every sight just adding their own skewed information ?

Sat Jul 28 2012 6:04PM Report
Laromuss writes:

Sergey Titov: There is no max level in the game. And yes, the ultimate goal is to survive as long as you can. Normal and Hardcore players will have their own separate leaderboards, plus we’ll have special servers where only hardcore players will be allowed, those servers will contain some rare items, not found on mixed servers. Outside of that, for each world there’ll be set of “missions” that you need to complete in order to have the world “100% complete” – those missions range from simple things like “kill X number of zombies’ to more elaborate like “open safe on military base” or “ find this rare item."

I think this has been misinterpreted the quests are a set for world completion, not each server will have quests like this as the norm to do over and over like traditional mmorpgs.  

Sat Jul 28 2012 7:11PM Report
chefdiablo writes:

Thanks for the info, otherwise, ignore the critics until they have something constructive to add. Add the useful bits to your repeitoire and keep your chin up.

As much as I hate to say it though, the "whatever" at the end was very cute. It caught me off guard. My heart skipped a beat for sure.

Sat Jul 28 2012 11:27PM Report
mmike8 writes:

This game sounds horrible to me. only reason why i see this game getting "popular" is because it's free once you buy it. I'll stick with TSW and won't be checking this one out.

Sat Jul 28 2012 11:33PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I fully applaud ANY game that delivers tools to allow the gamers to make the game.I wish Pockket woudl have used some video and shown the viewers how these tools are put into use.

I played and thoroughly enjoyed Unreal Tournament for years becuase the yreleased the whole game engine/tools and allowed the public to improve the game.

Even to this day the UDK is fully avaialable to anyoe.I some how get the feeling this is not quite the scale of "tools" we are talking about?

Sun Jul 29 2012 5:27AM Report
Tatercake writes:

she is just awsome i can watch her all day an night

Sun Jul 29 2012 7:05AM Report
xBarachielx writes:

So many creeps.

Sun Jul 29 2012 10:44AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

@xBarachielx, yea...tons of damn creeps all over this board.


It's like, Pokket has a "Creep Magnet" that she uses in every video. It's also probably why I dislike her videos a bit simply because of the "vibe" she gives at that doesn't speak maturity to me. For whatever reason that spills out over the internet like a milk truck and all the super-creeps (in this instance, cats) run from all directions.


Not something that Pokket can help except to work on how she presents herself in the videos :)!

Sun Jul 29 2012 8:29PM Report
ZigZags writes:

Once she said "theme park" I decided not to play.

Sun Jul 29 2012 8:32PM Report
Konfess writes:

I haven’t played DayZ, but I take that it is a Loot based system and has no crafting.  Just curious if word has mentioned any crafting for WarZ?  I wouldn’t expect a character to be crafting a kalashnikov, but something at the level of an insurgent maybe.

How about melee weapons like sledge hammers and fire axes, for when ammo runs out or you just don’t want to make noise?

Sun Jul 29 2012 9:01PM Report
VirgoThree writes:

@Fadedbomb That seems a tad harsh. She speaks like I would expect of someone of my generation in casual conversation.

Also on a side note, I tried to report the spammer above but the report link is giving me a 404 error.

Sun Jul 29 2012 11:43PM Report
Laromuss writes:

@Zigzags   Pockket has her information wrong serveral times on the video, the game is not a Themepark based game, every interview including the one she got her information states it.  

Just that one mistake removes all credibility and BTW  or Pockket or whomever revise the video or remove it as you are giving out false information about a game that has potential by your doing you could ruin the games chance to even make it some where

Mon Jul 30 2012 12:12AM Report
flynnkd writes:

Cut the 'whatever' and repeat loop please.

Mon Jul 30 2012 12:19AM Report
Sirca writes:

Boring. Both game and columnist.

Mon Jul 30 2012 3:29AM Report
Phaleg31 writes:

I feel this 'column' is  sophmoric at best. The endless editing is distracting, the eye rolling and disjointed sentences just screams novice.

I find it difficult to concentrate on the topic at hand because of the unproffesionalism. Im legitimately interested in this game and yet when its presented in this manner, I start to lose it....


Now I guess since we state 'negative' opinions on this girl, we all have bans incoming?

God forbid we present our views about the manner in which these game infomercials are presented......But does MMORPG listen?



Mon Jul 30 2012 4:06AM Report
Vinterkrig writes:

still haven't moved on mmorpg?  tsk tsk

Mon Jul 30 2012 5:47AM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes:

I hope its a sandpark style game or uses a GW2 type of event system/themepark rather than being just another boring generic themepark. After experiencing Anets version of a themepark I just cant bring myself back to having fun with the industry standard of what the mmo is.

Mon Jul 30 2012 8:55AM Report
Laromuss writes:

its a pretty bad video if in the first 1min 30sec you get information incorrect and may opinions that are contradict every piece of fact on every forum out there.  

Please fix the video, it wouldnt be hard to do since you have cuts every where in it which again add to the most disjointed unprofessional look at a game.  

Mon Jul 30 2012 6:56PM Report
IIIcurrier writes:

You are a fine example of this community, and these minds all think the same, exactly like you, noobs.

Mon Jul 30 2012 9:00PM Report
Sutex writes:

What the...i don't even know what to say about this video. Wow?

Mon Jul 30 2012 10:13PM Report
Mundus writes:


Well you would also have to look good while doing it.

Tue Jul 31 2012 11:57AM Report
Ptaah writes:

She has come to experience the realm of self awareness and live behind the veil . One will only know SELF when one experiences self in the illusion of unreality. We have all come to experience the realm of the senses. To belittle is to admit to self doubt when one does not understand the purpose. Wisdom is acquired from mistakes one chooses not to repeat.

Growth is only achieved when one learns the meaning of true love and lets go of attatchments.

Tue Jul 31 2012 12:05PM Report
Vanazzul writes:

Is it just me or has she gained some weight? ;)


If only they made a game like that not surrounded around zombies... stupid zombie trend

Tue Jul 31 2012 1:54PM Report
Laromuss writes:

FIX THE VIDEO , false information is why your videos and your reputation is not going to improve

Wed Aug 01 2012 1:43AM Report
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