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Infestation: Survivor Stories Forum » General Discussion » How to balance Pking - proposal, make your vote to make it happen

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OP  10/20/12 5:28:14 PM#1


Look at that thread to vote on this system.




NO PVE SERVERS needed. We can use this system and teamwork to control bandits.

I say MARK all bandits with blood on their clothes(or a scarf or hat, etc.) or some mark on them so players can tell they are bandits at close range. The bandit can remove the mark with a hard to get disguise item(only works a short time). It should cost a lot of money or be very rare to find. This gives a bandit a time period to hide or be amongst the population without being a target.

BANDIT MARK: In real life they put a bounty on bandits so you would have a description of him, so this mark is equal to that. Makes it dangerous to be a bandit.

DISGUISE ITEM: If the bandit can buy/find an item he can be in "disguise" maybe works 20min real time?, then you cannot see the mark. So the bandit would have to buy this with money(very high price) or find the item(rare to find).

This system would be great!!! BALANCE in the game. 

You can team up to hunt bandits, they can still kill you, but it will be hard for them to survive long and they will have to spend money to be in disguise, it should be a high amount of money or very rare item to find. The skilled bandits will be able to live longer, it will be a good challenge for them.

Who will be the most infamous Bandit and live the longest? Maybe they get special item if they can live very long.

Who will be the famous hero bandit killer? Get special item for killing a lot of bandits and infamous bandits!!

More details:

SELF-DEFENSE - If you kill civilians in self-defense and get placed as a bandit and you are not really a bandit, then the system should have a time period where if you do not kill any more civilians for a time period, you go back to being a civilian. The more you kill, the longer the period takes and if you reach a certain amount of killed civilians, that character can never return to being a civilian.

Bandit is not after 1 Kill. As you should know, how it is now, you become a bandit after a few civilian kills, so if you make a mistake and kill somebody or kill only 1 in defense, you are not a bandit yet.

CAMPER BANDITS - They already have a system coming soon where when you press TAB it will show when a player is close to you, highlight his name. So if you see a bandit name highlighted you should be on your guard and on the lookout for bandits, When you see a guy with blood on him or whatever they use to mark bandits, you kill him.

That is fair warning enough for you to find him and be on guard. You have TAB, and then a mark on the bandits. If he is up on a mountain, then form a search party and hunt him down. It cannot be 100% simple to kill bandits either should take also some work to make it fair for those that want to play as bandits.

SERGEY POSTED they will HIGHLIGHT players that are close to you [THIS is the TAB I talk about]

Bandits will get killed if they go to settlement/safe zones: In the future I think guards will be at safe zones and they will kill any bandit that comes close to the safe zones. Also players will be able to kill them also and prevent them from bringing their items to the global inventory. So it will be very hard for a bandit to save his items for other characters this way.



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10/20/12 5:35:29 PM#2

Honestly man everyone is a bandit in these type of games, a 'bandit' mark or penalty isn't going to stop anybody from killing other survivors. Who would be bothered to get a disguise item when you can look badass as a bandit yourself. In this game it's kill or be killed.

I seriously doubt your last point, considering the majority of the players probably will be bandits, it would seriously hurt the income from the cash shop.


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10/20/12 5:38:27 PM#3

I love these "petition" threads. Why don't you just quit playing the game that you don't like, instead of insisting that they change it just for you?



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10/22/12 2:36:22 AM#4
Originally posted by ironhelix

I love these "petition" threads. Why don't you just quit playing the game that you don't like, instead of insisting that they change it just for you?


OP isn't insisting.  The developers have already started looking for options to balance PvP.  So clearly they are actually doing it themselves.  And the whole point of testing is to gather information and make changes for the better.  I love people with your uninformed mindset, no offense.  It's amusing to see, albiet frustrating all at the same time.


I actually don't like the OP's suggestions.  I don't think an invulnerability halo will do anything.  I don't think bandit disguises will change the mindset of a PK'er.  I don't think blood stains will change anything at all.  People will still kill others, and by the time you can see the blood on their skin, they will have killed you already.  Unless of course, you manage to sneak up on them.


So no, I give this idea a 100% thumbs down.  I believe it will have no effect on the game, while adding a significant amount of development time to do it.  


The obvious suggestion is to decrease or increase lockout time based on your reputation status.  Here's a simple example  for normal characters.


Honorable - 75% reduced time (15 minutes)

Good - 50% reduced time (30 minutes)

Neutral - 0% reduced time (1 hour)

Bandit - 100% rincreased time (2 hours)

Killer - 300% increased time (4 hours)


As simple as that.  Killing zombies, bandaging and applying medication to other players will increase your standing.  Damaging and/or killing players will decrease your standing.  This reputation will not reset for any reason.  Now, there are other ideas that we can throw out there, but I think that this one is a good starting point.  It should be tested before the developers decide to add some unrealistic hard coded mechanic to the game world.


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10/22/12 4:43:54 AM#5

Amazing that all the suggestions are pretty much features in DayZ.



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10/22/12 4:53:22 AM#6

So I am a PVPer, I kill anything on sight. I get marked, great, more targets.

Players enforcing the rules never work.