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Hammerpoint Interactive | Official Site
MMOFPS | Setting:Horror | Status:Final  (rel 12/17/12)  | Pub:Hammerpoint Interactive
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:$30.00 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:Free
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Infestation: Survivor Stories Forum » General Discussion » Heed this call, before "rushing in"

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OP  11/12/12 9:37:34 PM#1

Ok, the game launched "alpha" on the 15th last month, it was BAD as we all know..


Now a month later, it's actually worse than BAD with all the hacks/duping/hopping, seems like no matter what the community suggests/pleads these devs with, nothing is addressed, i mean server-hopping... there have been SO MANY solutions and suggestions that i can't even fathom!... One of those could atleast work "FOR THE TIME BEING" as the devs are trying to scrap up a game from WarInc. pieces.


Zombie "AI". was probably done over a period of a day, whilst under the influence of substances.. i mean, they have eyes on their backs, they don't react to gunfire, flares or other light sources, but they sure as hell charge right at you if you press the SHIFT button for a nano-second or walk 6 meters behind their field of view.


"Houses" and complexeses are blocks with skins on them (there is what, like 8 varied enterable houses/complexes in the entire game as a whole)


Loot is, well... i don't need to go in depth with how loot is, we all know.


Animations... read above, they're from WarInc, but slowed down, and the rest is just half thought-out, semi-implemented gestures..


Weapons... i guess most of them are "all right" considering they're a copy-paste from WarInc. besides the minor "deterioration" details on the skins and snipers being the win all end all (too easy to use) .. just loot at the trade forum(s), everyone want's one, because they're just too easy. Attachments dont show up outside 1st person view, mags can't be changed (C-mag anyone), attachements won't STAY on the guns if you logout/login, swap weapons, attachments will stay in your inventory even after "used"


"up to 250 players on the same server" <-- does anyone HONESTLY think this will happen, with the engine they have?? Really!?


The "amount" of zombies. Well we all know they're too far and few between to be ANY threat whatsoever, thus the ARENA-PVP-SHOOTER, there is no 'incentive' to do anything besides (there will will be wookie-zombies and godzilla-zombies for stem cells.. ya right, i'll hold my breath.).


"we got this and that under the pipes" <-- maybe they should've not sold the game in it's current "pre-alpha-prototype"-phase to people with false advertising "ingame-screenshot" images on the main-site, but i guess the DayZ hype was too hot shrug off with $$-bills in the eyes.


This'll probably get deleted soon anyhow.


For the foreseeable future, i'll probably put this game on a definite hold for atleast a year or so (hopefully they won't abandon this like WarInc.), Maybe, JUST MAYBE in 2013-2014 period, the game will be where they SAID it'll be at the end of 2012, or another company will just come and claim the real prize, with a real game and not just a prototype.


ps. if you're about to reply "it's alpha" don't bother, that'll have no effect here "bro" or "sis"


My 2€ (23€ to be precise)


ps. this is copy-paste of my post on the WarZ forums as it'll probably get deleted by mad-devs for voicing my opinion, so this is a slight "warning" to anyone actually considering tossing money at the devs.

I'm also "starting" to side with RHINOCRUNCH on this one, not as a SCAM, but as a waste of money.. it MIGHT be where it claimed to be at the end 2012, by the end of 2014, IF the dev team doesn't abandon this as they did WarInc.


PPPPS. I have been in Alphas before (quite a few of them, mostly MMO's), they were bad, but this one pretty much tops them all, sure it has shooting and stagnant zombies AI, but all the shooting and stuff is FROM WAR INC.. so it SHOULD work, to a level.



Well, it took less than an hour for the original post to be deleted from the WarZ forums as it was spot on truth (and got many replies with alot of people agreeing.)

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11/13/12 8:12:17 AM#2

Ignoring the "alpha is alpha" argument that is all too often used as a cop out for bad systems...


While I don't doubt that your points are valid, the way you present them does matter. A post like this would be deleted from many MMO forums (at least those that are actively moderated) because it's not really full of constructive criticism, but rather destructive criticism (even if there are some suggestions mixed in.


And essentially, you're attempting to speak for many people when it's just not necessary. Everyone has the ability to create an account and offer up their own opinion. If you do it in a rude, aggressive way, you can't expect it to stick around for long.


Or I could use the "buyer beware" argument... In this day and age of the internet, forums, and YouTube, you have to take some of the responsibility for your purchases. It wasn't sold as a finished product, so you knew (or at least should have known) that you shouldn't expect to be playing a perfect game (or even a good one). That is, there was always a chance it was a waste of money.


On the bright side, if another six, twelve, twenty-four months turns this game into something remotely fun, you won't have to waste any more money to try it out again.


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11/13/12 8:28:22 AM#3

you cant ignore that the current game is still in alpha thats just stupid..

Your $ went into pre-ordering the game, you will get this game when its finished. The fact you got the bonus of getting into an alpha test is just that a bonus..

If you didnt know what an alpha test was then you should have read up a bit about it first. i know you say you have alpha tested games before but i cant believe that..

An alpha test is there is test the core mechanics of the engine and over time they will add more and more features in until its a featrue ready game to go into beta testing. Beta testing tends to be where they iron out any of the last major bugs and start to balance the game out and maybe add some new stuff in depending how the tests go.


Why anyone would go into an alpha test thinking it would be a feature rich complete game i dont know.



Now im not a big fan of the direction they are taking the game with safe zones and private pve servers and so on, i enjoy DayZ a lot more but I know The WarZ is in alpha and a pre-ordered knownnig exactly what i would get..

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11/13/12 8:30:08 AM#4
You are a little too critical in your critique, I cannot take it serious.


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11/13/12 10:24:53 AM#5

Stop your bitching and do some testing!

Right here, right now i lay ANY deficiencies this game squarely at your feet OP, any problems and it's your fault for not testing the game and wasting an alpha slot a real tester could be using.

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11/13/12 10:52:47 AM#6
Here here

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11/13/12 11:01:15 AM#7
Originally posted by Zinzan

Stop your bitching and do some testing!

Right here, right now i lay ANY deficiencies this game squarely at your feet OP, any problems and it's your fault for not testing the game and wasting an alpha slot a real tester could be using.

err the op is wasting no slots as anyone can freely pay the required amount of real money to get an active account to "test" warZ.... 

though if you browse around alot of the ops arguments are quite well founded.. hell i played warinc on steam for 2 months. biggest waste of time of my life.. made combat arms and the like seem like the best thing ever. 

im semi interested in finding out just how many of their active users are actually testing anything. or are infact just pissing around killing people/zombies like its a finalized FPS server mod.  (cause frankly if you look at how it plays on the livestreams and such... it looks and plays like a game mod not a standalone game.)


if you look up "no more room in hell" which is a halflife zombie mod.. warz seems to look/play quite similar :/ yet nmrih is free to play lolololol

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11/13/12 11:04:17 AM#8
I disagree with almost everything the OP says, but after reading his post it feels more like he got worked over in the game, rage quit, and came here to vent IMO !!!!!!!!

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11/13/12 11:05:19 AM#9
I never rush into an indy game. I learned my lesson after Mortal Online and Darkfall.

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11/13/12 11:18:39 AM#10

Typical, it's alpha!


Yes, we know that.  It's not the bugs.  Hell, even for me, it's not the hackers, though obviously that's a big deal.  It's when the core mechanics are actually copied and pasted from another game that had poorly made core features.  The forum lights up with thousands of posts giving very good ideas on how to fix the issues and nothing is done.  Or their team completely ignores us and does what they want.  WHich isn't a bad thing, but it's still annoying as a fan of a game who has already spent money on it.


IE.  Sergey wants to add a proximity tab, as he feels that it will help reduce rampant PK'ing.  Myself and countless others have told him that it not only does not fit a sandbox environment, it won't affect if players want to kill each other and that the idea just doesn't make any sense any way you look at it.  It simply will not work and it is a waste of time in development.


He doesn't care, he's going to add it anyway.  Even though a huge part of the player base doesn't like it or want it.


The game is at least playable.  It's polished in some areas, not in others.  So the potential is there to fix a lot of the issues.  My fear is when you have a team headed by someone as stubborn as Sergey.  Will he fix what we want fixed?  Or wil he start some dumb pet project that just takes resources away from an already thin team?


Plus, you can say alpha is alpha all you want.  That doesn't change the flaws in War Inc, which is where everything in WarZ is coming from.  If you're expecting different, you're insane.