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Tibia (TB)
CipSoft | Official Site
MMORPG | Genre:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 01/01/97)  | Pub:CipSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:$09.36
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Tibia Forum » General Discussion » Why Tibia is the best MMORPG.

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3/08/08 10:28:03 AM#41

i gotta agree with gameloading here!

nothing new or interesting...


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3/16/08 1:34:07 AM#42

you forget.. tibia came before all the games you mentioned so of course other games are gunna steal what tibia did first. its the mmo way


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6/22/08 9:14:12 PM#43

" Every day, hundred thousands of people log in to play this game."



I find that hard to believe since the most people on tibia at one instance was 64 were do the hundred of thousands come from?



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6/22/08 9:17:42 PM#44

Tibia is a great game and supports OMG "PvP Looting" like so many keep begging for!  When you die by a monster or another player you drop your entire inventory on the ground, and sometimes one to several pieces of your equipped gear that anyone can pick up immediately!


Too many judging it by its looks but its an amazing game and a lot fo fun to play!


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6/22/08 9:18:05 PM#45

 To the OP:

I want to apologize on behalf of the MMORPG community. The fact that you took SO much time to give us your input on why you feel this is a great game should be getting many more better responses. I have seen a few rebuttals that had a respectful way of explaining their opinion.

I wanted to say thank you for giving the time and effort to create this post with information on this game. I have never actually heard of it, and maybe one day when I get a chance I can try it out myself at a chance of seeing how I feel about it.

Thanks once again, have a great day.


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6/23/08 7:42:05 AM#46

I really don't like this game. I think the PVP penalties are too severe as somebody can kill you and get you below lvl 8 which means you pretty much have to start over again. It's alright other than being insane boring and over the top penalties for dieing.

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8/06/08 11:52:11 PM#47

"you forget.. tibia came before all the games you mentioned so of course other games are gunna steal what tibia did first. its the mmo way["

Actually most MMORPGs stole what UO did, there is no notable/unique feature about Tibia that was generally copied by other MMORPGs.


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8/11/08 12:55:39 AM#48

I've played this game in 97/98 when it was brand new and almost the only one around. Then I returned in 2000, when lots of other games were around - and still got hooked to it again. I played until 2006, so in total more than 7 years and I don't regret it at all. I had a lot of fun, thrill, entertainment.

Since 2006 I play World of Warcraft but I don't see myself playing it in 2013 still. The long term motivation in Tibia is much higher. I might even consider returning one day.

It's definitely not a game for everyone. If you are a crybaby and don't stand losing: go somehwere else, Tibia is not for you.
But if you like a very unique and thrilling pvp experience and a game with no limits then Tibia might be a good choice for you.


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8/27/08 3:19:41 PM#49

I'de say, tibia is the best mmo upp and running to day. and i ahve playd a lot of games.

But the ting that makes tibia less intresting for me now days is all the newshcool powergamers power abusers..


I ahve playd tibia since late 2003 (7.4 if im not wrong)

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9/03/08 6:57:25 AM#50

Nice post man. Dont worry about the negative feedback. Ive played tibia, and yes there is much more to do in tibia then in other games. I am reffering to having fun, man in what other games can you play football, chess and so on. If you are bored you can do alot more.

Its funny how i appeard in the screenshot of tibianews. Chek up the football tournament, im the guy in yellow called Thadon, my RL friend is Rapoba. Good old times. :)


But i will say something, in tibia you did need skill, your own skill was needed, like when u needed to UH ( ultimate healing) your self it was all depended on how fast your reaction whit the mouse was. Thats skill. Whit the implementation of "hotkeys" , for me the game was destroyed, it was going whit the path of everyother hotkey mmo out there. I moved out of tibia becouse of this. No challange in hotkeys. I was rather going on a same game whit better graph, and so on, and having hotkeys for pvp.... If tibia wasnt having hotkeys id be probably still play a bit. But i had to move on, so i did. :)



Tibia for me is the game for it self ( special in its own way ), now i play Archlord, and will be staying there for sometime. But what can i say, tibia = good old days.



Kind regards, Alex aka Thadon :)

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5/16/09 12:41:59 PM#51

No offence, but the game doesn't really offer anything special.


I see you spent a lot of time on some of these posts, but a lot of the points really are subjective, like saying best this, best that.


Also i suspect some of these posts are just you on other accounts, people coming up with there first posts saying how much they love the game, but its only a suspicion.


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6/17/09 6:31:01 PM#52

Never will I respect a game that offers the "feature" of allowing a small group of players to decide whether your character is good enough to exist in their world or not.

  User Deleted
6/17/09 6:43:45 PM#53

"In total time, I've spent around 5000 hours playing this game.


This is meant as an observation, not a flame, but I gotta point this out....... if you played 5000 hours in 12 hour blocks per day, that's 416 days of play.


At age 17 you should be studying, going outside to play, maybe dating. Spending that much time playing a gane is a destructive influence on your life, you are missing out on literally the last time that you'll have care-free time to yourself before you start work/career/college...and you're wasting that behind a computer screen.

Haven't your parents voiced concern over your amount of time spent playing?


Or am i just being old fashioned and all kids do this now?

And please take this in the spirit that I've presented it, I would be extremely concerned if I had a child that did this.



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7/06/09 5:11:22 AM#54

 I played this game a lot,with pauses,but i wont stop playing it now :)


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Where's all the good MMOS?

7/06/09 5:28:43 AM#55


If Tibia is such a well rounded game and so fun and exciting:

1. Add some fucking music... seriously

2. I get the same graphics from my Sega/Nintendo... time to fucking upgrade.

3. The in game tutorial should be enough say, "Well this was one pointless download."


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7/30/09 1:15:38 AM#56

well, I'v been playing tibia for 6 years and still play on a regular basis.

Basically any complaints I'v heard about tibia is that it's to hard to level, or the death penalties are to high.

Tibia is for HARDCORE gamers and if you can't take the heat of the game don't even bother starting OR complaining about noobs ks'ing shit.

If a noob steals one of my kills i'l kill him, or take him to red and say leave.

I play amera witch happens to be the world known for the most clan wars.


Most players leave you alone if you have any amount of respect or knowledge of how the community created rules of the server work. For example, in alot of tibia servers you leave a label at the entrance of the hunting place saying "Jiwin Jagana Hunting here", with "NEXT:" under it.


If your a new player, find a guild, OVERALL the game is made alot easier if you come in with friends or know people in rl.

Again, Hardcore Gamers Only

Play Tibia if and only if you are up to the challenge.


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7/30/09 1:21:34 AM#57

 no game is hardcore, for a game to be hardcore when you die in the game yould have to die in real life, its as simple as that, no permanent real life death?  then your silly video game isnt hard core at all.


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8/04/09 5:41:11 AM#58

It's different from others mmorpg, it has something that makes it call more than game... I was the same critic as you guys when I first time saw Tibia, I was like wtf, who would play this piece of sh**. But after I played a month I realised, that this is x100 better then any other mmorpg, it will become not your game, it will become your life... I managed to stop playing this after 3 years, but most people who started, never ended...


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10/13/09 11:59:59 AM#59

Well, i've played tibia for about a year and a half, my main char is daikataro, a lvl 99 EK who lives in shanera, i have a few hidden mages i used in last war who are around lvl 45 (for SDs), so i think i know what i'm talking about when i say tibia is NOT the best MMORPG, not even among the top 10

I must add i gained all those levels without using any bots whatsoever, regardless of the many, many times my friends offered me a bot key for tibia cash, i got offer for tibiabot NG, elfbot NG and blackD tools, all of them for 40-50k each, very cheap, or register my e-mail so i could generate keys of my own for 280k, why i didn't use any bots? maybe because i'm too stubborn about games, if you don't have the time or patience to play, why play at all? i learned why later on

On 2008, the chances to get caught botting were ridiculous, all you had to do was avoiding afk botting and you would NEVER get banished, because all the above mentioned bots have alarms that make a loud and annoying noise when someone attacks you, blocks your waypoint or a GM logs in, so all you had to do was pausing the movie you were watching or running from the kitchen to your PC and answer a few stupid questions from the GM: "are you a bot?" no, "can you count with me from 30 to 40?" sure, 30, 31..., "now backwards" allright, 40, 39... and that was it

On 2009, CIP promised to be harsh on cheaters, we all had very hi hopes on the new "massbans" their bot-catching tool caused, on the first month it sure caused a big ruckus, bots were afraid to login, online numbers dropped due to the lack of bots, the owner of blackD tools offered 500 euros to whoever "got a CIP member drunk enough to reveal how their massban tool works"

However, after a month passed, everything went back to normal (normal is not equal to fine), bots started logging in again, makers once again took over rotworm and tortoise caves, and those who had no criminal record entries kept on botting on their mains, due to the fact CIP's punishment for botting is ridiculous, a 30 day holiday they can spend botting another char and a bad boy, don't bot "final warning" that goes away in 6 months, no level/skills loss, no loss of items or gold, no further consequences, it's like you rob a bank and go to jail for 5 years, but when you go out you can keep the money you stole from the bank, damn i would go for it, 3-5 years on a medium security prision (with chance of parole) in exchange for 500k-1 million dollars doesn't seem like such a bad deal

So overall, botters realized how stupid the massbans are, i'll explain in simple numbers, we have around 250k registered tibia accounts, now let's be optimist and say less than half the community bots, only 100k accounts, each massban swipes 2,500 accounts every 2 weeks, that's 2,500/100,000 = 25/1,000 = 2.5% chance to get caught every 2 weeks, now consider you're not stripped of anything when you're caught, and you will realize botting is really worth the while, you can get 10k per day on a low level char, now imagine a lvl 99 EK all day long at banuta apes or chor lizards, even a scarab cave would do, that's no less than 50k per day on gold and valuables

A few months ago they implemented an idea with 3 votes in favor and around 13 pages against (and a lot of more of flaming), the freemium week, during 7 days we had crowded servers, noob pk teams in edron and darashia, overcrowded spawns, noobs asking for free items on premium depots, a bunch of noobs spamming "onde caço eu" or "blok monster pra mim", we had to take the line to login as a paying premium account for christ's sake!!!! needless to say botters were the ones who got the best part of this, since their free acc makers were suddenly able to complete paradox tower, arito's task, some even made POI, there were around 70 pages of complains on official discussion thread, plus a petition on proposals boards with over 500 signatures that said "free premium should be for everyone", as a kind of response we got "your feedback has been considered and will be discussed internally, we will give you an answer shortly", 4 months later we got that answer from an arrogant GM who i'm sure gave me a criminal notation for my signature, the answer was listing the premium benefits and saying we lost none of them during those 7 days, and that therefore we didn't deserve any kind of compensation, here's the original text from GM lycant (Post #25135866 on tibia's official forums):

It seems that your memory is not as good as you think it is, since this matter was discussed and concluded shortly after several players kicked up a fuss. However, I will be kind enough to refresh your memory.

First of all, let me remind you that none of the services you are entitled to receive as a paying Premium customer were affected by the decision to give Premium access to non-paying customers. In case you have forgotten what services you are entitled to receive as a Premium player, I will list them below:

# Access to Premium Areas
# Transportation
# Improved Login
# Cool New Spells
# Character Promotions
# Improved Stamina
# Renting Houses
# Guild Leadership
# Access to a Premium-Only Game World
# Improved Chat Options
# Larger Depots

As you can see, the decision to grant Premium status to non-paying customers did not remove your access from Premium Ares, it did not prevent you from using Magic Carpets and boats, it did not prevent you from bypassing the login queue (unless the server was under extreme load), you did not lose your spells or promotions, your stamina was not reduced, you did not lose your house, you were still able to be a leader (or vice-leader) of a guild, you still had access to Premia, you kept your improved chat options and your depots still held a maximum of 2000 items.

Now, it seems you are under the incorrect impression that being a paying customer entitles you to less crowded spawns and less 'chaos'. As you can clearly see from the list of Premium benefits above, 'Less Crowded Spawns' and 'Less Hindrance From Other Players During Gameplay' are NOT listed as Premium features, and therefore, you are NOT entitled to receive them.

So, since you do not pay to receive any of the things you claim you were unable to receive while non-paying customers were given Premium access, and you did not lose any of the services that you DO pay for during this period, the decision was to award no compensation to any paying customer who was unhappy with the decision to grant non-paying customers Premium access. As Cip doesn't promise you either 'Less Crowded Spawns' or 'Less Chaos' if you are a paying customer, they are under no obligation to compensate you.

I hope that you memory is now refreshed and that even though you may be unsatisfied that you are not receiving compensation for that week, you are at least satisfied as to the reasons why.


But what really gets on our last nerve is CIP's tendence to "we know it all, shut up", their constant ignoring of player demands along with a lousy customer support and only 3 people gathering feedback from 50k players on forums don't speak too well of their customer support, most, if not all responses at tech support are given by players, also most of them are like this: "tibia is fine, tibia is perfect, the problem is your PC or your internet connection". I've visited the forums of WoW and you see a totally different story there, as soon as a question comes up at tech support you see a post from a GM saying "we need this info" and after the player gives the info they say "try this, if it doesn't work try that", and eventually they solve the problem, now THAT is customer support, not the "we're sorry for the inconveinences" you get from CIP

A while ago, CIP made a patch that supposedly fixed hacklink security, as a result thousands of clients crashed with no appearing reason, and hundreds of players (including me) died due to the fact our client crashed when we were hunting, a GM posted "the crash has not affected as many clients as you think, server resets are only taken when most or all players on a server are affected by a critical error, therefore a reset is not a measure we will take", in a nutshell they just don't care, a little later they released a poll asking if we would recommend tibia, and several pages of negative feedback must've shocked them at least a bit, on OCT 6 they gave 7 days premium to players affected by patch as a form of compensation, in shanera you can get 3 months premium for 300k, that's 100k per month, each month is 30 days so 3.33333333k per day, so we got around 22k as compensation each, i lost 79k just for a full set of blessings, plus i lost 400k exp that are not easy to gain back as a knight, so that's at least 40k for potions, 22k is not even 20% of what i lost, but at least we got something

That patch was just the spark that ignited the powder keg CIP was sitting on, a lot of players including me will retire due to the horrible customer support we get, i'm just playing due to the fact i still have premium left and i won't waste my cash since i already paid for it, i should have been lvl 100 over a week ago, but i stopped playing after i died to the client crash, i lost 5 days waiting for a compensation from CIP, so technically i only got 2 days premium (7k) for my losses, at this point i can't say i won't start botting since it seems to be the only way to gain back what CIP has taken away from me, and also the only way to keep up with all other botters who just set up a script and leave the bot do all the work, what's there to lose? 30 days premium? pffffff, a bot can do more in 1 week than i can do manually in 30 days, a final warning? i'm not gonna keep playing anyway so who cares, reputation at forums? i already stated i'll stop fighting botters and also stated i became part of the problem (didn't specify WHICH problem tho) so i don't care as well

There are also many other factors like CIP's incompetence to enforce their own rules, the fact power abuse will be legalized after autumn patch, the elimination of the PvP factor with the 2 seconds exhaust at changing floors and the 20 unjusts per guy, the "long duration" yellow skull that allows unmarked players to kill you with no penalty and many, many more, still the main reason i'm quitting is the lousy customer service, and i'll remark it, Tibia is NOT the best MMORPG aviliable, not even among the top 10, not even close to that

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2/03/10 7:53:48 AM#60
Originally posted by Strayko

I still think this is the best MMORPG I've ever played.

I'm sorry for u !

I Don't care if i'm right i just care to have the true

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