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DayZ (DZ)
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DayZ Forum » General Discussion » DayZ Wiki + Other Useful Info

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  MikeB Community Manager

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OP  5/31/12 3:37:01 PM#1

The unofficial DayZ wiki is a great source of DayZ information, that is, if you'd rather research the game than play it straight!

The two most helpful tools I've found on the wiki are the map (with loot legend) and loot 'cheat sheet':

DayZ Interactive Map w/ Legend

Loot Cheat Sheet

If you find any other useful links on the wiki or otherwise, feel free to post them in this thread and I'll try to add them to the sticky!

Also, if you'd like to write up a Survivor's Guide for the game of some sort, please let me know! There are neat titles in it for ya!

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5/31/12 9:30:17 PM#2

One useful Tip I can think of right away is if you want to learn a little about the lay of the land so to speak there is a useful trick. From the main game menu choose "Single Player", pull up the "Editor" and load up the Chernarus map. When the editor loads just double click anywhere on the map you choose and the Insert Unit dialog appears. Select any unit you want (If you select any type of vehicle make sure you set "Player as Driver/Pilot" in the Control box) and click OK to drop unit. Hit the "Preview" button on the right side of the screen to load up the engine.


This will allow you to explore the basic DayZ map to your hearts content. The actual in game spawn points won't be there but it will allow you to see where possible places of interest are. It will also allow you to get a grip on exactly how absolutely huge this world really is. Hope this helps.






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Pointing out the Obvious to the Oblivious since 2006

6/01/12 1:29:57 PM#3

One other tip that may be useful to some of you trying ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead for the first time. OA plays havoc with some setups and can cause the game to shudder(Freeze every couple of seconds). The way to fix this is to go into your 'Documents\ArmA 2' folder and edit the 'ArmA2OA.cfg' file you'll find there. About 2/3rds of the way down you'll find a setting called 'HDRPrecision'. Set this to 'HDRPrecision=0'. This seems to fix the shuddering issue on most setups.





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6/01/12 3:34:52 PM#4

Thanks for this :)

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Pointing out the Obvious to the Oblivious since 2006

6/02/12 10:12:09 AM#5

Some other really quick tips...


Don't stay on the coast! - There are a lot of players that camp these areas looking for new players so they can kill you for your Beans and medical supplies as well as some trigger happy newbies. There is safety in the tree line. As soon as you spawn head inland. There are farms and small villages there that will be a lot easier pickings for someone first starting out.

Don't shoot the zombies unless it's absolutely necessary! - Shooting zombies has two very detrimental effects on your character. First it wastes precious ammo for no to very little loot and second it lets every player in the area know exactly where you are and how you are armed(The sound of your gun). A lot of players will kill you over a single can of beans so you need to be careful!

If you have to shoot don't stick around! - As I said before anyone who hears the shot just may be looking for you. Leave the area immediately. To a lot of players you are nothing but a walking loot pile.

Walk whenever zombies are around! - Running makes a lot of noise. Walking makes little to no noise. This should be self explanatory. If you have to go within about 15m or so to any zombie crawl instead.

Always crouch! - Hit the 'X' key as soon as you spawn. Crouching makes you a lot harder to spot in the woods or tall grass. It also makes less noise when you move.

If you hear a shot go prone immediately! - As soon as you hear a nearby gunshot hit the 'Z' key to lie on the ground. This will make you a much smaller target and if you are in grass you may just disappear completely. Remember that if you hear a shot you just might be the intended target!

Never go to any building without scouting it first! - Sit in the treeline or any reasonably safe place a distance away and scout the area first. You never know what may be around.

Stay off of the roads or any large open area! - Walking down a road is like painting a big bulls-eye on your forehead. You are very exposed to other players doing this which is never a good idea. When you need to travel stick to the forests. You are relatively safe there.

Stop, Look and Listen! - In DayZ paranoia is your best friend. If you are unsure of any situation at any time stop, make sure you are at least crouched if not prone, look around very carefully and listen to your surroundings. A lot of times you'll hear a threat long before you see it.

Don't eat or drink until the indicators are flashing! - This will maximize your supplies. They can be hard to find at times.

Never log out near buildings! - When you decide you've had enough of the apocalypse for one sitting always go to somewhere away from all civilization (In a forest area is best). You may log in next time and find yourself in the middle of a hoard of zombies or worse.

NEVER TRUST ANYONE! - There are some good, non hostile players but there are others that will bait you with friendship just to put a bullet in the back of your head the first time you turn around.


Follow these tips and you just may outlive the 31 minute average character lifespan. Have fun surviving the zombie apocalypse!    




(Edited to make it a little easier to read.)



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6/15/12 2:47:11 PM#6

Android version of map


Got it on my evo.  Works good.

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4/21/14 7:07:14 PM#7

As Epoch is pretty much the most popular dayz mod these days (according to dayz commander stats anyway!) I thought maybe a link to the EPOCH specific Wiki would be a good idea! (has useful info on how to build etc):

The build recipe bit is one of the most useful sections: