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Elder Scrolls Online Videos: Grakulen's Crafting Primer (9:48)

This is a primer to get you started in all 6 crafting professions in the Elder Scrolls Online.

This is a primer to get you started in all 6 crafting professions in the Elder Scrolls Online.
Duration: 9:48
Views: 3,287  16 comments
Game: Elder Scrolls Online
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Coldren writes:

Excellent video.

Hopefully others see this before they attempt crafting in ESO. I know my first time playing Beta when crafting was opened, I was very confused. This does an excellent job explainning it.

Well done!

Thu Feb 20 2014 3:04PM Report
Telondariel writes: A fairly comprehensive intro.  One thing I've found is that people who are reviewing the process skip how to turn raw materials into workable bolts of cloth, ingots, and planks.  Why I mention this, is because in the last Beta weekend I noticed the pop-up tooltip omits that information as well when you first approach a crafting station.  Consequently, a lot of people were asking in chat channel how to do such a simple procedure.  While I am sure basic crafting guides will be out there at launch to cover such things, I hope the tooltip itself becomes more comprehensive. Thu Feb 20 2014 3:13PM Report
Grakulen writes:

Thank you. I also have another video that goes more in depth about the special crafting stations hidden throughout the world that grant set bonuses to your items as well as more information about the enchanting system and how to recharge your enchants with soul gems. It's actually pretty easy but if you don't know where to look could take you a while to figure it out. I'll be able to release it once we are allowed to start showing more new footage. 


Creating the raw materials was one of the most asked questions I saw in chat as well. It isn't a very obvious thing to do.

Thu Feb 20 2014 3:14PM Report
Gravarg writes:

Great video.  I actually like crafting, it's something that's been missing in most games.  Not only is it useful in ESO, it isn't all about going a making 50 million gloves to level up.  Although I have made a numerous amount of gloves lol.  I noticed that people would actually buy items if I said I had some blue items in Zone chat, which was pretty awesome.


Another thing about fishing, you have a small chance to fish up a soggy bag which can contain (I believe) ANY reagant, recipe (cooking), gemstones, etc. for all the other crafts :)  I've gotten several reagants from fishing to upgrade to rare and one that was even for epic :D

Thu Feb 20 2014 3:47PM Report
Grakulen writes:


I'll make sure to mention the bags in my next crafting video.

Thu Feb 20 2014 4:15PM Report
achesoma writes:

Nice guide.  I'll admit I fumbled around a bit trying to figure out crafting.  Especially, since I had a limited time frame to play. 


Is there any other way to get cloth besides extraction?  I had no problem looting rawhide for leather but couldn't figure out how to make jute with the exception of extraction. 

Thu Feb 20 2014 4:20PM Report
Digna writes:

You can collect Jute manually. A plant. Harvest like ore or a tree. (about 29 seconds in)

I was curious as to the daily supply drops from the minions. I know they occasionally bring a rare but do they drop even 'normal' mats to make the expenditure of the point(s) worth it?

Thu Feb 20 2014 5:18PM Report
achesoma writes: Thanks Digna.  I was thinking that might be the case but never saw a jute plant. Sure saw plenty of iron nodes though.  Looks like I'll definitely need the "keen eye" skill lol. Thu Feb 20 2014 5:45PM Report
Digna writes:

Yeah me too. Even for some of the items I am not going to craft with I think.

If you watch

its a good crafting video but it really shows the difference between collecting with Keen eye and without. (about 60 seconds in he drops points into keen eye). Its a short vid but also shows some really good shots of some of the armors/crafting.

Thu Feb 20 2014 5:51PM Report
Grakulen writes: In regards to the hireling at 1 point it's pretty crappy. I haven't bothered to dump more into it. I'm assuming it gets better but so far it isn't that great. Thu Feb 20 2014 7:15PM Report
Digna writes: Thanks  for the reply mate. I figured I might test the waters next beta weekend (assuming there is one) but was looking at that passive as one to get 'later'. Fri Feb 21 2014 3:19AM Report
mcrippins writes: Maybe I missed this, but for enchanting and alchemy, once you discover the recipe - does it save it for you, or do you have to memorize it? Fri Feb 21 2014 3:32AM Report
Grakulen writes: For enchanting and alchemy once you discover what the runes/ingredients form when you put them together in the mixing station it will show you the outcome. You don't have a list of recipes however. So if I mix herb x and herb y and make a healing tincture form now on when I put x and y together it will show me the outcome before I mix them, but there is no book in game that has that information stored for me that I can just look at. So you'll either have to remember it, write it down, or google/bing it. Fri Feb 21 2014 4:12AM Report
rodarin writes:

Crafters arent going to be too excited once they see that everyone is going t be able to make the same things. There is zero  specialization. Spending points in crafting doesnt make anything different either it just gives small perks.


So crafting in this game is basically a money and time sink which isnt going to get you anything back.


When everyone can collect all the same things, and everyone can make all the same things with no restrictions that is a very poor crafting system.


Unless one crafts but a handful of people (which is very unlikely) there wont be much of a market for stuff that I can see. I think that is why the lack of an AH isnt that big a deal, because there really doesnt look like there is all that much to buy/sell anyway that you cant get yourself.

Fri Feb 21 2014 8:55AM Report
alexhpy98721 writes:

You are right it is a time sink... they figured people enjoyed it in past ES games and i think they are right. The people who want to explore the world and so on will do it for fun.

I remember when i played Skyrim on master i actually had to do crafting... and i enjoyed it.. and it wasn`t as good as i see it here. Leveling and making your own gear with everything on it... its nice. It says nothing about long term commitment as people will start to finish doing all the stuff, but for a one time leveling to see the story... it works. Especially since you can use 1 character and see all the zones/do all the PvP/PvE/Crafting etc. Finally no need to make 100 alts just to repeat the same content and quit out of boredom while doing it.

Fri Feb 21 2014 11:59PM Report
Slyckk writes:


While I agree that crafting will be quite the money sink for those of us interested in progressing with it, I still feel as though that there will be some need for crafters who have really put in the extra time and effort. 

Even without specialization, there will be a great deal of players that lose interest in the time and devotion it could very well take to gather resources, tempers, do research etc. 

Since the drop of the NDA I have watched and read as much content as I have had time for, and my general impression is that there are a lot of folks out there who ignore crafting altogether, opting to buy their gear on the quick. Perhaps that will translate into some profit just as Gravarg said earlier in the comments.

That being said, I too agree that without an AH there will be increased need for one to craft gear for one-self. As a crafter myself, I'm okay with that. And for those who aren't zone chat appears to offer plenty of gear for sale.

Sat Feb 22 2014 9:50PM Report