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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/04/14)  | Pub:Bethesda Softworks
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Buy to Play | Monthly Fee:Free
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Elder Scrolls Online Videos: The Alliance War - Gaiscioch Takes a Keep (6:08)

Our friends in the Gaiscioch Family ( have been dabbling in the Elder Scrolls Online beta for some time now. During last week's PVP (Alliance War) weekend, their members got together to make a run on one of the keeps in Cyrodiil. This is how PVP in Elder Scrolls Online looks, and what it's all about.

Our friends in the Gaiscioch Family ( have been dabbling in the Elder Scrolls Online beta for some time now. During last week's PVP (Alliance War) weekend, their members got together to make a run on one of the keeps in Cyrodiil. This is how PVP in Elder Scrolls Online looks, and what it's all about.
Duration: 6:08
Views: 16,780  62 comments
Game: Elder Scrolls Online
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Ilaya writes: Nice Vid !! I had the chance to participate in a Keep Raid as well and what should i say as old DaoC Player? I felt ; Coming Home! Just Awesome as the Vid shows. One Difference tho; We where less ppl, so no GW2 Zerg needed or seen. It felt soooo good ^^ Fri Feb 14 2014 9:17AM Report
odienman writes: Very cool vid and coordination.  I thought pvp was great in beta, however I never did use the catapult or buy one.  I really hope they change how quickly you can deploy them and break them down.  It will totally kill pvp once people just start buying them and putting them everywhere instead of using skills. Fri Feb 14 2014 10:13AM Report
Orious writes: I think there is a cap when you're sieging. Like 20 or less. Fri Feb 14 2014 10:23AM Report
LisaFlexy22 writes: Cool vid Fri Feb 14 2014 12:11PM Report
chelvaric writes: yup 20 is the cap you cna have on siege weapons near forts Fri Feb 14 2014 12:16PM Report
chelvaric writes: you cna see it when they hover over the fort on the map Fri Feb 14 2014 12:16PM Report
Telondariel writes:

Great vid!  I'm surprised how they really managed to pull off the DAoC feel of AvA.  Awesome job.


All we need is Darkness Falls now.  That used to be my hangout.

Fri Feb 14 2014 12:52PM Report
Iselin writes:

From this day forward, anyone who says "zerg" to dis TESO PVP, should have their eyelids propped-open with toothpicks and forced to watch this video 20 times.


THIS is what AVA is all about.

Fri Feb 14 2014 1:50PM Report
gwei1984 writes: Well, thats what i call epic PVP. Thanks for this game! Fri Feb 14 2014 1:57PM Report
hikaru77 writes: I could be wrong but i think they are working on some ¨Darkness Falls¨ Like´s Content post-Launch.  Fri Feb 14 2014 1:59PM Report
GeezerGamer writes: I understand that this video shows just what a small organized squad or guild can do, but this was still a very early, very disorganized beta event. Are there systems and mechanics in place that will prevent this kind of event from turning into a Zerg V Zerg situation once everyone gets a handle on how it works? Fri Feb 14 2014 2:08PM Report
Scot writes: One video is not much to go on, but it scored good marks for me. I had a feel of that old DAOC magic myself. Fri Feb 14 2014 2:16PM Report
Lukooone writes: Why when I remember some GW2 videos I still think TESO can be a similar zerg thing...? Fri Feb 14 2014 2:24PM Report
Nzscorpion80 writes:

I do think GW2 had a good siege system with the resources etc. ESO with everyone able to drop what ever they have bought with alliance points up to a certain limit of 20 siege, they dropped in a instant & u can pack them up just as kick. They need to put a build timer, or some sort of mechanic.

Fri Feb 14 2014 2:44PM Report
Badaboom writes: So there is no collision detection or friendly fire? Fri Feb 14 2014 2:46PM Report
ButeoRegalis writes: Insta build siege? O-kay. Is there a limit or can one guy just drop 30 catapults? Fri Feb 14 2014 3:11PM Report
Lahuzer writes: Looks quite nice. But what's the insentive with taking keeps? Fri Feb 14 2014 3:14PM Report
Alders writes:

I remember how awesome WvW was in GW2 during beta.  Small man groups containing larger forces all over the map with coordinated tactics.

That all changed once the population cap was raised.  Gone were the small groups in favor of the all mighty zerg.  Despite my non-interest in ESO, i hope that doesn't happen here.

Fri Feb 14 2014 3:17PM Report
mysticmouse writes: Almost makes me want to pick this game up. Kinda worried about being able to drop siege gear inside a keep your trying to take unless they add longer timers or a control area function where you have to had control over a wall for or courtyard before anything can be deployed. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:32PM Report
DeathFromAbove writes: Nice video and nice music too. l'm ready for this game. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:44PM Report
Talemire writes: This video was my crumbling point. I needed to see PvP, I saw it, and now I'm sold. Pre-ordering now. Fri Feb 14 2014 3:51PM Report
Slapshot1188 writes:

Payton Manning is their clan leader?


Fri Feb 14 2014 4:06PM Report
Razephon writes:

Wow the people responding here are jaded as hell. 

Do you really think this video is reflective of what happens in AvA? Have you any kind of Mass PvP experience over the past 5 years in MMOs? Is this the first time you've seen Mass PvP since DAOC?

Ooooh wow, an organised guild took out a minimally defended keep! Such great PvP! 

You know what, you buy it guys. Enjoy your mindless zergs when (not if) they happen. Theres other things, but I'm not elligible to say...

Fri Feb 14 2014 4:31PM Report
Soki123 writes: OMG, as a DAOC fan, and still subbed, that looks like a joke. Theres a reason I m still subbed to it. Fri Feb 14 2014 4:48PM Report
Iselin writes:

@ Badaboom

If you hadn't asked the same question a hundred times and gotten the same answer every time, I might believe your post was something other than one of the tiny minority of Darkfall players trying hard to be clever.

Fri Feb 14 2014 4:49PM Report
Rydeson writes: I wasn't impressed at all..  NO friendly fire, or collision detection.. It doesn't play all that much different then WoW or GW2's massive PvP zones..  But it's a new game, so the hype is working overtime.. Fri Feb 14 2014 5:12PM Report
Bookah writes:

You bastards! I pretty sure I was on the receiving end of that Oil :)

Great video thanks. I had a great time PVP'ing in Cyrodiil.  There were always large groups recruiting which was nice.

I think after GW2 we have a good number of effective leaders for this type of Siege, so there is good leadership strategy and competition... all this makes for a damn good time

Fri Feb 14 2014 5:24PM Report
blythega writes:

So, it is basically similar to Warhammer Online Keep takeovers that just recent closed as an MMO.

I really don't see anything here that is new or interesting. I would be surprised if people who play this don't get sick of it after a month or so. 


Fri Feb 14 2014 6:07PM Report
Beelzebobbie writes: I agree that it feels like warhammer online all over again, and that ain't a bad thing since they had the best PVP ever except for balancing and stuff. Sad to say I won't ever play any game with sub again but I hope it goes well for all you ESO fans and that you enjoy it for years and years to come, just don't take to many GW2 players with you :) Fri Feb 14 2014 6:18PM Report
Deathenger writes: Woah, that was freaking awesome. Fri Feb 14 2014 6:45PM Report
rsealman writes:

How about a video of a Keep being raided but with proper defenders on it? That would be awesome. :D

This beta we have seen bigger zergs than this one being sent back to spawn crying due to the keeps being properly defended.

That one had like 10 peeps in it?  It's a really small sample of how you can place siege and break in.


Fri Feb 14 2014 7:53PM Report
TerminalDeity writes: I didn't realize Peyton Manning played ESO. Fri Feb 14 2014 7:54PM Report
DaveyCole writes: This video looks like a re-skinned GW2 WvW match... Fri Feb 14 2014 8:07PM Report
grogstorm writes:

While that was a great keep take, I had serious problems distinguishing who was friend of foe.   :0

Grats to the victors.

Fri Feb 14 2014 8:46PM Report
xpiher writes: no hit detection even in PvP area is bad game design. They should not have been able to push through the enemy like that. It makes choke points virtually wrothless. Fri Feb 14 2014 9:20PM Report
xpiher writes: This will end up zerg vs zerg in pvp again because people who lose all the time in WvW i mean RvR will simply switch sides by switching characters and most MMO players aren't corrdinated. The larger alliances will break up due to boredom just like they did in GW2. The players are simply not the same anymore like they were in DAoC. There will be virtually no realm pride. I say this from experience as I was a member of the Titan alliance in GW2 at launch and it broke up because they got bored and got tired of  hearing the whines every time they dominated.  Fri Feb 14 2014 9:30PM Report
superconducting writes:

Looked fun but seriously, these guys are proud of taking an practically undefended keep?

They weren't challenged much at all.

Fri Feb 14 2014 9:41PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

As a huge fan of DAoC frontier RvR, all I can say is...

Warhammer didn't compare...

GW2 didn't compare...

TESO? Only time will tell...

Fri Feb 14 2014 11:42PM Report
sdeleon515 writes:

Still on the edge for the PvP on this game. Extremely one-sided and even though there are more dimensions to this (liek the land surrounding the keep), I still have to admit that its why I keep having a slight clamoring over EvE's PvP which seems limitless and pretty harsh for loosing a significant piece of real estate. 

I  can still see zergs being a key point for winning at this stuff and that kind of annoys me a bit since it shouldn't have to come to that stuff.

Sat Feb 15 2014 12:00AM Report
Tyvar writes: I just wanted to say, I LOVE that one lady's accent. "Incoming from behind!" Sat Feb 15 2014 2:24AM Report
aesperus writes:

Very nice vid. The reason it feels so much like DAoC is because the designer behind RvR is the one leading this game. (Not Mark Jacobs)

As for those who complain about zerging. You guys really need to learn what large-scale tactics are. Because as it stands, 'zerging' exists in any kind of combat that isn't a duel. However, if zerging was the only viable tactic, you wouldn't have countless examples of smaller forces defeating larger ones. In the case of ESO, even without collision detection, the siege makes a HUGE difference. Choke points absolutely do matter, as it forces enemies into siege fire, in which they start dying extremely fast.

Not unlike the oil you saw in the video.

Sat Feb 15 2014 3:03AM Report
zekuel writes: OMAHA OMAHA on 1 Sat Feb 15 2014 3:09AM Report
Silverune writes: It has GW2 keep exchange, Merry-go-round written all over it... Sat Feb 15 2014 4:09AM Report
Keller writes: Running through players and siege-equipment......... ESO is a good step in the right direction for world pvp games, but without character collision (and not mentioning friendly fire) it doesn't give me the right feel.  Sat Feb 15 2014 6:26AM Report
Arskaaa writes:

looks fun when all players are first timers but after few week/month, its zerg train winning or losing becouse ppl in pvp zone are afk or build sieges vrong places.


ultimate skills can be huge proplem too. if whole zerg team build ultimate skills ready and zerg... well its gonna be short fight.

Sat Feb 15 2014 7:57AM Report
CyberWiz writes:

If you want to fight the zerg you need PBAoE through walls, that was the oldschool way of destroying zergs and good keep defence in DAoC. New Frontiers nerfed that one I believe.

I still fondly remember completely destroying the midgard zerg with my Ice wiz while standing next to the milegate with my PBAoE, I had help from one other PBAoE ice wiz and protection from the rest of our team. Mids kept running through the milegate like lemmings and we got an insane kill spam.

The zerg is mindless, if you get the tools like PBAoE and AoE mez and stun then the zerg is less of an issue and a fun beast to toy with :p



Sat Feb 15 2014 9:33AM Report
neurojame writes:

The voice of you guys leader sounds like Payton Manning!


Omaha! Omaha!

Sat Feb 15 2014 12:12PM Report
RelGn writes: I dont see any keep resistance. Sat Feb 15 2014 12:46PM Report
Mardukk writes: Looks ok.  Sad to see that collision detection and friendly fire didn't make it in the game.  Friendly fire is a pretty good mindless zerg deterrent.  Maybe they will collision detection later, there is really no reason they shouldn't have it.   Sat Feb 15 2014 1:28PM Report
Doogiehowser writes: Reminds me so much of Warhammer PVP ;) Sat Feb 15 2014 1:54PM Report
Ferad writes: Is it just me or does that guy sound a lot like Payton. I was surprised I didn't hear a OMAHA in there. Sat Feb 15 2014 5:20PM Report
Kappadonna writes: I must have been watching a different video than the majority of you, but that looked utterly boring. There's no feel to individual accomplishment in that type of PvP .... or individual distinction. Honestly the main element all modern MMOs lack is the factor of individuality. You're just another person that looks the same as any other person and has a character that pretty much resembles any other person all doing the same thing. Sort of sounds like real life to me, which is why these games have become so mindlessly redundant and boring over the past decade. Sat Feb 15 2014 5:23PM Report
Rhoklaw writes: @Kappadonna: While you may be right, I think it's safe to say we'll never see a Skyrim Online style game. Sat Feb 15 2014 6:36PM Report
blazzen67 writes: @Kappadonna, welcome to the world of the want an individual feel and all...stick to single player games . that type of PVP is about team work and there is no "I" in teamwork Sat Feb 15 2014 9:43PM Report
will75 writes: Call me jaded if you will, but the size of that keep reminds me of gw2, imo... SMALLER keeps > Bigger keeps. Maybe i am just oldschool. I don't like that big of a keep. Sun Feb 16 2014 10:05AM Report
will75 writes: <span com_who"="">CyberWiz , you should back CU..Kill spam is already in the client and guaranteed. Sun Feb 16 2014 10:07AM Report
leaf16nut writes: Listening to them makes me cringe... Never been one to get all serious and bark orders, it just screams lame, uggh. Sun Feb 16 2014 1:53PM Report
Black-Magic writes: Great VID! Sun Feb 16 2014 9:35PM Report
smunchy writes:

I will not be buying this, unless it can truly hold itself up until the 6 month mark. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but I can actually see this going really bad, really fast. 


Have fun.

Mon Feb 17 2014 12:26PM Report
haibane writes:

Taking keeps make sense only if it has a purpose.

U had keeps in GW2 too bu the WvWvW still sucked.

Why ? Because it was pointless, it was just to score in a global WvWvW ladder.

In DAOC RVR made sense only because people had to xp around keeps and u could gank them easily. No keep = no safe zone for xp'ers.

It was before everything was tied to dungeons with a lazy ass dungeon finder that TP u directly inside from anywhere u played, without facing any other players.

PVP in MMORPGs is dead, so is RVR, so are most MMOS anyway, as they have been stripped down of most of their substance for lazy gameplay and quick cash. 

I think ESO will fail but it's not its fault, it's the whole industry and game genre that is failing as it's dry of any idea and refuse to offer a challenge to lazy, mostly new generations, players that are used to have everything in their hands right away via mobile, Facebook, Tweets whatever.

When DAOC was released (2001) there was none of this 'mobile world' crap, none of this retardness that has taken over the Internet with FB updates, 200 selfies  per day, "likes", "follow", turning a whole population into cattle where they never think for themselves but just follow a trend. I'm pretty sure DAOC would fail if it was released today cuz people would find it too challenging.

Good luck ESO and good luck MMORPGs.

Mon Feb 17 2014 4:09PM Report
Humphrie writes: It looks wooden and boring. No thanks. Tue Feb 18 2014 4:36PM Report
Ikifales writes: That got my heart racing...can't wait! Thu Feb 20 2014 8:51PM Report