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Elder Scrolls Online Videos: Gameplay Presentation From QuakeCon 2013 (27:53)

Here, in all its glory, is the uncut gameplay presentation from QuakeCon 2013.

Here, in all its glory, is the uncut gameplay presentation from QuakeCon 2013.
Duration: 27:53
Views: 8,134  39 comments
Game: Elder Scrolls Online
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bcbully writes: I mean, I like what I'm seeing. Sat Aug 03 2013 12:52PM Report
Arskaaa writes: dunno why but i got a bit bad taste combat show. animations dont look smooth at all and that bow animation attack... eww. still its beta but they really need fix thouse animations asap. Sat Aug 03 2013 2:10PM Report
moosecatlol writes: The animations remind me of the correct horse gif. Sat Aug 03 2013 2:49PM Report
JIUBHUNNY420 writes: "I heard them say weve reached Morrowind's combat with 4-player co-op, but im sure they'll let us solo for most of the game..." Sat Aug 03 2013 3:43PM Report
DeniZg writes:

Clunky animations and combat-check. Dark gritty atmosphere and character models-check.

Well, it looks like Elder Scrolls game to me, with all it's virtues and flaws. ES fans should be pleased.

Sat Aug 03 2013 5:31PM Report
keithian writes: I already posted in the ESO forums yesterday the same video at a better video quality, though in 3 parts, its in 1080P. Sat Aug 03 2013 6:23PM Report
Jorl writes: Seems to me they dumb down the graphics. Quite impressive though the game play that is. Sat Aug 03 2013 6:43PM Report
koljane writes: Looks cheep and outdated. Sat Aug 03 2013 6:48PM Report
PsychoticHamster writes: Bows need a lot of work. Sat Aug 03 2013 7:15PM Report
discord235 writes:

I'm having a problem with the view-modes. Previous Elder Scrolls games work best in 1st person view but for an MMO I just can't see it being the best choice. Most of the time in Skyrim you are attacking 1 monster at a time so it is easy enough, but with multiple mobs and having to move around a lot quicker (especially in a dungeon with a group) is seems your view is at a disadvantage - and what about PVP? I don't want to have to switch between the 2 views, especially cuz 3rd person view in the previous games sucked, and looks the same here. I first an Elder Scrolls MMO sounded really cool, but I am beginning to think it is a bad mix...

Sat Aug 03 2013 8:41PM Report
Mardy writes: I like what I see, looks familiar, non-cartoony, and I can see how it would be very fun in PvP (something SOE won't address with regards to EQ Next).  I just may have to play this game since it looks to be coming out before EQN. Sat Aug 03 2013 8:49PM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

It's funny, I know the game has "realistic" graphics and EQ Next has "cartoon" graphics. But after watching the EQ Next stuff this definitely game off as much more bland. EQ Next just has such a high fantasy feel about it the world just looked gorgeous and the animations by far were much smoother.

I still think it looks pretty good and I like the idea of an Elder Scrolls game but online so I will almost certainly check it out at launch. The animations definitely look really stiff though. Moreso than Skyrim I would say.

Sat Aug 03 2013 11:42PM Report
Craisy writes:

Suprisingly impressed, actually like the first person view mechanic. Makes you feel much more immersed and involved.

Really cant believe I am actually looking somewhat forward to this now....

Sun Aug 04 2013 12:16AM Report
Craisy writes:

Suprisingly impressed, actually like the first person view mechanic. Makes you feel much more immersed and involved.

Really cant believe I am actually looking somewhat forward to this now....

Sun Aug 04 2013 12:16AM Report
Mardy writes: I liked how the bow had to aim the shots, not your average MMO where the arrows just home in on the target you have selected. Sun Aug 04 2013 1:58AM Report
Searias writes: Very Cool Sun Aug 04 2013 2:49AM Report
Sinaku writes: Not the most fluid combat I have ever seen...fluid looking I mean. I'm sure it will be worked on a bit more. Looks better than I figured it would. Sun Aug 04 2013 3:25AM Report
stayontarget writes:

Jesus Christ, why must they highlight the target in red.  We are not simple minded fools that need to be shown what we are hitting.  GW2, NW, and now this......please stop the dumbing down of games.


rant over.

Sun Aug 04 2013 4:29AM Report
palulalula writes: It looks good. I like this game more and more Sun Aug 04 2013 5:03AM Report
Herodes writes: It looks so boring. Sun Aug 04 2013 6:22AM Report
Jorl writes: it's the graphics which I'm worried about, we are in 2013, not 2003. I had a feeling the graphics were going to be suited for the consoles. My hope is that they'll improve for the pc. Having said that it isn't in beta yet, I like the combat and the skyrim/oblivion feel that it gave me. They done well to make it feel like Elderscrolls. We'll sharp find out in 2014. Sun Aug 04 2013 7:18AM Report
DocBrody writes:

huh, not bad, not bad.. reminds of Age of Conan somehow.

but can I turn off the glowing outlines?




Sun Aug 04 2013 7:44AM Report
jtcgs writes:

Yep, game looks like crap. Poor animations, graphics are on the low side, combat is vastly limited as expected for a console hybrid. It is whats expected, a money grab.

Youtubers said it best with "Instant travel, very little group-dynamics, very shallow combat, 7 skills.....this? looks like the most superficial MMO I can imagine." and "the action and combat seem so dissapointing for it to be an mmo... 1st person looks like a single? player game... Third person looks like a really bad action game".

Sun Aug 04 2013 8:30AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Same as Doc, when they showed the char.creation screen I thought for a sec they launched the wrong video :) it's exactly AoC's character creation (without the slave ship ofc).


And I loved both the pr & marketing guy's intro and creative dir. Sage's background speech - more precisely what was missing... Firor's vision :) I mean, there were no changes obviously in the game so it's only pr-talk, but during the whole video there was maybe 1 mention of pvp and just a short one of factions (during the lore), on the other hand it was full with ES history, former ES games, fps view, ES game just online this time, you can play with your buddies, a PvE dungeon, etc.

Seems the uproar of the ES fanbase finally reached their ears :) Sage even said in the end "next to the ES saga and follower of Skyrim". If only they'd develop it with that mindset from the beginning...


Sun Aug 04 2013 8:42AM Report
mikuniman writes: Oh man I'm totally losing faith in NA titles. they get 90% right and really trash the rest. Character models look bad, animation is geriatric, but the world and gameplay seem great. Sun Aug 04 2013 10:23AM Report
cura writes: Same old boring pve crap Sun Aug 04 2013 12:54PM Report
Whiskey_Sam writes: ESO bow combat is nothing like bow combat in Oblivion and Skyrim.  That alone is enough to keep me from playing. Sun Aug 04 2013 2:59PM Report
Sp00sh writes: Intrigued none-the-less! Sun Aug 04 2013 5:15PM Report
drivendawn writes: As many said animations could use a little work. Other than that looked very elderscrollish to me, definitely going to check this one out. Sun Aug 04 2013 5:55PM Report
maplestone writes: It's hard to get a sense of the deapth of play from this demonstration, but it looks truer in spirit to the single player games now than the oriiginal announcement way back came across feeling. Sun Aug 04 2013 6:03PM Report
dreamisover writes:

Ummm... they felt confident in showing this to the public?!?!?

that looked awful. The combat and animations were horrendous  alpha test quality... cant believe they decided to show this to fans. and did you hear the lukewarm applause? felt like everyone in the crowd was looking at each other saying, "ewww this looks bad".

Sun Aug 04 2013 7:29PM Report
Your-Mom writes:

What many western mmo's completely fails at is the characters and animations, they are just downright horrible, and tbh this looks like a clunky and poorly done.

Character animations is one of the mostimportent  core aspects of an mmo it's what brings the quality and the feeling of high production, something this game completely fails at.

Notice how he constantly zooms in to 1st person to hide the shitty animations.


Sun Aug 04 2013 8:26PM Report
ThomasN7 writes: Not horrible but not really impressed either. Combat looked clunky and animations didn't look appealing either. I did like the first person view. I wish more mmos would do this. Mon Aug 05 2013 12:03AM Report
Mothanos writes:

I think on papar this mmo could have rocked me from my socks.

Then you see how low polygon everything is :(

The horse the bow, the character itself. even the character creatior seems half asses :(

Dont know if they need to do this for the console ?


lets hope we can mod this game with ENB series :) 

Mon Aug 05 2013 2:34AM Report
Betaguy writes: I think it looked fine.  I would rather play this than SoE's steamy up and coming pile.  Mon Aug 05 2013 5:04AM Report
Thane writes:

nice. another 6 button game.


screw console mmos. seriously.

Mon Aug 05 2013 10:59AM Report
derek39 writes: Yea, I wasn't impressed. Those animations....They bug me. Thu Aug 08 2013 8:25AM Report
f0dell54 writes: Thought it looked fucking great! Can't wait to try it. The majority of you are whinny bitches. Sat Sep 28 2013 2:32PM Report
Rampaji writes: Looks very nice. looking forward to try it out with my friends. Fri Nov 01 2013 6:30AM Report