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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/04/14)  | Pub:Bethesda Softworks
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Buy to Play | Monthly Fee:Free
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Elder Scrolls Online Videos: Announcement Trailer (1:11)

This is the official announcement trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online.

This is the official announcement trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online.
Duration: 1:11
Views: 7,081  29 comments
Game: Elder Scrolls Online
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Nightkin writes:

Would be nice if it not in Klingon language. Btw Elder scrolls MMO would be interesting but hey Bethesda, wut about Fallout online?:(

Fri May 04 2012 10:11AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

I am not looking forward to this. I love Elder Scrolls since II, but I am worried it is going to be so piss poor, it will upset me.

Fri May 04 2012 10:57AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

This has me scared for TES and Bethesda. The launch will be a nail biter.

Fri May 04 2012 11:57AM Report
Stalkerous writes:

It'll probably fail....

Fri May 04 2012 12:03PM Report
Dauntis writes:

Holy crap this site is full of such jaded, bitter, angry, negative assholes. Why the hell do any of you even still play games if you can't enjoy anything without ripping it apart? I mean, I understand being critical, but you are ready to rip the throat out of anything and everything before it is even out.

Fri May 04 2012 12:57PM Report
Syllendale writes:

I agree with you Dauntis 100%. There is so much negative reactions towards anything not out yet , its like I am waiting for someone to have a near death experience and go.. "Meh, I thought heaven would be bigger and brighter, its way over-hyped.".. I mean, seriously.  As for this, though I'd rather have a FALLOUT MMO.. I look forward to reading more on this game.

Fri May 04 2012 1:45PM Report
MMOarQQ writes:

God I love being educated and fluent in three languages.

Fri May 04 2012 2:25PM Report
maxiime223 writes:

Why is the trailer in french?  I was surprised to hear my language around here! :p

Fri May 04 2012 3:07PM Report
Chrome1980 writes:


you are the man.

Fri May 04 2012 3:23PM Report
daarco writes:

Sweeeeeeeeet : )

First Game of Thrones Online and now this, finally some decent MMO concept in the making!

Fri May 04 2012 3:53PM Report
Ryroth writes:

If they do this game right, it'll be a great game.

Fri May 04 2012 5:02PM Report
Sinaku writes:

Why is everyone so angry and negative about this? Are you all PS3 owners who got Skyrim or something? Every TES game I have ever played I liked a lot (yes even Oblivion) so I'm not too worried about this. Todd Howard may not be directly over it but TES is his game so you won't see something way out in left field.

Fri May 04 2012 7:50PM Report
Sinaku writes:

Why is everyone so angry and negative about this? Are you all PS3 owners who got Skyrim or something? Every TES game I have ever played I liked a lot (yes even Oblivion) so I'm not too worried about this. Todd Howard may not be directly over it but TES is his game so you won't see something way out in left field.

Fri May 04 2012 7:50PM Report
xenorace writes:

I think MMOers are so jaded now a days because MMO developers cannot seem to make anything anymore that can hold the interests of the masses for more then 5 minutes. Probably because the kill X amount of X is just so over done no matter if you are doing it from a quest giver or a "dynamic event." The EXP grind and raiding endgame crap has just left everybody spent. The anouncement of a new MMO will leave people wondering if this being pretty much the same thing redone in a new skin.

Fri May 04 2012 9:47PM Report
avalon1000 writes:

Would be nice if You Tube got their act together and streamed videos at a decent rate. And yes it is in Klingon...

Fri May 04 2012 10:23PM Report
kalsigur writes:

I'm pretty sure it's in french. 

Fri May 04 2012 10:27PM Report
Shadowdawnz writes:

It's French people.. lol

Sat May 05 2012 12:37AM Report
Gajari writes:

I can't see this game being all that great at the moment, but I hope it does well in the end. I'd love for this game to actualy be good, and the screenshots make the graphics look awesome. But with the current trend of MMO's, I can't foresee anything but failure at the current time. Good luck, Zenimax and Bethesda.

Sat May 05 2012 1:09AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

For me it is not about negativity.  I loved Elder Scrolls 2, Morrowwind, Oblivion and Skyrim.  But all too often I see a fantastic idea completely  botched up because it is as though they do not have a gamer on board saying , "what on earth is this crap, fix it!" 

I think the most awesomest game came out, but combat and combat animations just sunk it for me, was Fallen Earth.  This game had everything for me.  I loved driving around and go "oooh resources to gather, now I can make shells for my shotgun".  But the combat was damned buggy.

I do wish TESO all the luck, but I am just dipping into past experiences with not just MMOs since Ultima, but video games in general, since Galaga.

Sat May 05 2012 2:29AM Report
imortalis writes:

so i guess we'll c 3 factions, daoc style, since there's 3 dragon biting each other shown in the video.

Sat May 05 2012 3:16AM Report
Keltik writes:

I'm glad I speak french, though there was precious little actual info in the voice over.

(Hopefully there will be one in Russian soon too :P)

Sat May 05 2012 12:26PM Report
thark writes:

As it will follow the same generic MMO concept we have seen now for a while...I'm abit sceptical to this title..

I guess the developers didnt "dare" to take the steps needed to be "unique" and try something bold and new ?

If done correctly this game was not in need of beiing developed aftér the classic World of Warcraft model, just to be certain they get customers..

But..well...We will see how this will turn out..Generic fantasy MMO with hotbars and levels ?


Sat May 05 2012 6:10PM Report
Mitara writes:

99% chance of yet another wow copy.

1% chance of a new innovative and thrilling MMO


See Im positive !!

Sun May 06 2012 2:11AM Report
zhombie writes:

As much as I feel the TES series needs to stay as a single player game, I don't understand the hate. I've played the series since Arena and will still at least give this a try (while hoping they continue with the single player versions.)

Are gamers really that surly over the genre that they tear into games sight unseen? Sounds like immature, self-entitled whiners worried a game won't be coded specifically for them.

Also, while I don't mind the trailer being in French, why is it I could immediately find a playable 720p HD trailer (in English) on FORBES.COM and not a gaming website?

Sun May 06 2012 7:25AM Report
Tuchaka writes:

wow that many ignorant morons don't recognize french....anyway only reason i am not thrilled about his is its the death of yet another great single player franchise that is really a unique and rare one... that's the only reason.....we have plenty of fantasy MMO's the idea that you can't make a great fantasy MMO without killing off a franchise is absurd .....this is just an attempt to carry over hype from a single player game to a MMO....nothing more.....if anyone believe there is a unique feature that you can't have from the elder scrools series (single player) that demands it be made into a MMO....than your a retard....


  If on the other hand you just wanna see if they make a good fantasy MMO out of this and you wanna play it , hey no harm no foul enjoy....i am pissed they are killing a franchise....

Sun May 06 2012 4:15PM Report
Deivos writes:

Let me put it this way.


I think people that actively campaigned against TOR after release are dub.


I think people actively campaigning against this game before it's release are reasonably justified.


Mostly for the fact that beyond the shift from single to multiplayer is more so the dramatic change in gameplay and content elements that entirely alienates this game(and it's playerbase) from the new one.

Sun May 06 2012 9:25PM Report
Deivos writes:

Wow I gaffed that comment...


To clarify. The Elderscrolls MMO is going to have classes, finite progression, a more traditional gameplay akin to daoc/everquest/wow/etc,  and most of the secondary and tertiary qualities people enjoy about the PC version are likely to not exist.


All in all, this game will not play like the previous three elderscrolls titles that have established themselves as the mainstay in the fanbase and as a result really fails to cater to the people that would enjoy and want to play the game most.

Sun May 06 2012 9:30PM Report
Deathwing980 writes:

Mortal Online? Dark Fall Online? Elder Scrolls online...


Whats the difference you ask? Nothing.. It wont work out because they are going to have to cut out so much meat from TES to make this work... they will kill their own franchise..


Not to be rude or anything, i enjoy TES since Arena was released but i just cant see them keeping all the promised features for the original Elder Scrolls and then placing them all into a MMO environment... and if they did, you already know of the Ultima Online incidents...


Move out of town.. BAM DEAD... Stay in town.. BAM ROBBED DEAD THEN CARVED TO PIECES


Unless they do some Serious Q/A testing and i MEAN SERIOUS BUSINESS... it will not turn out the way they want and it will just be a Fanboy purchase much like the COD series is now a days...


Again, i mean no harm to the series... TES was great and hell Fallout was too before Bethesda stared the whole split of the community by telling interplay to fuck off when they were starting their own MMO version way back when in 2000's (or soemthing like it)

Sun May 06 2012 11:45PM Report
someforumguy writes:

Classes? What happened to the skillsystem? Wtf? Why get rid of one of the more awesome features of the Elderscroll series?

Whats next? Mounts at lvl40? Killing 10 boars?

But I guess that the lore is what makes the Elder Scrolls games so great, eh? Just slap it on some generic MMO formula :/

Tue May 08 2012 8:33AM Report