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Elder Scrolls Online Forum » General Discussion » What's the point of TESO

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6/17/13 1:43:11 AM#21
Originally posted by Vorthanion
Originally posted by zaylin
Originally posted by WhiteLantern

The point of the game is to entertain.

Maybe it will entertain you, maybe it won't.

Maybe it will entertain me, maybe it won't.

Let's wait until it releases to find out, shall we?


You will IMO, never Like TESO if you keep comparing it to the SP cousins. What I dont get ( no disrespect intended), is Matt Frior, and Paul Sage have been interviewed tons of times with the same question "If I like Skyrim, Will I like Teso?" and the usual response is "We hope so, but Teso is a different game then the SP games, its in the same universe just a 1000 years back" . They have said this multiple times. 

I guess you could look at what Warcraft became...not the same but both are/were good games..and in the same UNIVERSE.

If you read enough of the reviews most of the people that have played the demo, Say they felt like they were stepping into an Elder Scrolls game. that covers Universe/essence/ environment, and for me that is one of the CORE elements of a game. 


So far, none of the reviewers have played the high end of the game in which to determine if there is enough PvE content and rewards systems for it to satisfy non-pvpers or if the game ends up trying to funnel everyone into Cryodil.  There is a large pvp crowd in this genre, but there is an even larger pve crowd and if Zenimax wants both, they're going to have to really tow that fine line between the two.

When it comes to games like this they're only meant to be games, look to EQ:N, The Repopulation, Etc.. for something based on long term commitments. TESO and others like it (SWTOR etc) are meant to profit off of content, some succeed at different levels in doing that, others do not.

This is really no different than single player tactics in stringing players along, until new content becomes available. Some will get hooked on the "DLC'= the extras; IE; pvp, dungeons, crafting, the AH etc..yet many will not. It's the nature of the theme-park genre today.



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6/17/13 1:55:33 AM#22
If you suck in pvp do not play this game. You have  skyrim to play and stay there safe in your virtual world. MMO only pve is pure boredom . Thanks to heaven nobody in gaming industry  want to listen to such ridiculous opinions like you posted here

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6/17/13 3:16:40 AM#23

There is no inherent problem with PvP in the TES universe.

There is no obvious problem from what I can see with the PvE as it currently stands.

The two are separated and will remain so in all likelihood.

As long as both elements are fun, engaging and lasting, and one is not required to progress in the other, then all is fine.

Zenimax do have to get this right though...


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6/17/13 3:32:42 AM#24
Originally posted by Caliburn101

There is no inherent problem with PvP in the TES universe.

There is no obvious problem from what I can see with the PvE as it currently stands.

The two are separated and will remain so in all likelihood.

As long as both elements are fun, engaging and lasting, and one is not required to progress in the other, then all is fine.

Zenimax do have to get this right though...

To the red, totally agree.


I'm really looking forward to PvP in a TES world. The PvE in most TES games have been really under par IMO. The enemy AI has been shockingly bad, a PvP match against a blind, deaf person with no arms would be more challenging.


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6/17/13 9:37:14 AM#25

After half way through I began skimming and all I read was waaaaa waaa pvp waaa waaaaa pvp .. over and over again. Just like every IP, when it's involved in something different then the norm, people complain and point bad game.

Sure there have been somethings in the game that where not exactly what I wanted, but that usually is the case even in the single player games -.-

You can't expect the game to be exactly what you want. That is just plain impossible, unless the game is made by you.

I feel instead of pointing out how the game will be bad, why don't you wait till it's released first, play it, and then judge it? I have yet to see them announce anything that will make me think the game is bad. There will be differences, but who cares >.> ... that is to be expected. Differences don't make the game bad. A bad game makes the game bad. I just don't see ESO being bad from what I have seen. Course guess we will all have to wait and see.


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6/17/13 10:28:48 AM#26

Money. I'm going to go with making money.

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6/17/13 10:51:16 AM#27
I would say whats the point of this article.  The game is designed the way it is and if you don't like that design, just avoid the game.  No game appeals to everyone and this ones no different.  I liked Skyrim, but I understand this game is going to be different in part because it is a online game.  If they designed the game the way many here want it to be, I would move on to a different game that was more to my tastes.  Can't figure out why peeps insist that a game designer change his game to meet their demands when they know in advance others like the way it is being designed.  Just move on and let others enjoy a game they wanted.

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6/17/13 11:12:34 AM#28
The point is to make money and they think a generic themepark version of Elder Scrolls is the best way, I guess we'll find out.

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6/17/13 11:25:37 AM#29
You worry too much.

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6/17/13 11:47:30 AM#30
Originally posted by CthulhuPuffs
Originally posted by zaylin

If you read enough of the reviews most of the people that have played the demo, Say they felt like they were stepping into an Elder Scrolls game. that covers Universe/essence/ environment, and for me that is one of the CORE elements of a game. 


Any game can make you "feel" like the game is what its supposed to be in a 30min - 1hr demo.

The Devs designed it that way.

How does it feel after 8hrs? A week? 1st month?


Hell, SWTOR "feels" really fun and Star Warsy the first hour of play.

A week/month later, not so much.

Very Good point :) . Never thought about that. this is why i love constructive conversations..makes ya think :). And I played SWTOR so i know what you mean.


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6/17/13 11:49:30 AM#31
Originally posted by Doomedfox

I did attack and defend citys in Skyrim together with guards in TESO PVP i will do the same just replace the guards with people.

Honestly i have a hard time seeing whats wrong with that O.o.



Exactly what I was going to say. When you're playing Skyrim, you're actually playing a PvP game, you just don't know it. The real question is do you want to be able to just faceroll the game or do you want a challenge? I would even go as far as to say that this is the more "realistic" case. I mean do you really think that you could take down an entire army single-handedly and then run away anytime that you see a bear? Or a giant? 


I will be the first to say I'm not a fan of PvP, but Elder Scrolls is a place where PvP belongs. It doesn't need to be forced to fit the lore and it's not gratuitous in any way. This is the way it is and always has been. Only thing is that now you will be fighting against equals (well mostly equals). 


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6/17/13 9:24:14 PM#32

You do know that Todd Howard, the mastermind behind the Elder Scrolls series, was never a fan of MMOs.



If Zenimax plays their cards right they may just pull this one off...


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6/17/13 9:39:08 PM#33
I have been preaching the exact same thing for 8 years. Screw MMO PVP, what a joke. Instead of making devs produce compelling content, environment and handcrafted questing they say "Here have some weapons and entertain yourselves by killing each other in environments that took one afternoon to craft." You want pvp? How many FPS games are designed FOR NOTHING ELSE? PVP in RPG is all what gear you got and not skill. You don't think so? Then why do teams have minimum gear stats requirements? Just so long as your gear is a certain level...they don't even ask if you have any skill. BECAUSE...ya don't need it. Just the gear. Ya want to pvp me? Meet me in BF3...or whatever Counter-Strike. All the man-hours and resources wasted on pvp balancing and bug squashing.

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6/18/13 7:27:47 AM#34
Originally posted by Voqar

At this point I'm wonder why they're making this game.


Skyrim, and the series, are amazing games.  As I play Skyrim and have friends in my vent playing Skyrim, what we say is that the only thing that could make it better would be to be able to play it together.  But we'd be fine with co-op, our own server or game, our own world responding only to us.


I'm worried that with TESO the parts that make elder scrolls the best will be obliterated.  The immersion, depth, and amazingness of it all will be shot when xXDrizzt99Xx and other morons are flashing across your screen and general chat is full of child mentalities talking about WoW.


The other thing is, everything I'm hearing about this game sucks.  Skyrim and the series are amazing PVE games - they do PVE content in a way that few can match.  Huge open worlds full of endless things to do the way you want to do them.  Millions of players doing this single player PVE content.


So...what're they doing?  Making tons of PVP stuff for the game.  Really?  PvP has nothing at all to do with ES games.  Why?  Why even have PvP in TESO AT ALL?  MMORPG PvP sucks under the best of circumstances but in a game like TESO where you have few skills and use two buttons to fight...the PvP will be horribly boring.


And really, is PvP what fans want?  All the millions who have played this solo PvE game said, you know what, what would REALLY make this game better would be if you could PvP with these characters doing stuff that has nothing to do with the rest of the game (like all MMO PvP).

I just don't get it.


In a recent interview the TESO dude was asked about what kind of group content there was and he says, well we have PvP, there's that.  Really?  You pinheaded idea of group content for the online version of one of the best PvE franchises ever is PvP?  I wanted to reach thru the web and slap the fool.


If they're going with a weak version of Skyrim's gameplay and content and hoping that PvP with their character development system, gameplay, and combat system is going to somehow be a good game, they are drastically mistaken.


TESO, just like Neverwinter (PvP has nothing to do with D&D) shouldn't even have PvP and should be focused on PvE.  One reason why so many MMORPGs end up being mediocre and or having no lasting appeal is lack of PvE content to keep people busy past the solo ez-mode content.  Once they finish the glorified single player game part of the so-called massively multiplayer game they move on.  If devs would FOCUS a little more instead of trying to be everything for everybody, maybe they could retain some customers for more than a few months.


Wasting time making a complex PvP system for a franchise that has always been the pinnacle of PvE seems amazingly stupid.  Especially when the combat is so simplistic.  I can't even imagine anybody wanting to PvP with character setups and skills that are like those in skyrim.  Click mouse or click and hold for power attack.  How amazingly not compelling for PvP.


What they should be doing is throwing in as much group-based PvE stuff as they can possibly come up with so all those millions of players who have been doing PvE content for years and years can finally do that wicked content with other people.


Honestly, the more I hear about TESO at this point, the less interested I am in it because the last thing the MMORPG genre needs at this point is yet another clone of a game that tries to be everything for everybody.  Too much solo ez-mode, crappy PvP, and not enough group content to keep people around.  Same old crap formula that has produced mediocre and non-enduring MMO after MMO.


What the genre does need is a game that says, screw it, we're not doing yet another crappy attempt at PvP, and instead we're going to focus on fewer things, and instead of making a glorified single player game we're going to emphasize the one thing that's unique about MMOs and makes them special - the damn grouping.  If the idiots who want to solo in multiplayer games don't play, too bad, if the people who want to PvP and usually don't even care about the rest of the game don't play, too bad.  Take a chance on making the type of MMO that people will stick with and play for years, instead of making yet another generic MMO that has crap community and longevity because people play for 3 months, bail, come back once in a while if new content comes out, disappear again, repeat.




TESO is purely made for themepark players and now they hope some TES fans also make the jump to themepark that has little to do with TES games but they still can hope.

Im still far from even concider TESO its completely different game then TES games.

Its nice for themepark for gamers who are interested in mmo with elder scroll name attouched to it and having fun, but ill pass if you don't mind.


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6/18/13 7:34:10 AM#35

What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me . . . no more.


There is no point to TESO, also no point to video games, and lastly no point to life in general. So best you can do is find things you enjoy between now and your impending demise and have some fun.


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6/18/13 7:42:03 AM#36
The ELDER SCROLLS single player series is continuing.The people making ESOL are in a seperate company. Production of one is not impinging on the others development. If you don't like you have in the past till the nest ELDER SCROLLS game comes out.

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6/18/13 7:43:15 AM#37

It's an IP sell out DAoC copy cash grab.

Elder Scrolls could have been the one of the greatest PVE themeparks, to rival EQ2, but instead they went for PVP because it's cheaper to make and game design philosophy these days starts with anticipated profit rather than whether it is a good concept.


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6/18/13 7:43:35 AM#38

One thing I'm surprised no one has brought up or at least that I've seen. Is the fact that the game is a prequel to the original elder scroll series and that therefore nothing we really do will have any sort of impact in the world, since we can look ahead at all the other elder scroll series and just see how everything has already panned out anyway.

But then that could be me just hating prequels.


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6/18/13 7:44:11 AM#39

if you want a pve game, there are plenty out there.


i'd suggest to play those. thx.

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6/18/13 7:52:07 AM#40

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if ESO was strictly a PvE based game I wouldn't even touch it, and I'm sure a hell of a lot more would do the same.  You already have an ES game that's PvE only and it's Skyrim.  Why don't you stick to just playing that?

Go ahead and say that PvP isn't needed, then go look at EVE and WoW.  Now PvP only MMOs on the other hand....Successful MMO needs both, there is only so many scripted encounters you can do, PvP offers unlimited potential.

It's also not about increasing the size of my EPeen, I could give two fucks about what some uber dork on the internet thinks of me.  I PvP because I like the challenge, the challenge I never get fighting scripted NPCs.

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