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Elder Scrolls Online Forum » General Discussion » Who Thinks This Game Is Gonna Fail? It Will Be Dead Within 5-7 Years

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4/25/13 2:33:07 AM#21
WOW 5-7 years... how on earth will that be a failure..

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4/25/13 5:44:07 AM#22
I rarely make it to 5-7 months in an MMO, so I couldn't care less if TESO fails in 5-7 years. If it's fun for the time I play it, it's a success for me.

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4/25/13 5:45:25 AM#23
7 years would be good going.

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4/25/13 5:52:59 AM#24
Originally posted by ZedTheRock

Seeing as there is a strong indication the fanbase are looking forward to it I seriously doubt it will fail.  Could it?  Sure but I trust those at Zenimax and I trust there instinct in bringing a TES game to the MMO as it will appeal to both MMO gamers and TES fans alike. 


One simple peak at any of the multiple fansites like Tamriel Foundry, TESOF, Shadowed Mare, Troll Scroll and Shoddycast will give you all the knowledge to make a valid judgement that there are plenty of people looking forward to this game.


Don't believe me, thats fine.  Stick to your narrow view and obvious agenda and sit in your basement praying for the game to fail and when it doesn't come back and admit you were wrong. 

Im huge fan of elder scroll solo games but with knowledge ive now so far from teso i seriously doub ill gonne play teso, it's not even closely ressembles TES games. Only lore wise and design maybe but gameplay is totally different from solo games.



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4/25/13 6:02:29 AM#25
5-7 years sounds like a pretty good run these days, would be a success in my book

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4/25/13 6:10:30 AM#26
You couldn't have a mmo "exactly like tes"

For a start
1 how the hell would scaling mob difficulty work in a mmo setting?
2 it doesnt matter in skyrim that say crafting is massively overpowered, but it would in a mmo.
3 the UI wouldn't work, its fine being able to pause a single player game to swap spells around or poison weapons. You can't pause a mmo.
4 sure skyrim looks great (well when you have the hd textures mod), but you couldn't have a mmo looking that great unless it was instanced and phased to hell and back, and then it stops being a mmo imo. E.g. swtor.

Now the game could be more tes like, but you couldn't make a mmo exactly like tes.

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4/25/13 6:10:33 AM#27

I suspect ESO will be a themepark version of DFUW. 

Therefore, I suspect it wil do well. However, I prefer DFUW because it feels more like a simulation than a game.


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4/25/13 6:13:22 AM#28

6 months to a year tops, just like swtor, before people realize it's not a good game and it's the same old, same old.


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4/25/13 6:15:24 AM#29
Unlike the OP who seems mired in a negative attitude, I'll judge the game when it comes out.  On top of that, we've had games not do well at launch turn it around and become much better over the long haul.  Lotro and SWTOR come to mind, especially SWTOR which is really surprising me of late.


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4/25/13 6:25:44 AM#30

If 5-7 years is now a failure, what is a success?  There are only a handful of MMOs that have made it that far and only one people don't consider niche.

I wish they made this game with the same game engine used in Skyrim along with improved graphics, the gameplay would be a lot better.

Graphics and gameplay are not the same thing.  You can have awful graphics and amazing gameplay, and vice versa.

If this is people's views on what an MMO should be graphically before they get upset at it looking awful then I would advise leaving the MMO market for a good many years, until the technology has caught up to your dreams and fell within the price range of the majority of the playerbase.


The game will be a success.  The IP alone should help it push a fair few copies.  I don't think it'll be the WoW level of success but then again I don't think we'll see that again in MMOs for some time.

The only questions really are about the amount of content and how fun it is, neither of which either leaked video showed.


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4/25/13 7:28:25 AM#31
At this point I think the game has promise but its way to early to call fail or win. 

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4/25/13 7:50:28 AM#32
Originally posted by Eir_S
Originally posted by joe2721
5 to 7 years isn't a bad run for a mmo.

I was thinking the same thing when I read the title lol.  A year or less and then F2P is worse, but even then, most P2P to F2P games are making good $$$.

The game doesn't do anything drastically different than WoW or GW2, and like SWTOR it will probably sell quite a few copies on name recognition alone.  After that, who knows?

Pretty sure that's what the suits are aiming for anyway.

They get the same income from box sales than with a solo game, then anything from subscriptions & cashshop is just a bonus.


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4/25/13 8:07:01 AM#33
Originally posted by Imperator101

I wish they made this game with the same game engine used in Skyrim along with improved graphics, the gameplay would be a lot better. 

That sentence makes no sense, better graphics do not imply better gameplay in any way, shape or form. 

On top of this having that engine run online would rule out every system below mid-high(+) range and thus greatly reduce their potential customerbase, which no company will ever want to do.

All PVP is being restricted to Cyrodiil, this is why I don't wanna buy this game. I enjoy an MMO that has world pvp all over the world, not restricted to one region within the world. I enjoy pvp in a variety of envionrments, Tamriel is all grasslands/forests along with some snowey areas near Bruma. I hate a MMO which gives me restrictions on where I can do PVP. 

Not a lot of MMO's have fully open PvP you know, mainly due to PvE players and newbie protection. So just like your previous point, this is simply done to appeal to a wider audience, in the hope to get more cash out of pockets.


I do agree though that the extreme area restrictions (in general) in the game are abusrd and not very player friendly at all.

So they are still sticking with this stupid concept? All PVP limited to Cyrodiil? 

YES, yes they are!

Just fyi, just because you do not like it, does not make it "stupid", it makes it "not to your liking".

If you want open world PvP please go find a game that has it, instead of bitching on a game that doesn't have it and (likely) never will.


PS: Have a good day mate ;)

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4/25/13 8:08:20 AM#34
Originally posted by muffins89
"if i like it,  it's not a failure"  "if i don't like it,  it's a failure"  - the internet


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4/25/13 9:28:48 AM#35
I actually think this game will be fairly successful even though I don't like all that I heard about it. It's not the sandbox I have been looking for by any means, but, I think it will be a solid themepark with all the bells and whistles we come to expect from them, although I do think some of the combat features might raise the bar a little bit.

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4/25/13 9:44:45 AM#36

I guess the 5-7 years estimate is sarcasm or a typo. Anyway, to the point:


There's no way this game lasts 5 years, not even 1. My estimate is 1-3 months for the initial content package, and I'm being generous. This is because of a simple reason: The design model they've opted for this game, which continues the trend of past mainstream MMOs of offering the public a sort of interactive-movie, solo-friendly arcadeish experience with a slight rp flavour.


This model is not thought for longevity, netiher commitment - in fact it is a model that very well represents the consumerist, instant-gratification, use-and-dispose socio-economic model we currently live in .


Don't get me wrong, they still can come up with a fun, technically solid product for a bit of genuinely irrelevant fun, provided you like this sort of stuff and don't care about the lore alteration and assume this is a spin-off and not a true sequel in terms of design philosophy.


If they wanted a game for the long-term they would have chosen a model with a strong focus on rpg systems, with player run economy and politics (player run factions or, at least, guild or houses that the players can decide to align with or not and with consequences attached to that decision, to put an example that fit the TES tradition), and the so. The thing is that, as we all know,  this design model is a pretty niche one because it requires more intellectual commitment from the player in question (not saying that the majority of the public are stupid, just that they seem to prefer an easy, soothing experience over an immersive one).



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no u

4/25/13 9:47:26 AM#37

If it's just B2P I can imagine this game being utterly excellent, as a gamer that had never touched the earlier Elder scrolls the open world of Skyrim and the enviroment was amazing.

I can imagine a bunch of dumbasses running around would make it less epic but if they can pull off this kind of enviroment with TESO I will definetely buy it as it was one of the best experiences i've had in gaming. I hope they achieve the same awesomeness of a mostly single player experience and hopefully with your friends.

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4/25/13 10:09:15 AM#38

Originally posted by Maniox
If it's just B2P I can imagine this game being utterly excellent,

so if it is a sub model that will make the game not as good? the only model i can see effecting the quality of the game is some sort of restricted F2P model.

but even then, you have the choice to sub, so its a non factor really.


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4/25/13 10:11:54 AM#39
Lol at "it will last 1-3 months"

Look at swtor, its rubbish but its still running after 18 months.

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4/25/13 10:16:47 AM#40
Originally posted by ShakyMo
Lol at "it will last 1-3 months"

Look at swtor, its rubbish but its still running after 18 months.

Look at vanguard, the game was a complete debacle and it's still running even after all those years.

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