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Elder Scrolls Online Forum » General Discussion » Poll - would you prefer ESO to be more like the series and a PvE sandbox only?

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5/20/13 3:11:06 AM#161
Originally posted by EL_Sirios
[mod edit]

As a keen PvP'er AND PvE'er, I always find this argument to be full of hot air.

The fact is - the vast majority of mass PvP is zerging, and not nearly as interesting as a difficult boss-fight (pre-farm...).

Smaller PvP skirmishes can be great fun and much more challenging in general, but to say that a preference for PvE makes someone a 'sissy' is farcical, bias nonesense.


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5/20/13 3:16:51 AM#162
i want to play the Elder Scrolls game online, not Darkfall 3 wanabe.

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A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
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5/20/13 3:20:42 AM#163

another biased poll.

where is the "more pvp sandbox - less rvr focus" option?

that and not having a "show me the results" option invalidates the whole thing.


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5/20/13 3:31:08 AM#164
Originally posted by muffins89
Originally posted by EL_Sirios
[mod edit]

agreed.  pve gets boring real fast because the npc AI isn't complex enough. 



to me the game seems about a 50/50 split pve/pvp focus.  infact they've told and shown us far less about pvp than pve. 

personally i find its the PVP'ers that tend to do the most whining, they come in 3 varieties, the first being the ones who want to man up and go 1 v 1, and then whinge like crazy because they get pwned by the guys friends, and then theres the zergers who travel around in groups and whinge when they get on the wrong end of other people doing the exact same thing

the last group, the open worlders, who roam around looking for someone to kill, preferably someone already in combat with an npc of some kind, because you know, they're easier to kill


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5/20/13 1:09:03 PM#165
Originally posted by muffins89
Originally posted by EL_Sirios
[mod edit]

agreed.  pve gets boring real fast because the npc AI isn't complex enough. 


I agree with you but I'm not thinking of AI in the way you are: humans do unexpected things that give me a better challenge kind of thing.

NPCs are always in the same spot... doing the same thing... worrying about the same 10 rats... on a timer... forever and ever. They don't have lives. That is what makes PvE boring. If NPCs had in-game motivation, moved around with a purpose, could change, could even die... that would make you want to poke around in PvE to see what was happening today...which would be different than yesterday.

But developers, to date, have had this misguided idea that if the PvE experience for Joe on Tuesday isn't identical to the experience Jim had on Sunday then Joe would have every right to complain and whine...can't have that.

Ironically, of all the single player RPG series, it was TES that first focused on giving NPCs the illusion of life and purpose. It's not hard to do with single player games but the only way it has been implemented in MMOs so far has been by having the same NPC simultaneously exist in several different areas (e.g., Hemet Nessingway in WOW) or to phase the NPC and/or area. It looks like ESO will be using the same phased PvE approach that WOW now uses ad nauseum.

OTOH, all signs are pointing to this being the new and "revolutionary" secret main feature of EQ Next. They recently acquired Storybricks after having worked with them as contractors for several years. This is from Dec, 2012 article on Massively about Storybricks:

"With these new systems, interacting with NPCs could mean much more than just triggering the next chapter of a quest or accessing a vending-machine-shaped like a person. Important NPCs should have inner lives, complex relationships, and their own goals that they work toward. They should remember past interactions with your characters and adjust their behavior depending on whether they feel grateful, trusting, envious, betrayed, and they should be able to express these emotions in a convincing manner, each one coloring their day to day activities (e.g., a guard whose girlfriend just left him should act differently from one who was just dressed down by his captain).

Player characters should also be able to communicate their feelings to NPCs. Imagine if you could share what you need or want -- and not just through canned emotes or quest dialogue -- and have NPCs react appropriately depending on their own emotional and mental states. The relationships your character has with NPCs would act as keys to new content: A trusting noble might ask you to help him topple a corrupt prince; a jealous husband might not like your friendship with his herbalist wife. Your interactions could give you more resources: Your friendship with the head of the trader's guild might grant you an audience with a local leader, belonging to a ranger faction might provide you with a companion when crossing savage lands, and so on." )

Now, that sounds like someone finally kicking PVE up a notch.


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5/20/13 1:12:04 PM#166
Originally posted by Neherun

To set some things straight:


The game's PvP is not optional; Its a necessity. A lot of crafting materials, possibly even some dungeons reside in Cyrodil, the PvP zone.


The game is focused around the PvP endgame.


You may stick to non-PvP zones only, but you will lose a large chunk of the game.


With these, those who absolutely demand not participating in PvP in their MMO ever. Remove TESO from your waiting list already, this game will not be catered around PvE, its a RvR (*cough* AvA) game.


This is not accurate at all....




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5/20/13 1:18:01 PM#167
It's still not necessary, don't want to risk pvp, don't try and do the dungeons in cyrodil.

They won't be instanced gear grind dungeons anyway. The dungeons in cyrodil are open dungeons, so you would just get all whiney about people other than your party being in there even if they were stupid enough to do some crappy swg / EQ style flagging system.

I guess pure pve types have been spoilt rotten for so long post wow, they can't handle games putting out content for pvpers.

I'm expecting some epic whine when these guys realise you can craft gear equal to "top raid shineys"

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5/20/13 1:27:28 PM#168

Begone with sandbox and begone with phased zoned matchmaking co-op game they are doing now.


I would want TESO to create seamless server based TES worlds grouping separate few thousand communities.    Don't want full hardcore sandbox and don't want zoned, phased, zone-copied LFG graphical front-end with single player story mini-game they produce now.

I will not buy TESO.

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