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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/04/14)  | Pub:Bethesda Softworks
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Buy to Play | Monthly Fee:Free
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Elder Scrolls Online Forum » General Discussion » Poll: If ESO costs $15/month, will you play it?

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  User Deleted
5/21/13 9:47:12 PM#181

Skipping it if its f2p or b2p

ill play it for a few months if its p2p.




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5/21/13 10:06:27 PM#182
I wouldn't pay a sub, but I am inclined to try out skyrim as it's B2P.

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5/21/13 10:11:08 PM#183

Ill buy it and sub for at least a few months if the game launches smooth, I've jumped the gun way too many times to do it anymore.  Aside from that I'll wait and see what the word is once the game is out.  Other than that a reasonable subscription model won't affect my decision

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5/21/13 10:14:45 PM#184
Originally posted by Snakex

This might be kind of random. But seeing this post makes me want to mention something.


I remember when i first started MMOing when i was just a kid, and i have been MMOing ever since. But its changed a lot since then. When i use to always subscribe to that One game, play it day and night. It was my Home MMORPG. Yea i had my side touches, the F2P shooter, or the simple games on the side. Even if i went out and played those other games and cheated a bit on my Home MMO i still went back at the end of the night to that One MMO and when i logged in....

Everytime, It was like the flood gates opening. My whole friends list booming, whispers here and there. Raid invites, people talking to me. Telling me to hurry my ass up and get on vent. When my Home game was truly a home, full of people i knew for months or years. Not IRL, few of them yes, but not even most, Most of them were all made in-game friends.

I remember i paid 15 bucks a month not for updates, not for any of that shit, All that was just extra for me, i liked it, wanted it, but it wasnt first on my list of why im paying.

Why i was paying $15 a month, it was so I Can Have A Community To Play With, Befriend, and Enjoy the Game with.

100% agree.  I haven't made many new friends that I keep in touch with regularly in games that weren't in my guild.  It used to be friend list full all the time with many different new people.  The community is why MMOs suck these days, not the developers.  Don't just run around doing things solo just because you can.  Join up with a couple of friends, and almost every single MMO is great.


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5/22/13 10:03:24 AM#185
I don't sub to mmo's anymore because they're not worth it. I don't need another game on my shelf that i can't play unless i pay.

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5/23/13 5:10:29 AM#186

When I see the community in f2p games like Neverwinter, I definitely prefer games with subscriptions.

$15 a month: sure I will pay that.


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6/12/13 3:41:31 PM#187
I plan to subscribe, unless I hear or see that they roll out a P2W in-game store. That's been a pretty good FAIL indicator for me, for several years now.


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6/12/13 3:50:15 PM#188
Originally posted by Sovrath
Originally posted by boxsnd
Assuming the professional reviews on release day are great

if that's the case and my own opinion is that it's good then "yes" I will buy it and pay the paltry $15.00 per month. It's less than an hour's worth of work.



Less than a pint of beer in a pub for a week's sub .. AND it keeps me out of the pub for longer.. what's not to like ?


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6/12/13 3:53:57 PM#189
Most I pay for a console game is 59.99 + tax. With the new info, there is no reason to pay anything more unless its for DLC.

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6/12/13 3:54:59 PM#190

I voted show results.  None of those options are adequate.


I may play the game, depending on other factors.  Being sub would not be one of the primary considerations. 


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6/12/13 3:57:17 PM#191
I think I originally voted, yes that I would pay a sub, but with recent changes absolutely not.  In the past couple of weeks we've seen this game go from a full-fledged pc mmorpg, to a multi-player cross platform game.  I'd be willing to do b2p with dlc, but when even the devs are no longer calling the game an mmorpg I can't justify paying a sub.

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6/12/13 3:59:18 PM#192
Originally posted by boxsnd
Assuming the professional reviews on release day are great

You trust pro reviews over user reviews? How odd.


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11/09/13 10:45:28 AM#193
I will pay if the content is something i like.

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11/11/13 6:43:20 AM#194

Yeah i will play it for 15 $ a month. No big deal I will even play it for 10 @ ;)


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- Mahatma Gandhi


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11/12/13 2:44:09 PM#195
Yes. Every game that has gone from subscription to free play has turned into a pile of dung.

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11/12/13 2:48:58 PM#196

It's SWTOR all over again skip the bad sub lunch and go to a model that works 


Like BUY to play or F2P like GW2 or SWTOR


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11/12/13 2:55:39 PM#197
Originally posted by Iselin

Yes. The no-extra-money (I prefer that term to "free") month always included with purchase is more than enough for me to know if I'm going to pay more to keep playing. And that month alone is worth the initial $49.99 or whatever.

I spent $39.99 on Bioshock Infinite a couple of weeks ago and finished it in a weekend. I loved the game and felt I got my money's worth. Paying $15 for a month of MMO play I enjoy is a bargain by comparison.

Good luck finishing an mmo in a weekend. 1. A lot of filler content in mmos that take up your time, since that is part of the design to enable retention. If the game is long enough then you will want to play the end game, that has even more gear grinds. 2. Mmos have more than one class. Trying to figure what you like will take a while, before even focusing on one character to finish up.

Not all mmos are like this, but i am sure eso will share some of the pit falls of mmos, which will make it a long experience to reach end game.

I just hope for everyone, then they avoid creating different classes but rather make their game into a multi class build. I believe that is the case with eso, but not sure to what extent. At least in that sense, a person can experience more of the game in a months time to make a better assesment on the whole game.


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11/12/13 3:04:39 PM#198

If the game had no instancing and focused on public dungeons and group social play, a harsh death penalty, and no quest grind hand holding, yes.

But this is just another WoW clone.


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11/12/13 3:07:41 PM#199

Yeah I will play it for $15/month.  I have no issue with f2p i have an issue with the f2p players that cry its not free enough.  In games I play like swtor and lotro the majority have no issue with f2p but you always have that small, radical group that cries and whines about everything.  I am glad in ESO we wont have that group playing.  





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11/12/13 3:12:47 PM#200
If the game is good, price won't really matter. I'd play it anyway. I do prefer a subscription over F2P model any day.

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