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Elder Scrolls Online Forum » General Discussion » Hypocrisy of faction pride in TESO

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3/03/13 6:41:43 PM#121
I am admittedly somewhat confused by individuals who are rabid about TESO being developed by Zenimax Online instead of Bethesda Softworks, when both companies are under the umbrella of Zenimax and headed/founded by the same people.

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3/03/13 7:11:51 PM#122
Originally posted by Horusra
Originally posted by Zaskar70
Originally posted by jtcgs

 DaoC was the first dumbed down MMORPG. It came right after Anarchy Online, one of the most difficult and was shortly followed by SWG, completely open.

You will NEVER convience someone that played DaoC as their first MMORPG that anything BUT closed RvR produces "pride" because they knew no better.

You take someone that played The Realm, Meridian 59, Ultima Online, EverQuest, Asherons Call, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies or even one of the Korean MMOs FIRST...they will LAUGH at the very thought that you must seperate races and have magical walls protecting each faction land while fighting you war in neverland in order to create "faction pride" or longevity.

Best part about it, they will respond with something they do KNOW is complete BS in order to defend it...really love the "but DaoC is STILL running and thats PROOF it works"...even though they know there are far more MMOs still going that are OLDER and dont have closed factions/races/lands.

Closed faction RvR did not take off for a reason...was one of the worst aspects of DaoC to everyone but its small rabid fanboy base and they will never understand the feel of real PvP, running into the enemies city and trying to own it...or the thrill of entering the enemies lands alone, trying to get as deep into it as you can.

TESO, the war for neverland where your kids and all you know are safe at home and some leader takes you to a far away place and makes you fight for him because you actually have no real reason to fight, since your home is not being threatened!

Why would you claim that DAOC's faction based RvR never "took off" when the numbers prove otherwise?

Looking at MMOData it seems that Anarchy Online never broke 70k subs and for a 3 year period from 2002 to 2005 carried from 20k to 40k peak subs.

Ultima Online peaked at 250k subs and carried between 200k and 250k between 2000 and 2004 at it's peak.

Star Wars Galaxies hit 300k at peak and carried between 250k and 300k subs at it's peak between 2003 and 2005.

DAOC peaked at 250k subs and held between 200k to 250k at its peak between 2002 and 2005.

A very telling statistic is Warhammer Onlines initial 800k sub spike, one could argue that MMORPG gamers were VERY interested in what they thought would be another DAOC style RvR game.

These numbers tell me that DAOC's style was far from the failure you claim that it was for an RvR or PvP MMO.  Was it something you personaly didnt like? perhaps but looking at the rest of the gaming community it was well recieved.

If anything most PvP heavy oriented games are failures.  Most people, from looking at server pops and game pops, show that the masses do not want an open world gankfest pvp game.  You want to "kill" an IP then make one focused on PvP open world.

To be fair there are just as many PvE heavy MMOs with no PvP that failed.  Vanguard and FFXIV are good examples.  A lot of MMOs fail, for numerous reasons.


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3/03/13 10:37:20 PM#123
Originally posted by Maelwydd

Nothing to do be achievments or completionists.

TES games are based on Freedom.

Freedom to explore, freedon to choose, freedom to engage.

Locked factions removes one of the founding tennents of a TES game.


You don't need to look any futher or deeper as to why people don't like it so please stop trying so hard.

 I get a wee bit annoyed that players dictates or belives that Bethsoft made some sort of founding pillar of the explore every corner of the playground as a "feature"..

.If It doesnt have this and that, It's not a Elder Scrolls game, in for release of EVERY Elders scrolls game there has been changes made to the game series , and each time the community has said, but if you remove this , then it's not a true ES game, and that is even done by  the founding developers Bethsoft , now it's Zenimax. that have had the guts to make some changes according to the games online nature.

Where can I read that ..give me a link where it stands that , In a ES game, I will be able to see EVERY square inch with ONE characther, and If I can't do that..It's NOT an ES game..PLEASE GIVE ME A LINK !!!!

Yes so far that has been possible, but that does'nt mean this game , an MMO shouldnt  be diffrent, It is diffrent..It's Online for starters..



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3/04/13 1:17:40 PM#124

Its just all about perception really. For the players that have such an issue with exploring and having access to "only" 3 of the main regions of the entire game world, simply pretend..thats all there is. Single player game awesomeness resumed.

TES has mostly been about providing a medium for which to use your imagination. You do have to suspend reality just a tad bit. Even if you can get past the lizard people and the ability to freeze people solid with your hand, theres still the issue of 80% of the worlds population being some manner of bandit. Now by the time my fledgling Skyrim persona reached godhood, he had killed no less than 8 thousand of those sons of bitches. Imagine, if you will, why this is. You kill one bandit, theres a fatherless bastard child who by default will also become a bandit because his daddy wasnt there to teach him any sort of plyable trade, rinse and repeat. How could I possibly call myself a hero under these circumstances? Ive ruined countless lives in my tireless search for MORE, or simply because I havent killed everything in that dungeon yet. Way to go hero.

Now if you can live in such a world and still think yourself the saviour of the known galaxy, I think the confines of TES:O are more than reasonable.

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