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Elder Scrolls Online Forum » General Discussion » What mmo will ESO resemble most

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12/04/13 5:10:40 PM#141
Originally posted by fs23otm

People who say GW2 have no idea and have never played ESO. It is nothing like GW2, not the combat, not the questing, not the world zones, not the pvp, nothing...

I agree, it is more like SWTOR than GW2. GW2 had good  a reason for grouping with public quest. ESO is a single player experience similar to SWTOR. Very easy to solo as well with not much thought needed, just go from one quest marker to another.


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12/04/13 5:14:04 PM#142
Originally posted by mindw0rk
Kingdoms of Amalur

My friend worked for 38 studios, said the engine is incomplete and has a ton of bugs. I feel sorry for whoever buys that steaming pile. It's an in house engine that uses Bigworld as the server and Unreal for the graphics. They have nice art assets though.


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12/04/13 5:24:48 PM#143

The one that should've never been released?  I've played in beta....I'm of the opinion that they need to fire the animators and modelers.  I'm serious when I say this game belongs in the early 2000s.  Besides that this game has absolutely nothing to do with The Elder Scrolls other than having an old man in a robe who sounds like Sean Connery telling you that a magic machine has blown up and your soul is in danger. *deep breath*  No shit.

I've only seen a few people do the "pole up the ass shuffle" in my day but it was either because they didn't have the normal motor functions of a sober human or they were screwed up on some sublime drug. 

All those years of dreaming about an Elder Scrolls MMO has come to this....  It's as if they had to spite me for spending so much mental energy frivolously.

That is what it all resembles to me.  If the 2lb log I just dropped into the toilet is an mmo then I would say that is where the dev team got their inspiration.


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12/04/13 5:42:55 PM#144
Originally posted by Lord.Bachus
Originally posted by jdnyc
Originally posted by Swids2010

Said this many times it could not be anymore like GW2 except it has worst graphics. I'd like to know what there plan for a year on because wvw which is same as cyrodil's 3 faction pvp which is also elder scrolls end game focus is not holding players in GW2 anymore.

Yet DAoC is still going on.  Maybe just having 3 faction PvP isn't enough?  Maybe you need solid game design around it as well?

I couldn't stand GW2's art design, if that's what you mean by worse.  Not saying GW2 looked bad graphically, just that some styles are more subjective.  I like ESOs look.

Its quite simple why GW2 is currently failing as an endgame game..

- there is no real personal rewards in  PvE, most games live from the geargrinding endgame

- there is no personal rewards from PvP (its where DAoC has realmtitles and realmpoints)

-there is no more personal story progression at end game

- there is no more character advancement at max level (its where EQ2 for example has a great AA system


All in all, the game actually stops as soon as you reach max level... and just leveling alts gets boring really quickly...


Yes i know there is an archievement system, but archievemensts are a nice way to track your characters progression... but not a means of progressing your character.


Not only ESO should learn from this, but all other MMO developers should... people that play MMO´s want their characters to progress..


And thats exactly why i say mmo's these days are swallow and not interesting anymore, becouse of gamers like you.

If you say GW2 is when reach max lvl 80 is boring you dont belong in mmo's you ruined the whole genre with millions of others rush rush rush want cookies and uberness in no time if you dont het it to fast, you say it sucks.

Guild Wars 2 have beautiful world its huge and so much to explore there are alot fun events and nice encounters with mobs and bosses.

Community the gamers like you have ruined GW2 not developers but eventually with all your demands they slowly change the game introduce uber grind instance treatmill and the open world that suppose GW2 was all about with its events is empty becouse you guys grinding whole day in instance.


Endless whining about trinity its disgusting how so many of you have ruined the whole game:(

Only if you get tier1-2-3-4-5-6 ext and with uber items your pleased as easy offcorse spoonfed generation.

 When you reach lvl80 its not over but you guys firstly rush to 80 in no time and with cashshop and prolly exploits you have all your gear and materials you want then scream the game is boring and hop to next mmo rins and repeat.


Btw i can predict future, you guys will come here in couple of months saying same about ESO and hop on to next big thing.

Other predictions mmo's in 5 years time as we know it are gone, you gamers want on day one max lvl and godlike gear.  And then stand whole day in some virtual town bragging how good you are:P



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"See how I reward those who fail me!"

12/12/13 3:34:46 PM#145
Originally posted by Lord.Bachus

Personally i am thinking a  mix between SWTOR, GW2 and LOTRO 


I'm thinking SWTOR/GW2 as well. Why LotRO?

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12/12/13 4:03:16 PM#146
Originally posted by Lord.Bachus

Personally i am thinking a  mix between SWTOR, GW2 and LOTRO 


Your question "what mmo will ESO resemble most" is an ironic question.

Elder Scrolls Online should not resemble ANY MMO. It should be Elder Scrolls; Elder Scrolls that happens to have massive online capability.

Unfortunately, ZOS took the exact opposite approach-- they started by designing [insert generic MMO], then found themselves playing catchup with Elder Scrolls after numerous fan outcries. And they are still finding it difficult to catch up to this day. This is NOT the proper way to write the next chapter in Tamriel's history.


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12/12/13 4:12:26 PM#147
Originally posted by djazzy

LOTRO with ES combat

I may or may not have played the beta and that may or may not have been the impression.

That sounds pretty good to me actually.

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12/13/13 7:53:22 AM#148
After playing it several times; it feels like a MMO ES which is what it's suppose to feel like. I can't wait to play it!

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12/13/13 8:44:46 AM#149
Zenimax had a chance to innovate the ground sandbox with ESO, but they didn't. They chose the generic theme park route. That's just facts and those of you complaining just need to accept it. Like any other theme park, they've innovated just enough to call the game their own. Unfortunately, what I may or may not have seen has turned me off and I probably won't be buying it. I'm sure others will enjoy it, but it just isn't for me. It's not the new groundbreaking sandbox that I was hoping for.

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12/13/13 8:47:12 AM#150

Call me crazy ... but im going to just make an educated guess and say everyone will just say its WoW with Elder Scrolls.

Why? Because its an MMO. It has quests, and combat. So of course every prepubescent mouth breathing internet drone is going to jump on the "WoW clone" bandwagon just like theyve been doing for the last 10 or so years for EVERY. SINGLE. MMO.

Its an MMO that plays a lot like what you expect from an Elder Scrolls game. Itll have its MMO similarities just like every other @#^$ing game that isnt a brand new genre! They wont bitch about  how CoD, Battlefield, Halo, Killzone or every other @#$&ing FPS game out there is also similar in gameplay ... but god forbid an MMO somewhat resembles the genre it was developed as in even the minut(sp?)  detail!

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