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MMORTS | Setting:Historical | Status:Final  (rel 09/14/12)  | Pub:Gamigo
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Browser | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE !!!nothing to do with the franchise, cheap knock off , rip off prices

Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.




they say  is free 2 play......what a laugh.!!!!!!!

you start with your lv  2 merc  chosen from 5  archetypes.....soldier, commando, gunner, sniper, scout..

that is the last free thing you the original games you could become big and recruit 16+ mercs at the same time and  attack in mass mines...cities etc...nothing here.... THERE ARE NO MINES , TERRITORIES ,CITIES , ETC

HERE YOU HAVE 2 MORE SLOTS FOR MERCS 1 the one you make , you 2 more free(the slots not the mercs)......the rest up to 8 slots  cost gold.......each gold slot cost more gold than the one before, i have 5 in total, getting a new slot is 112gold....(no merc, just an empty square in the screen)


PRICES, STANDARD GOLD IS 150 POUNDS ABOUT  170 EUROS 230 DOLARS =========6000 gold, with offers.... sometimes you get extra gold 20% ,30% ,i use the 6000 gold because if you spend less it becomes much more expensive  in gold bars/euros.


the  mercs we all love from jagged alliance, grunty/scully/shadow / gus/ivan  they are all there...... their prices to hire forever are 30-70 euros real money each..... but they have their points all over so is not worth to buy any , i will show you why later...


in theory you could RENT THEM AND NOT BUY THEM...........there is a catch

missions cost fuel level 20 missions give you 12000 dollars in game currency and need 15 fuel to try, 1 fuel takes 5 minutes to recharge... real time got fuel for 2-3 missions max not to mention repairs to armo,r heath ,weapons, etc......the free ones last 1-2-3  missions before


they are nearly   broken.....specially at the beguining where you can only buy junk/poor class  items. (or gold remeber the word)


the contracts  for the other 2 mercs..... if you try to play FREE.... are for 3 days REAL TIME, not 2 weeks like before JA2  and only when you played them...... 3 days counter  continuosly.... play or not...... they are so expensive there is no way not to buy them permanently for gold......

BUYING A 60 EUROS LOVED MERC IS A WASTE OF TIME  THEIR STATS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE, THERE WERE TALKS OF A RE-SKILL FEATURE (IN GOLD OF COURSE) NEXT DAY THEY CHANGE THEIR MINDS.......I BOUGHT SHADOW 40 IN PISTOL 50 SUBMACHINE GUN, COST ME 60 EUROS AND I WAS HOPING FOR A RE-SKILL....(WHO NEEDS 90 POINTS IN SMG AND PISTOLS.......? TOTALLY ABSURD), next day they say reskill only in points you level up...........what a U=TURN...... i could have bough mass effect 3 for what  i spent in a cartoon portrait.


also all the semi-decent items that are not pay real money to buy (gold items) are considerably worse and can only be worn when you stats are very high, you might think ok i will grind and get them for in game cash ..... i will talk about the levelling rip off system later.

the german developers have left nothing out of the maths of the game to make you pay gold....NOTHING


GAME mechanics


1=there are no towns, militias, mines, cities to defend...all you have is a little camp with a storage, hospital , workshop to repair items,

you can upgrade this buildings...but the june patch made 90% of the resources to  upgrade have to buy them for gold ,,, each level of a structure requires you to have mini upgrades, between 3-5 each needs resources.....since the patch nobody can find them.

many mini upgrades require 8-15 drops.....which as the may patch dont you either spend gold buying it or use more fuel because your facilities are rubbish....


there are also anti armour and anti body bullets for sale.....they are a whooping 77 gold per box of 200.



you need reputation points to buy new items and sctructures....missions give experience to level soldiers, each level up is 2 points in body atributes  and 3 in weapon atributes.


HOWEVER if your mercs do missions 5 levels higher or lower you get next  to nothing experience or reputation...... this is deliberate.....soon you will find enemies wich have body armour  and use piercing bullets... the only solution is to buy gold weapons /armor/ bullets/ even so some missions 10 levels below have high armoured commandos who cant be seen at 3  squares distance unless one of you mercs has very high perception. namely sniper.scout, BUT......all those points in perception mean that a couple of piercing shots  and they are we call them glass mercs.......


so the players solution has been to avoid all the wasted points in your favority mercs and recruit lv2 mercs.....that means ira, dynamo, maddox, steroid (which for some reason after leveling him up to lv 39 is still useless......he misses so much because of machine guns recoil)


due to the prices of higher level ones and their total uselessness everybody has the same squad of level 2-5 mercs , AN ARMY OF CLONES. basically ira , dinamo, steroid, buns...not exactly the best/charismatic  character in jagged alliance 2.....


my experience after playing for a month and 1 week is i have already spent  150 pounds. 170 euros...... i havent gone shopping crazy bought the mercs bough decent armour weapons and helmets.....some gold bullets for emergencies.. that is it.


the missions are all the same...kill everything or go to a point, YOU CANT BE PRONE, being stealthy means crouching(  it was possible in 1998  but not in  2012 aparently......)

.mercs move so slowly ... they do closed maps.... this browser game could sell in steam for 10 pounds easily.......   pvp is good for cant conquer  anything is just death match... grab the flag , the standard.....very few maps.


this game is in open has been in open beta for months.......the only changes they have made are to make you spend more cash.... there are gold buttons you want to patch your mercs? gold button, do you want not to wait 5 hours till the fuel replenishes itself? gold button for fuel, do you want to upgrade buildings? gold you want anti armour bullets ? gold button.


the highest level weapons use 5.77 mm bullets, 50 caliber , bolts for crosbow  etc......THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN GAME CASH ONLY GOLD!!!!!!!., there no normal version of the ammo for in game will spend gold with every shot!!!!!!!!


to simplyfy 40 euros will get you 2 basic mercs some  low armour and a few bullets from the gold shop...there is no subscription model , i have begged lots of times....... the game is the biggest rip off i ever saw .......the jagged alliance tag MEANS NOTHING.....there is nothing grenades, mortars, rochet launchers, aliens, territories, cities to see......nothing ...2 screens, 1 for your camp 1 for the world where a dot tells you where are the missions......., the mission enemies are always in the same place in little pockets... the maps are all the same.....


they way the levelling formula is apllied is very comlex......every new level gives you only the best experience if you do it with the exact mercs reputation and level....level 42-43 is 40k experience........for each merc to level up so you have to do misiions for 2000 experience like 30 times...... but then the reputation goes up and you get less and less npc kill experience and less and less mission you have to try harder missions......since 2 body points make no hit brick walls i been stuck on level 42 for a week and i CANT BEAR myself to repeat  the same mission again another 30 times...same mission / same map same enemies /same places/


there are lots of  concrete wall missions which are impossible at your level you have to spend money  or  level your mercs repeting easier missions 30-40 times....each mission can last 40-50 minutes , and  there is something else....

to do some missions you need special drops....which as of now dont drop at all , so you have to be very, very  lucky or buy for GOLD.


i was so ecstatic when i first heard jagged alliance online...........but now i feel insulted  by how the players are trated like cash cows....lack of development and  NO SCOPE AT ALL.........this game is the most calculated rip off, less developed, fre 2 play lie i have ever makes korean MMOs  fair and fun.


also there is no comunity , chat chanels empty.......veteran players of 3 months gone already....and this is the open beta.......the most worring thing is THIS IS THE GAME...... there wont be any big expansions to make it look like a PATCH  of a jagged aliance missions/ repeat/ repeat /buy gold or die/  repeat same mission......


the reason for  the exponential levelling is simple......if people reach the max level 80 mission they would need to make more......and the producers dont have many coders at all......all complaints are ignored , they are not interested in making the ulimate jagged alliance game online.......just a crude  cut out squad turn base repetitive to death off moneywise in real life  version of the game we used to love.......


as i said i spend 60 euros in a cartoon picture of shadow  and he is worse than  dynamo at level 39 ...........EMBARRASING....AND DAYLIGHT ROBBERY







Final Score

 NOT FREE TO PLAY in reality at all
 the worst rip of game ever....
 unfair grinding levelling system
 nothing to do with jagged alliance
 no mines, cities, militia, no scope, cheap to make

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