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The Repopulation Forum » General Discussion » OMG, Consider me sold. A PvE option in a Sandbox MMO

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3/20/14 5:23:16 AM#41
Originally posted by lizardbones
Originally posted by Dihoru
Originally posted by lizardbones
Originally posted by Dihoru
Originally posted by Squeak69
Originally posted by Dihoru

There is no such thing as a PVE sandbox just as much as there is no such thing as a PVP sandbox because a sandbox includes both by definition (it allows the greatest amount of freedom to the player and yes this includes being a toxic jackass that corpse camps if he so chooses just as much as it includes you having the option of pretty much deciding to make it a long term goal of yours to grief the guy out of the game later on once he forget all about you, vengeance is a dish best served cold of course).


People need to stop demanding PVE sandboxes or PVP sandboxes and just demand sandboxes where their actions have consequences which may be harsh or they may not depending on how many people they pissed off.


Note: I will be giving Repop a solid try and it, Gloria Victis and now Perpetuum Online (shifting over on the 2nd next month to B2P = finally an EVE-like game without the guilt of not being able to play enough to get your money's worth) well likely be my be all end alls for the foreseeable future with EVE-Online and the inevitable exploration expansion waiting in the wings too... tis good to be a F2P/B2P supporter and a real sandbox player :).

minecraft with PvP disabled.. . . . . . if thats not a PvE sandbox i dont know what is.

PVP disabled in minecraft = single player because in any multiplayer server you will still be competing for resources, if not in creative mode, and bragging rights, to a degree, if you so choose.

Any interaction with another player can be PVP in the non-combat sense as well as the combat one (take an example from EVE: High sec exploring and trying to steal the faction spawn of someone running a good site, this may seem like a douche move but it is in essence a PVP interaction without combat involved between the two players) though I kinda like drawing a line in terms of PVP in this case at the point where the two players, or groups of players, need to be at least aware of each other.


A creative MP game like minecraft or a MMO almost always have PVP in them in one way or another (Hell most people won't recognize that ESO has two major facets of PVP: cyrodil and crafting).


Stop quibbling over definitions.  PvP means combat.  Disable the combat and for many people the issues go away.


I am not, I've always stated PVP is any interaction between players of a competitive nature and if those many people want a non-PVP MMO then they want a game which they will abandon within 3-4 months.


This is a moot point because the game is going to have PvP, but when people say there is no PvP, or a game is PvE centered, then that means that the combat between players is turned off or optional.  You are using your definition of any competitive interactions between players.  You're quibbling over the definition, using the definition in your head instead of the defition being used in the discussion.


Not my issue if the definition used in the discussion is patently wrong (not the first time this happens btw).


You can continue talking if you want but even WoW has unrestricted PVP on the top level in terms of server firsts so to demand a game without one form of PVP interaction is kinda ok but if you want a game without any PVP interaction you really should check out something like Terraria or Minecraft SP.


Also as for sandbox definition check my edited reply before this one.


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3/20/14 5:23:33 AM#42
Originally posted by Wraithone
I feel a great disturbance in The Grief! As if a million Goonies had all cried out at once!... ^^  I may have to check this game out, when it launches.

Awesome one

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3/20/14 5:25:22 AM#43
Originally posted by Po_gg
Originally posted by Wraithone
I feel a great disturbance in The Grief! As if a million Goonies had all cried out at once!... ^^  I may have to check this game out, when it launches.

Awesome one

Goons will just blue circle the unrestricted PVP zones on the normal servers and if balance is anything like in EVE between the zones then it will be a pain in the ass to be a crafter or higher level PVE-er in the safezones.


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3/20/14 6:53:21 AM#44
Originally posted by a63ntorange

Anyone can answer me this, what is the death penalty or Risk VS reward mechanic for the normal ruleset? I see there is no looting from that graphic, well.... If isnt looted and or discarded and damaged etc, and the best stuff is player made, wont this completely destroy the player economy in short order?   The pvp ruleset looks legit, but man I get tired of the no lifer basement dwellers griefing for the hell of it constantly.  That ruleset usually ends up with a community like Seatribe games and mortal online have.  Scum of the earth and a year later, just 100 dudes and some alts are playing the server.   Thanks.


And before anyone spouts off it worked in pre t2a UO, well back then the average player was an adult,  and we didn't waste our bandwidth back then just to troll people. There were still griefers sure, but the majority of the playerbase was relatively chill and the term griefer, and troll etc hadn't really even developed yet, outside of AOL chatrooms and compuserve BBS.

Gear degrades upon death in both the PvE and PvP server. We can only hope that the Gear degrade on death on the normal server is harsh enough to make the economy work.

But you are wrong about what becomes of hardcore rule servers. EvE only has a hardcore rule server and its is thriving. The reason MO and Seatribe (HnH) ended up the way they did is because of bugs and small communities to begin with.

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Death to Themepark.

3/21/14 2:02:37 PM#45
I hope there is real pve on pvp servers.  Nothing more fun than pvping over pve rewards.  To this day, EQ pvp still reigns supreme in the dozen or so "PvP MMOs" simply by virtue of the fact that it actually had something fun and rewarding to fight over.  For some inexplicable reason, no one since has understood this, and wonder why their games lack scope and long term playability.

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4/08/14 6:52:19 AM#46

I'm an SWG Pre CU vet and to me.....this game sounds extremely promising :)


Will be watching with interest as the game develops!!


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4/08/14 7:40:15 AM#47 will be staying true to the course but still offering valid playstyles for pve and of course the standard pvp that most sandboxes are comprised of.


These choices of pve only will just limit the possibilities for players that choose this route though.


I mean come on let's get real about pve players. Pve players scream about content in themeparkers so what in hell makes you think even remotely that sandboxes will offer anything even close to what these content locusts need.


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4/08/14 7:44:32 AM#48
Just going to say, this game has loads of potential and I truly hope it is realized.  I will be watching this title with great anticipation.
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