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MMOTPS | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 12/01/11)  | Pub:OGPlanet
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Astrobear take on SDGO

look inside for the details but TL;DR Almost there but need improvement
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.
Do you like cutesy robots, mindless fighting and enjoy shooting down robots, them
watch them blow up as you glee over their smoldering bodies :D?
Then this is the game for you dood!!
Game Official Synopsis
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (AKA SDGONA)  is now in service in North America. Published by OGPlanet, Gundam’s legend continues on after 40 years since the original Gundam series, now in a form of a third-person online shooter game.
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter offers freedom of playing through a combination of an array of in-game systems, missions, game modes, maps and units. With hundreds of obtainable units and a massive amount of available customization options, players can come up with very unique units suited to their taste. There are many different game modes players can truly enjoy such as various missions, quests, PVP modes on over 50 different maps. If desired, they can even choose to take down the whole city by destroying buildings on some of the maps.
SDGONA Game Mechanics
This game runs on a rock/paper/scissor system…..STOP LAUGHING!!!
Simple isn’t?!
In addition, the robots in the game is call Mobile Suits, but for the purpose of this review, we will simple refer to them as “units”. The unit rank system goes as the following
C ranks: the weakest of unit ranks in SDGO, their stats is pretty low
B ranks: not to as weak a C rank but not as powerful as a A rank. Pretty decent stats
A rank: the second best units you can get in the game. really strong stats
S ranks: the most powerful unit one can achieve in SDGO, easily dominating all units
You can get more units from the capsule room
When you wish to get new units, one great way of obtaining it is with a capsule machine. Each capsule machine contains six different units, including some rare units and custom colored units.
SDGO have three different channel options:
Mission channel, player versus player channel, and clan server.
The mission server is a quest based channel of SDGO. The quests are objectives that each player do to achieve a certain reward e.g. units, battle items and etc.
This channel measures in difficulties: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert
Very easy & Easy: well the title says it all; virtually no effort is really required here
Just do the mission and you will succeed (unless you goof off)
Unit Rank recommendation: any S/A/B/C Rank
Normal: normal is where stuff get totally serious dood! Teamwork is necessary at this point as the enemies get harder. At this point you need to do Mission 7 battleships of gunfire, so you can get psycho gundam, you bread and butter to do normal and up missions. DO NOT SCRAP THIS UNIT; I don’t care if you don’t like it, YOU WILL NEED THIS SUIT. After you get psycho, level it up and the mission will go smoother
Unit Recommendation:  S/A/B Ranks
Hard & Expert: same as above; however, you need to achieve a certain user rank to get to expert 
 Unit Recommendation:  S/A/ Ranks
The pvp is the main attraction of SDGO. pvp have several modes
Normal: classic pvp where two teams (Red vs Blue) go at it for the highest kill count
Death match: same as normal but depending on your unit rank lvl, you will get a certain set of lives. The point of this mode is to kill the other team unit lives until they run out ( S Ranks =2 life,  A Ranks =2 life, B ranks =3 life Ranks, C Ranks= 4 life)
Boss mode: one member of each team will be designated as the “boss”. The main objective of the mode is to kill the boss of the enemy team.
Singles: in this mode, there is no teams, every man for himself. The person with the highest kill count is the winner.
When you achieved a certain rank, you will be able to access expert channel with two more modes: Tag & Grid
*when the time you able to go expert channel you will receive a battleship
The battleship is used in tag & grid, a the ship must be load with units in order to be used
Tag mode: tag mode is like death match, but the difference is instead of a unit rank representing
 the lives, the units you have chosen to put on your battleship will be represent the lives
Grid: is like normal but instead of getting the highest score, the main objective is to kill the other team units until to lower the start life count to zero.
Clan server: need to be in a clan in order to enter
Clan match is like death match. When one team lose all their lives, they lose.
Now I got that stuff out of the way, time for pros and con dood!!!
Pro: great game, easily understand ton of un that will keep you engage for hours
This game is soo not pay2play, as everything (except for premium items) can be achieve without money. And  plus with ogplanet free Astros section you can earn astro without spending a dime.
The community is helping, but bit overly opinionated in my opinion
GMs on the Forum do occasionally pop in and out answering question that the playerbase ask
(but this doesn’t happen often)
The community: now I know what you are thinking but I just said they are a pro!
Which they are; however, I would be lying if I said there nothing wrong with us. Our major problem is impatience. First of all, SDGO came out in other region before the North America release, because of this there is a lot units that is not in the current roster for NA. beside that Two of the other  sdgo is easily accessible and a lot of players in SDGONA came from those servers. Due to the fact, what they know it sometime lead them to becoming aggressively impatient to the point of rage thread pop up daily. But then again that only happen because we are not receiving any info on the next patch update.
The web gashapon
At the moment of this review, the web gashapon is criminally rigged so you will receive crappy prizes instead of actual lond term value. The price is ridiculous high, 57 astros?! That is a little over half of ogplanet lowest astro pack (100 astros) and in a way sort force buyers to buy higher Astros ( ogplanet game currency)  in order to get something decent. But if you want to try your luck, do at a time where you feel damn lucky or you will get screw..hard. there are many horror stories that people spent 100$ and got nothing that will be permanment.
Final score dood?
Final Score

 game is so fun
 community is helpful as well as the GMs
 free to play without spend a dime for most units
 web gashapon is horrible as the moment avoid it
 community is impatience
 lack of info about the next patch update

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