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MMOTPS | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 12/01/11)  | Pub:OGPlanet
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Gameplay, management, and updates

A brief description and comments on how the game is being run
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

Sd gundam capsule fighter NA version is managed by OGPlanet.


It's a game where players can roll for units with the gashapon system (a.k.a the capsule machine). You can roll of the unit you want but the units are seperated into different ranks. The higher the rank, the harder it is to get.


The gameplay involves shooting, meleeling, and placing yourself in a good position. It's pretty simple to grasp but if you want to be better at the game, it'll take some practice. It's not a sit and camp game where you can pick a sniper class and no one will ever find you. You need to fend for yourself as a sniper unless the opposing team is really bad.




Quality and Management:


OGplanet has received many complaints for their service quality. While it is great that they released 5 capsules in the first patch whereas all the other servers release once a month. However, OGPlanet did start the server a few years behind all the other available servers, and its not necessarily hard to join the other servers. So in order for OGPlanet to attract more players from the other servers, they WILL have to increase the content per update, instead of milking players for their cash.


With this in mind...... due to the lack of available content OGP is constantly losing players. The players check back from time to time but the population can't be compared between the two servers.


I've tried going onto the Taiwan server and it took me aproximately 2 minutes to make an account and the download took around 40 minutes.

So I logged on to the taiwan server to check out their content.

Taiwan has the most up-to-date quests that the korean server has, and theres a lot more people. The beginner channel had 120 rooms whereas in NA sdgo we're looking at 40-50 rooms tops.

The most up-to-date quests means that, you can get Freedom with 1 stripe rank, Providence 1-2 ranks after, Justice 1-2 ranks after that, and Destiny Gundam recipe for MCPO. There are also 5 additional daily quests on top of what NA Sdgo has, and the rewards for the dailes are around 2k points and 2, 200 exp packs as well as Astrae Type-F coupon. Coupons can be exchanged for points, blueprint, or 1k exp packs.


If I'm comparing between NA Sdgo, and TW sdgo in terms of lag/latency, I'd have to say they're pretty similar. I think I had less delay on the Taiwan server. . . not to mention i already acquired a S rank Freedom within 20 minutes of playing the game. They have the Custom capsule and Dream capsule system implemented, and what does NA sdgo have? Overpriced Gashapon that gives A ranks.


Now comments on Update:

The January Update, was.... impressive and not impressive.


I was impressed that OGP managed to release 5 capsules, i was seriously expecting 2-3 not 5. However. . . when they released the update notes for blueprints, it was like... WOW they're adding this much? I am impressed.


But it turns out (according to a gm on OGP) that someone read the wrong patch notes and printed the wrong list, so it was removed and we were stuck with only 2 new blueprints . . .


The gm mentioned that someone read the wrong patch notes and printed the wrong list..... which would mean the list that we saw, will be an upcomming patch.... which means NA Sdgo might be only getting 1 new blue print for the February patch.


Also, it would appear that the GM's of OGPlanet do not have any experience with the other SD Gundam servers, and they themselves do not have a lot of... how should say it.... "love(?)"  towards the Gundam series. 


I feel as if the Gm's or the company itself doesn't understand what the players want. Like, Opening a SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online server 5 years late, and theres no S ranks at all on release, or any plans to (least we the players don't know of any plans to) release S ranks in the near future.

Sure capsules are important, but So are the AS and S ranks. No matter how many capsules are available, if there are no S ranks the game becomes dull.


Theres a reason why I say this. And i shall explain my reasoning.


C ranks have Dull weapons and they can only play one role. C rank weapons are all beam rifles, weak homing missiles, machine gun, vulcans, and funnels. They cannot change between MS and MA form, nor can they switch their weapon sets. C ranks also have really boring skills and there aren't any custom C ranks that I know of which gets their own unique buff. Also C ranks have their playstyle set for them, such as you can't have a scissor C rank melee, and you can't have a paper C rank melee. By can't I mean its extremely ineffective.


B ranks, are slightly better. There are Unique Custom buffs like Red comet buff, Zabi's pride, Raw le cruz buff, hawk of eoidenen, E.X.A.M system and a lot more. However, the roles of the unit are still pretty much set in stone, with a few exceptions such as GP-02A.


A ranks are good, they have a large variety and with their stats they can sometimes break the roles. An example being : Scissors are meant for Mid range, but some scissors can go in for melee.


S ranks, however break the roles entirely. an Example would be one of the early S ranks.... like Freedom.


Freedom has a 5 hit melee combo, it attacks fast, and has a beam rifle and bazooka like weapon. Beam rifle serves as a mid range weapon, and Bazooka serves as a mid-long range weapon. Adding in the Beam sword that he has for weapon 1, Freedom can cover the Rock/Scissor role.


Newer S rank units such as F-91 gets 2 different weapon sets. A long range weapon set, and a melee mid range weapon set. Paper F-91 can cover all 3 roles. Rock/Scissor/Paper roles are all covered by F91.


So it is entirely possible to see why the players in NA Sdgo want S ranks. I personally wouldn't mind waiting a bit more for the S ranks, because I know it'll be comming, but if the S ranks on their release are like the other servers..... where you can only get S ranks via. Cash until 1 month later. I'm not sure how many people will be willing to endure a month of No S ranks for Non-Cash gamblers. They might simply leave for other servers like the taiwan server, since its so easy to get into.


Anyways, to sum it up.


Server update capsule amount = Good


Server update Blue print = Bad


Capsule importance > Blueprint importance = Nope. Need both! rather OGP did 3 caps and 2-3 S ranks every month than 5 caps no S


S = important for flexibility in player roles :)





Final Score

 Fun addicting game
 Action packed
 Gundam Fans will love
 Pretty good visuals for its time
 Laggy at times
 Lack of content
 Poor visual for a game in 2012

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