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Pathfinder Online Forum » General Discussion » Only game worth waiting for.

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OP  3/20/13 11:58:33 AM#1

We have games not even beyond being ideas preached about for no reason.

Co-op games that shouldn't even be listed on this site.

Asian games dumbed down for NA, why can't us real gamers play the Asian version?

Other games whose single player games will be better than the online game so it is pointless to make the MMO.

Pathfinder online is bringing PnP gaming back to MMOs in a true open world. The only MMORPG coming out and the only one worth playing in the future.


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Veni, Vidi, Converti

3/20/13 2:35:26 PM#2

I'm sure there are equally ardent fans of all those variations of "multiplayer-online games" you listed, also. Each to their own.

That said Pathfinder does have a nice tradition to draw from, in the PnP games. So from that pov it's interesting but nothing to put all your eggs in one basket about, given it's still early in development: Expect a fairly scrappy and small game when PFO initially comes out in early enrollment, also! No mmorpg is until release, for sure. As to what else maybe is there? Well I'm interested in following:

- The Repopulation

- Star Citizen

- EVE Online + Dust 514

- Camelot Online

- (maybe) Camelot Unchained, when the details come through.

- Topia Online

- Shroud of the Avatar

And firefall/age of wushu are doing different things which is interesting to follow.


But what is interesting about PFO, right now? *whispers*



Edit: Greedmonger, Citadel of Sorcery... all interesting. This vid in fact is very good:


Sandbox MMO list 2013 video with commentary - Obzzarvations #2

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3/20/13 2:47:36 PM#3

I understand where the OP is coming from in general, but the gaming audience is as varied as the movie-goer audience. Let's face it, Farmville was a success.

I personally am waiting for Citadel of Sorcery. It appears to me to have more to offer than Pathfinder and anything else on the landscape. That said, I will definitely be playing Pathfinder Online.


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Joined: 9/18/10
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3/20/13 2:50:48 PM#4

Love it when a game gets hyped again on this site....Come on...gimme gimme!

(remember SWTOR?????)

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

Edgar Allan Poe


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3/20/13 2:58:27 PM#5

We all have games that symbolize our great white hope but of course it all comes down to the playstyle you are looking for from your MMO. While it's a great feeling to have high hopes for a new longterm home as an MMO, I definately wouldn't state that there is only one. This is the first year in memory that this may no longer be the case as there is a bunch of games releasing that fall outsde the normal.

For me personally, it''s Archeage because I crave depth and more activites to do outside kill, kill, kill. Combine that with a seemless world and world PvP with true meaning and pride. We all have options this year, and I hope many can find their new home like I have.

  User Deleted
3/20/13 3:01:20 PM#6
WoW killer!!

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Ahh devil ether.

3/20/13 3:04:04 PM#7
GW2 killer!

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3/20/13 3:09:09 PM#8
Add Ember of Caerus and Gloria Victis to the list :)

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I like this planet, YOU get off!

3/20/13 3:09:09 PM#9



Novice Member

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7/05/13 11:08:59 AM#10

Funny how people say a game is going to kill anything successful or in development before its a blip on the radar screen when it comes to MMORPGs

So when is this game projected to release??

LOL, do ya'll have any idea how many games had bold beginnings and ideas only to flop or not even release at all??

Wake up already


Novice Member

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7/05/13 11:12:22 AM#11

Sandbox, player driven economy, microtransactions.  


Pick one that does not fit.


No it's not worth waiting for.


Apprentice Member

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7/05/13 11:19:30 AM#12

Can I laugh here - the game is BEING developed. A second Kickstarter campaign for this game?

They have said many grand notions but we will see when reality hits how much money funding they get. Often times, things change when reality sets in.

This is another wait and see game as there is nothing to hype.......

"In 50 years, when I talk to my grandchildren about these days, I'll make sure to mention what an accomplished MMO player I was. They are going to be so proud ..."
by Naqaj - 7/17/2013 forum


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Veni, Vidi, Converti

7/05/13 1:42:08 PM#13

EVE Online started small and stayed small with incremental growth for a decade.

That's a great result imo. It means a small number of people really like what they find,  it means a smaller dev team does not fire a whole bunch of people on release but can keep adding specifically what the player base is asking for and make a good living from providing a high quality service, instead of putting the server on life-support mode etc.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 7/11/13
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7/11/13 3:22:24 AM#14
Originally posted by Sulaa

Sandbox, player driven economy, microtransactions.  


Pick one that does not fit.


No it's not worth waiting for.


The one that does not fit is microtransactions. The only thing purchasable with real money is game time. It is similar to the PLEX system in Eve. In fact the game is the Fantasy version of Eve Online.


Spotlight Poster

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7/11/13 3:31:07 AM#15
I love Pathfinder tabletop... but I have zero faith in this project. I have little faith in any kickstarter funded MMO and why should I be behind this game when Paizo won't even fund their own project?

I would like to give an opinion on this post, but if I agree I will offend people who disagree. While if I disagree my comment will be seen as inflammatory. Either way I will get banned by this site full of the most delicate flowers in online gaming. Ban people for giving honest opinions... beautiful. Unfortunately I still like the articles.


Elite Member

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7/11/13 3:34:38 AM#16
Originally posted by Dauntis
I love Pathfinder tabletop... but I have zero faith in this project. I have little faith in any kickstarter funded MMO and why should I be behind this game when Paizo won't even fund their own project?

.... and it is going to be such a long wait, talking about this project on open forums.   Well I would rather watch the boards on the verandah warp in the heat at the Pub in Dubbo.


Apprentice Member

Joined: 7/11/13
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7/11/13 7:38:57 PM#17

Long wait? 


Next year starts the EE for beta, OE will be the following year. Doesnt sound that long to me... I waited longer for many games.


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7/12/13 6:07:48 AM#18

I'm quite excited about PFO - I don't think it will "destroy them all", but the development ideas are fresh and exciting.

Yes, the development time will be long, and they will start VERY small with their version of paid Beta called Early enrollment.

But they have taken the best ideas and policies of EVE at heart, and if they apply them, it will be a game to hold on for years, not months as most others out there.

And if you dislike anything you see/hear - keep in mind that this is a game for a selective audience and they want to start with a small client base anyways.

My only worry so far: I am not yet convinced of their operating model - the team is too small (I think 15 people) and their funds seem restricted. If the 18-month long "paid" beta (subscription based) does not pay off, I fear for their continuing operation - but I guess this is just guesswork.


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Joined: 7/18/10
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Veni, Vidi, Converti

7/13/13 1:17:10 PM#19

To add to the above re: Operational, I think dev is most risk, then EE and then it reduces risk once it hits a certain number of steady and committed (& happy) players. One thing in favour possibly, is a smaller player-base of like-minded players actually sounds more fun to me (& a healthier mmorpg market besides) than one-mmorpg-to-rule-them-all.

But my personal "aw, cr@p!" would be an interesting systems-rich vestigial game -- with a a really poor combat system. Anime graphics would kill interest off instantly too, just to illustrate that even with interest in solid gameplay every player has their "rats in a box" variety of revulsion, so to speak. But yeah, a poor combat system would be a potential killing blow.


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7/19/13 9:55:44 AM#20

I am disappointed. Should I be?

While I hope that Pathfinder Online is a great game, and will likely play it, I am disappointed.

Once again, a dnd themed game will not use the dnd rules. 

Is it really that difficult to implement? Or is my cynical theory true, that the designers just want to do it their way?

This is not an attack on the game designers; I just wish a dnd game would actually use the dnd rules.





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