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Sony Online Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 05/20/03)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$19.95 | Pay Type:Subscription
System Req: PC | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

PlanetSide Videos: PlanetSide 2: Debut Trailer (1:06)

Sony Online Entertainment reveals the sequel to their popular sci-fi MMOFPS, PlanetSide, in this debut trailer.

Sony Online Entertainment reveals the sequel to their popular sci-fi MMOFPS, PlanetSide, in this debut trailer.
Duration: 1:06
Views: 9,275  51 comments
Game: PlanetSide
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Sovrath writes:

I think I just heard a million voices from a million fans cry out in joy.

Thu Jul 07 2011 9:45PM Report
Warzod writes:

I think I just heard a million laughs from a million hackers cry out, "Here we go again!"

Thu Jul 07 2011 9:48PM Report
Zarynterk writes:

Man I cannot wait, you Vanu and NC scum are done... Long live the Terrans!

Thu Jul 07 2011 10:07PM Report
elfofthedead writes:

im a pretty big PS fan been waiting for a trailer for some time  that it was pretty good  go NC

Thu Jul 07 2011 10:34PM Report
Whitetree writes:

Never took the chance to play the original because by the time I heard about it it was dead. I would be interested in taking a look at this, though.

Thu Jul 07 2011 10:57PM Report
Kingblade writes:

LMAO with JOY!!! BlazingTiger of the Emerald going to own some TR and VS ass!!! NC for life!

Thu Jul 07 2011 11:21PM Report
DM19 writes:

Soooooooooooooooooooo happy i don't care if it is made by soe i just want my mag back ^.^

Thu Jul 07 2011 11:42PM Report
tank017 writes:

Gimmie my cycler and gimmie some bodies to shoot.

Fri Jul 08 2011 12:16AM Report
striker107 writes:

how quickly befor this one becomes free to play like all the others ? -.-

Fri Jul 08 2011 1:59AM Report
JoyBoy80 writes:

Hell yes ! I cant wait for some new sweet PS fun.

Fri Jul 08 2011 2:08AM Report
morbuskabis writes:

Vanu gonna kick some butt!

Fri Jul 08 2011 2:20AM Report
Tenohira writes:

its all the NC!

Fri Jul 08 2011 3:22AM Report
sirsammy33 writes:

always loved hover tank i was a killer in those.)

Fri Jul 08 2011 5:28AM Report
tawess writes:

Go red and the rest are dead.


In all honesty would it not be better to have this be F2P from the start... But since i can not come up with anything good to stock it's cashshop with... A sub model is prelly for the best.

Fri Jul 08 2011 5:36AM Report
Fusion writes:

No offence to fanboys, but that looked like plain horse****, propably the most unexciting "reveal trailer" i've ever seen, even those which show no gameplay at all have been more exciting..

Fri Jul 08 2011 6:01AM Report
Kwintpod writes:

Nice argumentation there, Fusion

Fri Jul 08 2011 6:33AM Report
Azekiel writes:

Vanu: We Have The Technology!

They could've just have a three minute clip of the animated logo and all us old Vets would be sqealing with joy, but... yeah... pretty low on detail.

also: made by sony, so brace for horrible support, jack-in-the-box servers and a massive and ill-considered redesign about six months in.

Fri Jul 08 2011 6:55AM Report
mmoski writes:
Looks promising, need more details though.
Fri Jul 08 2011 8:16AM Report
Shatten writes:

the new design for Gauss from NC look like a ACR and the new design  for Cycler from TR look like a M14.

Fri Jul 08 2011 12:58PM Report
rodingo writes:


Fri Jul 08 2011 2:12PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Planetside with a modernized look and mechanics(iron sight aim, no zoom?). I just hope it still holds most of the same magic from the first and greatly expands on it.

Fri Jul 08 2011 3:26PM Report
WSIMike writes:

As trailers go, not terribly exciting.

But, then... I don't think it's really the footage that people are excited about, but rather what the trailer signifies. 

Fri Jul 08 2011 5:31PM Report
WSIMike writes:

As trailers go, not terribly exciting.

But, then... I don't think it's really the footage that people are excited about, but rather what the trailer signifies. 

Fri Jul 08 2011 5:31PM Report
WSIMike writes:

And somehow posted my comment twice.

Fri Jul 08 2011 5:32PM Report
EliminatR writes:

never played the first one but always wanted to... im so gettin this.

Fri Jul 08 2011 8:29PM Report
sibs4455 writes:

Thousands of bullets flying in the air and not one kill !.

Fri Jul 08 2011 11:07PM Report
Shatten writes:

I like the new max on TR and Vanu but did not like the new look on NC's max

Sat Jul 09 2011 12:22AM Report
Beachcomber writes:

Looks good

Sat Jul 09 2011 4:40AM Report
Radar11x writes:

Now if it only wasn't with SOE xD

Sat Jul 09 2011 8:08AM Report
Ausare writes:

If they do not seriously go after hackers another game for the flame pit.

Sat Jul 09 2011 8:09AM Report
Getalife writes:

Funny part is that all those hate on SOE and tell us how they are not going to touch any SOE game will be the first one playing PS2 and EQ Next.

Sat Jul 09 2011 10:00AM Report
Sizzz writes:

While i welcome this new title, i hope that video is pre alpha.

Also I suggest Sony to get more ACTUAL scifi artists and a writer. You dont have to be so blinkered in chasing the COD market.

Sat Jul 09 2011 10:28AM Report
Deathwing980 writes:


They arent after the COD market, most games that are FPS impliment Iron Sights now a days because players are looking for more immersion into the videogame, as far as this game is coming, its actually going very far from its previous game.


There were no iron sights or special graphics in PS1, you only had a binocular system pretty much zooming in slightly for seeing the enemy and firing while hoping your Cone of fire was narrow enough to hit the enemy.... I havent seen a sanctuary in this yet and i hope they still have sanctuaries in Planetside, thats where the fun really was... organizing groups into effecient combat regiments to attack continents and hold them for most of the week...


i used to play with friends for the Terran Republic and the Vanu Soveriegnty (We switched sides depending on the players population) and actually played an effecient ghosting squad for taking down bases and hampering enemy support units


From the looks of the video, it feels like that was a forward base like the towers used to be for planetside.

Sat Jul 09 2011 1:47PM Report
Jupsto writes:


Sat Jul 09 2011 5:49PM Report
TrueDeviL writes:

Can I haz now??


Man, I so can't wait for this, as a long term veteran, 6/7 year char, and 4/5 year non-stop play, I really want this new one, I just really hope that they fix all the hacks in it, that's what killed it for me, after seeing a cloaker run an LLU from 1 base to the next in 5 seconds.


They best sort it out.

Sun Jul 10 2011 8:41AM Report
maniacfox writes:

What can I say? MEH...

I never played Planetside and this video doesn't fill me with excitement for Planetside 2.

Sun Jul 10 2011 9:57AM Report
CasualGamer writes:

I'm over Halo multiplayer like...Years ago. Run-shoot-die-respawn-repeat. If the future is just nothing but endless war I'd rather not.

Sun Jul 10 2011 3:22PM Report
moosecatlol writes:

Not giving sony any more of my money.

Sun Jul 10 2011 4:36PM Report
nteger writes:

So after all that talk about Planetside Next and not using numbers in sequels, the official name is Planetside 2? LOL.

Also, I noticed that according to the video the continents are back. Are they retconning the shift thing? Did people hate BFRs that much that they went back to 1 planet with 10 continents?

While I don't really trust Sony, I'm still probably going to get it.

Sun Jul 10 2011 10:44PM Report
druarc writes:

Sweet, been waiting a while for this one, glad SOE are finally going to produce it.

Curious to see how many of the old PS players come back, looking foward to some good fights.


4475th Ranger Elite.

Mon Jul 11 2011 12:27AM Report
odinfish writes:

Looks kinda lame...FPS shooter? Nah, I'd rather invest my time and money in Red Orchestra. ;-)

Tue Jul 12 2011 7:40AM Report
jinxxed0 writes:

This looks like a generic sci fi shooter. I get that there has to be something foreveryone, but it seems like 90% of the games that have been coming out in thr last 5 years have been first person shooters. 

Tue Jul 12 2011 9:00AM Report
illutian writes:

Galaxies, you are go for drop!



Tue Jul 12 2011 1:57PM Report
Dimuyen writes:

This game had so many awesome mechanics and tactics that no other game ever took up, it's great to see it back again.

Wed Jul 13 2011 3:10AM Report
TheFighter writes:

Looks pretty but it looks like a fcuking A team shoot up, 2000 rounds going off a second and no one dying.

I hate these type of FPS I've just unloaded a clip in your face and apparently you have 10% of your head life but your ok but its not 0%

1 Shot in face, dead. Thats how it should be. 

Wed Jul 13 2011 11:52AM Report
Ebonheart writes:

Haters gonna hate

The only people who don't like PS are the ones who havn't played it.


I curious to see how the MAX armor looks.

Doesn't look like they showed any in the trailer.


Terran Republic all the way.

Dead Vanu for the dead Vanu God!

Dead NC for the dead NC throne!

Fri Jul 15 2011 12:56PM Report
Shmaw writes:

All that futuristic tech and they are still using iron sights?

Sun Jul 17 2011 5:23AM Report
Brixon writes:

Wow, I just got a little chubby.


Please for the love of God SOE, don't screw this up.

Mon Jul 18 2011 10:59PM Report
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Sat Jul 30 2011 3:21AM Report
powerjunky2 writes:

I see that most of the haters in here never even played the original, and the ones that did never played it pre-Aftershock expansion.  The shear size of the battles and the complex strategies required to take out continents.  It wasn't just about shooting people, but which base to attack and which continent to capture so we could limit enemy access to neighboring gates.  It was a good day when you pushed an entire faction back to their sanctuary.  I hope they allow more players per continent, I hated getting locked out of fights. 

Tue Aug 09 2011 7:09PM Report