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Atriarch (ARCH)
World Fusion
MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel N/A)
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Be prepared for whats next...

OP  9/10/03 5:33:10 PM#1
Do you guys think this game is almost dead, even if it does come out will its graphics even appeal to (common) mmorpgers.

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10/23/03 7:29:14 AM#2

This game will flop!

They don't advertise...


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11/03/03 8:16:20 PM#3

Went to their little website and the screenshots were good enough for me so I applied for the beta...Hoping that I'll be able to try it out and post anything if its any good...


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11/04/03 7:41:33 PM#4

Yep this game will be a flop...

I think no one even knows this game even exists any more..


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1/08/04 8:05:21 AM#5

Firstly its been much longer then a year

But I agree I don't see much happening to this game.  Problem is its been in development too long.  Their developing team is too small to be able to do anything.  Also, since the game has been in development so long its unique features can are over shadowed by the next generation MMOs. 

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  User Deleted
1/08/04 1:49:47 PM#6

This forum is pretty dead too. The last post before yours (Camaalis') on this thread was in November. The only more recent thread is the one about Beta, and that thread can be summed up like this: "Dunno"

I watch the MMORPG field for fun. At this point, I don't even play any games, and I am not even looking for one now. (Too much school! Too much work! No time!) So I will still be here til this forum gets closed down. But there are plenty of other Games In Development forums over there on the left that you might find a little more active, for games that are closer to actually seeing the light of day.



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1/13/04 6:30:18 AM#7

Originally, Atriarch had a lot of activity every week. Admittedly, this has died-down to a near-crawl.

However, this does not indicate team inactivity. I personally believe that Atriarch will eventually be released, but it may unfortunately undergo some major changes, ala Horizons.

  User Deleted
1/13/04 9:24:08 AM#8

I have no doubt that they are working on it, and it has been nice that there are some stirrings to let us know what's going on.  We'll see where it goes.



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1/31/04 3:43:09 PM#9
I seriously doubted this game for a while. But recently news and updates have filled on in. I think they were too theoretical and not practical or too slow to move. Everything is picking up speed and I hope they have it out by the summer (don't count on it)

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3/14/04 5:33:11 AM#10

This game smells like horizons.

1. No info for a long time.

2. A new dev team is picked and a new web site created for the game (hasent happend yet)

3. The game gets a drastic trimming down to be released in a short period of time. (prolly will happen)

4. No publisher yet.

5. Game is release 3 years late and is nothing like the original concept that made it look so good. (Going on year 4 now)

6. Publisher forces early release of game to get it out for the holidays. (Prolly will happen when they get a publisher)


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Fear is the mind-killer.

3/22/04 2:13:25 PM#11
I'll bet these guys are just drawing a salary off the investment money and doing real work somewhere else. Or drinking beer in the staffroom planning their next 5 year developement scam. . .

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4/01/04 1:08:07 AM#12

I don't doubt that the game will actually come out someday, but I agree with another poster that they are losing touch with the players. I can't speak for everyone but I was watching that game for the terraforming, building, and the player-scripted NPCs(possibly including everything from craftsmen to armies).

Last update I read, they were describing permadeath. There's ways to avoid it, and ways to keep some of your skills, but they go on to say they don't want to penalize players overly so for dying, that they don't want players to have to go 'back in time' and lose any of their time investment. Well which is it? Permadeath/permaskill loss, or something that's actually humane to the players? At least, that was something we'd actually care to hear about...

They haven't talked about how you can manage NPCs, at least not in a long while, among other things that I'd really like to hear about but know nothing of. There's been a lot more talk about just adding in the very basics such as monster spawns, and I really hope they're beyond that and getting into the really revolutionary stuff by now.

So seriously, they have some PR problems. Let us in a little, let us get excited about things, freaking hire someone who's only job is to keep us interested. Hey I know they're busy but their website shouldn't be sitting idle for a month at a time, it's hard to get excited about something when people are theorizing that the company has gone belly-up every couple of weeks.

  User Deleted
4/03/04 4:04:12 PM#13

I got excited about Atriarch several  years ago.   I can't believe its not out yet.    Guess what...

I'm not excited anymore.   

My prediction:  cancellation before release. 

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4/06/04 4:06:28 PM#14

I think they finally realized what it would take to make a game of that magnitude so they decided to make it really what they wanted to be instead of other crappy mmo games that promise so much yet deliver on very few ideas they guaranteed.


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5/01/04 12:34:51 PM#15

I wouldn't call it "Dead", but I can say that it's probably not going to be as good as the other MMORPGs.


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1/10/05 6:01:11 PM#16

This game has been in development basically forever...
like duke nukem forever.. I remember first hearing about this game.. like 1998..
its fuzzy i'm trying to remember exactly when, but we're talking 6-7 years at this point. (I move around every now and then and I'm trying to remember exactly where I Was living when I heard about this game)

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6/21/05 11:50:39 AM#17
It isn't a good sign when 3 year-old post is asking if a game is dead.

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6/21/05 2:52:54 PM#18

Well if you didn't post we wouldn't have that problem now would we?


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12/09/05 11:16:37 PM#19
this game will flop

  User Deleted
12/10/05 9:57:17 AM#20

I am pretty sure that anyone who is still interested in Atriarch at all is pretty much aware that it is going to be a small audience game. I am pretty sure a lot of the people who are still interested in Atriarch are here rooting for an under-the-underdog-dog. If you're just trying to pad your post count for credibility or stars on this site, that's not the way to do it.


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