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Dragon's Prophet Forum » General Discussion » Crash's and more crash's

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OP  9/28/13 11:51:59 AM#1
Ok i give up. I will never understand why this game was released like this. It seems half the playerbase can't either login or play for 5 minutes without crashing to desktop. Like people's views of the game aren't bad enough.

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9/29/13 6:02:29 AM#2
I agree with you  Harikan. 

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OP  9/29/13 11:14:28 AM#3
Yeah its really to bad. This game could be really fun. So many different Dragons to be had for pets that will fight with you.

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9/29/13 11:17:59 AM#4

client keeps crashing when I try to get on the game, sup with that?





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OP  9/29/13 11:46:54 AM#5
Originally posted by david361107

client keeps crashing when I try to get on the game, sup with that?




Its a so called known issue that the games has since beta and they released it anyways.


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9/29/13 11:47:07 AM#6

Sounds like they are setting up to add a new Stable Client Potion you can buy in 1, 7 or 30 day increments. Use the potion, crashes go away... until the potion runs out.


Yes, I'm kidding. :)


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10/09/13 9:07:40 AM#7
I have tried this game on two different computers for about 5 days now. About two hours each day. On one of them I had one crash during character creation. I have had no other crashes yet.

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10/09/13 4:22:24 PM#8
decided to check this out since its free.  downloaded, launched game crashed instantly. launched game again 30 seconds later crashed. launched game again made it to the part you pick server i doubled clicked server game crashed.  should i even try again or just uninstall?

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10/09/13 5:35:15 PM#9

Hmm, ive only had a single crash that was random while i was flying, guess im lucky. The game itself feels mediocre anyways...while you can tame dragons there's not many different kinds atm, many are just reskins and very very few retextures. its generic quest hub to quest hub questing, slight lack of population, and bland artwork are not worth the trouble you guys are going through, wait for a stable client to be released, maybe in a couple months it will run fine.

Edit: i think its worth noting that i used steam to install the game, maybe you guys aren't using the steam client and instead the default launcher from their site?


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10/09/13 5:41:28 PM#10

Sad to say I bought one of the expensive accounts back when this was first announced and have regretted it ever since.


Honestly should have known not to invest time or money in anything SOE hosts that they didnt actually create.


Every project they have ever bought has turned out badly.


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10/09/13 5:48:09 PM#11

just wanted to say i finally got it to work, tried 2 more times before it worked.  made it in game made my character was stuck in some story thing right away. after killing some zombie things i was teleported to the first " quest hub " saw a bunch of people with little green things above their head and uninstalled.

This is why i dont buy MMOs anymore, when i log in and the first thing i see is little shiny things above NPCs wanting me to go fetch something or kill 10 something or go talk to so and so its uninstall time. been there done that a million times, im over it.


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10/09/13 5:55:36 PM#12
if you keep having trouble crashing ... you should stop driving drunk on your dragon.

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10/09/13 6:02:10 PM#13
hate to say this but the game is bad..good idea on paper..bad was released way to many glitches to many things that needed to be ironed out...or re-done...way to soon out of beta.....they need to pull it and go over it tooth and comb to redo alot of can be really good..but right now its really bad..!

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10/10/13 12:04:40 PM#14

It is so full of bugs I cannot even see my hotbars -- the edges peep up above the bottom of the screen and no way to move the damn thing.

I had trouble even getting the game to run. I had to manually edit the config file and set windowed mode to 1 to even get past the character creation screen.

This is is hardly what I would call FINAL - seems more like BETA than a final produc.t Do they ever plan to fix it? It is a good thing it is free as it sure is not worth paying for.



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OP  10/10/13 12:53:13 PM#15
It really was released way to soon. And to make it worse you have SOE involved . Tried to play on the EU servers and it worked for awhile but started getting loads of lag. Great idea for a mmo but if its still around in 6 months maybe it will get better.

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10/11/13 2:12:30 AM#16

In regards to Dragons Prophet and Crashing. I too had this issue, and I believe I have solved it, at least for me.

I use chrome & firefox a lot, and I opened task manager and killed all running chrome & firefox processes, as it appears some of the widgets & plugins continue to run even if I do not have a browser window open. I also killed the java auto updater process. I then proceeded to play about 5 hours straight with zero crashes. Also, I ran a file check of the game files via the setup menu  in the Dragons Prophet Launcher. Prior to this I would randomly crash at any given time, anything from the character selection screen up to mid-game, 30 minutes in.

I tried updating video drivers, and that did not fix the crashes for me.

Quick rundown of my system specs: Win-7 64-bit, 32 gigs RAM, Radeon 6870, and a bunch of  SSD's. All windows updates applied as of the date of this post and running active anti-virus.

Just wanted to throw this out there in case it can help anyone else, as this game is pretty fun and has some rather interesting features. I'm only level 12, but so far the capturing, training & cross-training of dragons, in addition to being able to send your dragons out to collect crafting resources for you, have proven to be pretty fun. I also like the combat system, pretty action oriented, although I do have a habit of aggroing everything around me with spin attacks.

Anyway, hope this proves helpful if your one of the many people having crashing issues.


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1/22/14 7:58:26 AM#17
The crash issues appear to be server side (at least for me) as when I crash and relog i am in the exact same spot i was in when I crashed. Even crashing mid-fight the mobs never kill me, as in games where I D/C and log in to a corpse.

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