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OP  10/17/12 3:10:05 AM#1

Here is a pledge video by one of the old devs who worked on Wizardy 7 and also an early version of 8. Probably one of the funniest crowd funding vids I have seen.


Too bad this is a standalone game and not a MMO, still looks cool though.


Special thanks to MMORPG member SaintPhillip for showing me this stuff, haven't stopped laughing for weeks now.


Also Sony sure is taking their time with this. Was supposed to be summer, here is the latest from them today


Wizardry Online ‏@epicpyro - Stay tuned for more updates! As soon as we have more info we will announce. Follow <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" pretty-link="" js-nav"="" data-query-source="hashtag_click" dir="ltr">#SOELive for all kinds of SOE info!


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10/17/12 4:39:19 AM#2

That "dev" is the only one I've seen who is less professional than Derek Smart.

From the youtube comments:


"you say that you'll? release this in may 2012 no matter what in this video. well - may 2012 is already passed! :)

Chudinho83 2 days ago"



"Chudinho83, it is? true I did say that accidentally during the pitch. Most people who do not suffer from severe autism would realize that was a mistake. See if you have an adult nearby who can explain it to you without getting you overstimulated.

Cleve Blakemore 2 days ago "

See how far he gets with his funding if he keeps talking to potential customers like that.


EA CEO John Riccitiello's on future microtransactions: "When you are six hours into playing Battlefield and you run out of ammo in your clip, and we ask you for a dollar to reload, you're really not very price sensitive at that point in time...We're not gouging, but we're charging."


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10/18/12 6:00:46 PM#3
Yeah, that was rude and not called for. That is one guy I won't fund.

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10/18/12 6:09:25 PM#4


You guys have to undestand Cleve. He is a genius- A mad genius. A raving mad, rascist, survivalist, superhero . Man, there is so much of a story here which begns long ago and has culminated into the most epic ever "Legend" which is Cleve (the "rude" dev)

Let me sample for you a post by the beloved Cleve Blakemore....Hmmmm...Let me NOT and rather link you to... post #777quotes Cleves real life adventures while making Wizardry 7 (think thats the game he was workig on at time of said event.

-Heres the thread where he announced the Kickstarter project

-Now bow down befor the codex and support your Local Cleve.

Edit:: Anyone looking for a HELL of a story (which will one day surely NOT be an ABC after school special) filled with Action, Violence, rioting mexicans, escape to a bunker in an underground lair in the outback of Australia, a BRILLIANT programmer who went mad, the supermen reborn and neandathols... Start Googling now as this story is over 20 years and many forums in the making... =P

THIS game. This EPIC savior of gaming everywhere. s the result of those decades.

And you will see that a baby CAN fLY.

ITZ COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

EDIT 2: I know this sounds like I am making mockery of this (and Cleve) and I am not. This guy is really brilliant (no joke) and yes, Mad. His exploits begin at the dawn of the C64 and the BBS system of old. Someone really needs to gather all this stuff from across the web and write a book- Its without doubt the most interesting story and person in the gaming industry and although he is well know IN the industrey (he had a JA2 NPC even named after him in jest) his story is alm ost unheard of .

I am supporting him as much as I can... I really LIKE the guy and have never been so entertained reading his posts, debates and wit he uses (and the stopries he tells of workig in the "industry")

This is a tale of rivalries, intrigue and....Damn...Support the guy if you can.


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10/18/12 6:44:39 PM#5


To add that those who see him as "rude" need to understand he has been trolled harder than anyone in history... Trolled to the point an NPC was made in his likeness to TROLL HIM. (honor him?..)

I myself am guilty of trolling the man- Because it was so funny and he was witty- My point is, his defensive and "rude" demeanor is really understandable right now- He has taken alot of shit (and brought alot on himself as well..But...)


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10/18/12 7:40:15 PM#6

Fuck it- I am posing a Cleve thread about the :"industry"

Mods...If you ban me for this I understand. last ban I understood also. =(

-But please dont lock/delete this thread. just this post... Consider this an issue of drinking and posting and seeing this thread pop up equating to zero control . Do not punish the entire thread for my drunken actions =/

Look this is the TRUTH you get from this man about the "Industry" and a sample of his wit and hilarity.

THIS is why you help him. This is the type of shit you can find all over the internet that he has REALLY said. And BTW, game is going to be out in March regardless of anyone who pre buys. Its nearly done now... He is going to burn all master copies after sending the pre orders and thats it- This is going to not only be a fantastic game but a collectors item as well really)

-Mods, please go easy on my immenent ban time....

Here it is...

Cleveland Mark Blakemore said:
I just wanted to add, for those semi-autistic people who are on this thread who have trouble recognizing hyperbole, that there wasn't really a waist-deep pile of sex toys in the bathroom in Max Phipps apartment. Here I'll tell the literal truth about Max Phipps bathroom instead of the colorful version ...

When you entered the already cramped bathroom, there was always a vibrator behind the sink faucets. Why a man needed to keep a vibrator in the open in his bathroom, I'll never understand.

The bathroom was already cramped. Max Phipps had picked this as a place to store a padded sex couch (elevates a man's ass who lies on it stomach first) with metal railings in here around the same size as your typical Sears weight bench. So in order to be able to sit on the toilet, you had to push this bench backs towards the wall so that it now blocked the door to exit.

But wait, I have not got to the best part yet. Max always had a series of strapped bondage gear and strap-on paraphernalia that was drying over the shower curtain rod. It is like he had to have some massive cleanup each night after some wild gay bacchanalia he conducted in his apartment. I will give the man one thing - he was concerned with hygiene because the place smelled very strongly of the bleach that all this stuff was soaked in before it dried out.

So once you were seated on the toilet, it was impossible to simply turn your head to the left even an inch because there was usually a 9 inch rubber dildo hanging at nose level on the strap-on right in front of your face on the curtain rod.

You might try to think to yourself ... This is an absurd situation, I'll just try to make the best of it, perhaps read something, keep my head to the right and pretend I don't see any of this stuff. There was the strange occasional bump to your left shoulder that was like something in a horror movie, you just knew it was the rubber dildo poking into your back on that side but you sat there quietly ignoring it. You would reach for the stack of literature that was piled to one side beneath the sink ... let's see if we can find something here ...


.... (rifling through around thirty gay magazines) ....

... Okay ... here's a flyer from Target.

You'd turn the pages, looking at consumer items on sale ... then notice when it got to the menswear section there were a series of bizarre stains on the pages ... recoil in horror and throw it back onto the pile.


Feeling revulsion, you'd realize you now had to try to wash your hands whilst remaining seated, you'd twist sideways, turn on the water and reach for the hand soap bottle, also covered in strange stains ... finally you would just rinse your hands under the tap ... impulsively reach for a hand towel hanging on the rack ... think better of it, just shake your hands dry and hold them in front of you.

Max Phipps would scream from the meeting room ... "Did you fall in, Yank?!? We're waiting out here! I don't have all day."

Right, you'd think ... attempt to stand and complete the exercise without touching anything. Shuffle sideways and attempt to rinse your hands again, using your elbows to turn the taps ... shake your hands dry ... "Be right out, Max, just a minute!"

You would pull the ass-pounder bench back against the toilet so you could open the door, trying to use the inside of your wrists to turn the knob, then exit back to the meeting where Phipps would talk for hours and hours without ever making a point or even conveying any real information. He would usually grow so shrill and enraged his face would flush bright red and the veins on his forehead would bulge as he indicted the movie and television industry for never recognizing the true extent of his talent and reminding us all again how lucky that peasants like we were even exposed to his social strata for any reason, claiming to know a wide variety of famous people he hobnobbed about with who led superior glamorous lives that we should never know. All the while Philip Moore would sit silently at his side nodding his head, tears of joy and love in his eyes hanging on Max's every word. He might occasionally insert a confirmation to Max ... "You got it that time, Max!" or "Max, once again you have nailed it!" or "Max, we are lucky to even have you!" (Imagine Philip Hoffman in The Big Lebowski as the rich man's butler toady except a hundred pounds lighter and with the build of Pee-Wee Herman.)

This was part of the requirements for the job. This wasn't just one day. This was the "team meeting" twice a week and after it was over I was never really certain what had been discussed, coming away with no useful semantic information about anything.

Those of you who think I have lied about any of this should know what I have done is exaggerate for effect in many places, like claiming that his apartment was waist-deep in dildos. That is simply not the truth, it is however so funny it conveys the truth.



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11/04/12 1:05:16 AM#7

Gamers have no idea what it takes to make a game and an MMo, is 10 times worse, so cut him some slack, I wish all gamers would build a basic Flash game even and realize the time into teh most basic game takes, and then come back and talk to the Devs they have no clue what it takes these days at all, and the crap they put up with, I  have, I see it all the time, people do it on every forum no matter how good your game is, people complain troll etc....


How would these gamers like it if we sat outside there job and trolled them, they would cry... Enough said.


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11/04/12 2:39:51 AM#8
I haven't read everything but he seems to like calling people autistic as an insult, I have an autistic family member and would never give this guy a penny of my money, he is an arse.


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11/04/12 2:42:42 AM#9
Originally posted by Darkcrystal

Gamers have no idea what it takes to make a game and an MMo, is 10 times worse, so cut him some slack, I wish all gamers would build a basic Flash game even and realize the time into teh most basic game takes, and then come back and talk to the Devs they have no clue what it takes these days at all, and the crap they put up with, I  have, I see it all the time, people do it on every forum no matter how good your game is, people complain troll etc....


How would these gamers like it if we sat outside there job and trolled them, they would cry... Enough said.

No one is sitting outside his job, this is the internet it can be ignored by not visiting certain pages.

I do agree with you about most people not knowing what it takes to make a game. I have worked on two games in my life and only in QA, but the sheer amount of manpower it takes to pull off a AAA game is HUGE.


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11/04/12 2:48:27 AM#10

Problem is, that poster (Not Cleve) is probably someone who does programming games as a hobby or is trying to make a game because that's where the ez money/prestiege is. Did he go to school for programming? Fullsail scam university degree in useless degree doesn't count. Does he work for a game company? Does he get paid? I doubt it. He just dipped his feet into the water a few weeks ago and calls himself a programmer. Again, not talking about Cleve.

There's another one of those on another thread in this forum.


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OP  11/04/12 4:07:11 AM#11

New video put up by him:


This thread is now about Massive Incline.