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Origins of Malu Forum » General Discussion » 4 Dates missed... not a good start

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OP  4/21/13 10:15:40 AM#1

Burning Dog is a indi company trying to make a mark in the MMO industry. Last night they missed their 4th promised date for a benchmark in their upcoming beta. 


Is this kind of thing something we now expect from indi game companies? At what point do we say, this company has no reguard for their player base? Now don't get me wrong, I am sure that things happen and dates get missed, but 4 in a row? The last one with the promise from Koldris, a dev team member;


"I wanted to take a few minutes and update you all on the current status of the client download and our road to the oh-so-important beta you all have been waiting for! I realize that some people have been upset with the lack of communication lately and I've been putting my foot forward to try and bring you all some new information whenever possible."


He then later in the same post puts out this bit of info;

"We will have the client available in 48 hours. (From Friday, April 19th, 12:00AM)"


Well guess what, there was no information about the DL link not being available on time, nor did we get the DL link on time. As to the time of this post, it is still not available nor is there any news.


In an industry where the choices are vast, do we as players, allow this sort of thing to go on and on and on before we say ok, enough is enough and you Burning Dog are not going to be getting any of my money so I can sit around and wonder about the future of your company as well as your game.


Here is the link for the full post;


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4/21/13 10:30:57 AM#2


guess you should stop crying about any release date it happend all the time, maybe not so many times but it happend. Like DFUW they did 3 times and after they released an unfinished shit.

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OP  4/21/13 1:44:17 PM#3
Originally posted by lickm3


guess you should stop crying about any release date it happend all the time, maybe not so many times but it happend. Like DFUW they did 3 times and after they released an unfinished shit.

Ummm what?

Let me break out my engrish dictionary and see if I can make any sense to what you are  trying to insult me with.


You have my point exactly right... look at all the bad games that start off bad, they are bad in the middle, and when they release,  they are still bad with a handful of players that might last a year, maybe!


These companies have just one shot usually with one title and that's about it, so many names come to mind.. the latest ones are DFUW like you said and the other Earthrise. Two games that will likely end up being nothing more than a group of RL friends playing on occasion.

Burning Dog starting off by missing 4 deadlines they had set, and the worst part is not them missing the dates they set.. that happens and is understandable. The part that gets me is the lack of communication. What does it same about a company that sets up a date, misses that date, then follows it up a few days later with... "oh we missed that date, but we wont miss the next one, its really important to us that we have a good reputation." Then of course, miss the very next date... Hope Burning Dog doesn't have plans to go BIG in the industry, one thing we as gamers demand is communication.


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4/21/13 2:00:39 PM#4

Sorry but it's beta, sure it might suck if you have beta acces yet no acces to the game. Would you rather get into beta when they try fixing the issue's they seem to have. To me delayed dates only means the game is not ready in this form to give to the public or beta players.

So it might be better that they missed 4 dates then letting people in the game that will with out a doubt complain about the things ingame the developers now try to fix.


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4/24/13 2:20:33 PM#5

Ah, another entitled gamer.   They don't owe you crap, you are not a customer yet.   And even when you pay them, they provide a game for you to play, not a private tunnel to chat with the CEO.    Also why is missing a date bad?   Would you really rather they rush a POS to meet some stupid deadline?  If so, there is already a wonderful game run like that, it's called SWTOR.   I applaud Burning Dog for missing these production dates and spending more time getting everything right.   I applaud Md for telling the community like it is.  No BS, just a genuine, "Oops, this is what happened, sorry!  We will try not to dissapoint you further"   As far as tech support goes, GRADE A!   I submitted a ticket in the wee hours of the morning and got a response from Md, the lead dev, minutes later!   He gave me great options to fix my problem (with links to great articles on my problem).   He then tested .NET 4.5 on a windows 7 machine just to make sure it works for him launching the patcher and emailed me back like 20min later.    This all happened at like 3am.   If that is not the best customer service experience ever, I don't know what is.


I love this company and their lack of "canned" responses.  They give real responses from real people.   Who cares if they miss dates, good lord!   AAA companies miss dates all the time!   They don't want to release junk, and we don't want to receive junk.   Missed dates are a win win, except for the impatient entitled people like the OP.   So, i'd like to rephrase your title.   4 Dates missed....Thank god a billion dollar company isn't forcing Burning Dog to launch a shitty game "on-time". 

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4/24/13 2:32:14 PM#6

Yes how dare they. I want a good production MMO and I want it Noooow (with my goose that lays golden eggs)


Seriously, spoiled ranting aside, I think its important to note what the delay means. It means they felt their product wasn't ready. It means they didn't feel the game was up to par the way they wanted. It means they CARE about their product. If you want stuff rushed out and shipped as is with little care to polish it up, then go wait and play some EA games. A game that is launched terrible and doesn't barely function will have a vastly harder time getting people back into it even if it gets fixed then a game that holds its launch till its ready. I'll even gamble by the way your talk your that exact type of person, so when it does get released on time (even if not ready) you would probably be the first to bash it and never touch it again.


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4/24/13 2:37:43 PM#7
Originally posted by Reklaw

Sorry but it's beta, sure it might suck if you have beta acces yet no acces to the game. Would you rather get into beta when they try fixing the issue's they seem to have. To me delayed dates only means the game is not ready in this form to give to the public or beta players.

So it might be better that they missed 4 dates then letting people in the game that will with out a doubt complain about the things ingame the developers now try to fix.


 Sounds about right to me. Delay the game if you think it needs doing so. If it takes 4 or even 50 times to get it right. Take your time. I'd rather have a product released in a format that's actually working rather than play the majority of these unfinished games that are being released into the market today.

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4/26/13 10:34:33 AM#8

Agree its not a good start, but then, this isnt 2001...We should ALL know by now what to expect from indy snadbox developers.

Complain about missed dates, complain about unfinished games....bottom line is they are a small group of people trying to buck the wow-clone trend.

I reccomend to the instant-gratification generation:  Wait untill this game has been officially launched for 6 months before you jump in and complain that its not in the same state as a game thats been in development for 8 years by a 900 person development team and rage quit anyway.

At least this way it gives the people who like the game, care about it improving, and general fans of the game to enjoy the rocky launch without as much trash trashing up the forums.


Dont like when games are like this?  Go play console games.  MMORPG games have ALWAYS been like this and the fact that you hate these issues and still play mmorpgs (especially betas) reflects your inteligence. 


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4/26/13 10:47:18 AM#9

Here is a little something to cheer you up :

May 4th is the beta.


I got the client downloaded and patched up. See you in game ( if it happends )  or on the next date they give us if it does not.


edit :

By the way it was not for crying! i wanted to show it is going well sorry you took it like that.

Trying to help you at least to see the game. If the beta goes well and we submit lots of bugs then they will release it sooner .

It could give you insite also at if you will like the game. We ear them talk of lots of thing but none have played it yet. In there forums there is lots of discussions about the fact there is no class. you can be what you want even a outcaster. ( no affiliation of any sorts ) .

I want to see what they talk about first. I prefer to see them push the dates and see the game come out as a good game. And not half finish.

Thats all. Not trying to bash you or anyone else. Just give them time like some said earlier they only have 1 go at this to make there name. If they flop it they might have to drop everything, that could be the reason why they push the date 4 times already.



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4/26/13 10:49:34 AM#10

its not like its release date or anything its the beta test and a closed beta test at that..

I would have epxected a few set backs..


if you want to see missed dates please look at AV the guys behind darkfall... then come back here and realsie all your crying was for nothing..

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4/28/13 10:15:33 PM#11
Have to agree...communication quite last minute as well.  Funny how they had a post bashing another company about missing timelines and bad communication, and they are doing 

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4/28/13 10:48:07 PM#12
BTW, do you have a link to that post? i've heard about it, but I've never actually seen it myself. Not that I don't believe you, I'm just curious about how it reads.


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5/05/13 10:40:29 AM#13
Make it 5...

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5/05/13 4:28:06 PM#14
Originally posted by SirBalin
Make it 5...

yup 5:(  

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OP  5/06/13 10:23:11 AM#15



Pure speculation here, but I think they pushed out what they had just to apease the fact they had to do something in order to meet the date they had missed for the 5th time. They knew it wasn't going to work!!



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5/07/13 10:45:59 PM#16
I don't think the missed dates will have any affect in the long term. They simply missed a Beta date... that's what Betas are all about. People are too use to 'Betas' these days being just demos and not really a Beta..

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5/07/13 10:59:01 PM#17
If I were a customer I'd rather have the game delayed as long as possible if it would result in a polished product.