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Action RPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 05/15/12)  | Pub:Activision Blizzard
Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Diablo 3 Videos: Diablo 3 - Skeleton King Boss Fight (2:11)

Bill and Suzie tackle the Skeleton King as a Barbarian and Demon Hunter in Diablo 3's beta. -- Recorded live on for -

Bill and Suzie tackle the Skeleton King as a Barbarian and Demon Hunter in Diablo 3's beta. -- Recorded live on for -
Duration: 2:11
Views: 9,401  36 comments
Game: Diablo 3
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thekid1 writes:

I really don't understand what people like in this kind of game/gameplay. Clicking the same button over and over and over

Sat Mar 03 2012 3:27PM Report
MikeB writes:

That "defeated the Diablo 3 beta" message at the end always makes me think of some of the games from the NES era.


Sat Mar 03 2012 3:31PM Report
badgerer writes:

They play because those clicks reward the patient in the form of purples. Oh wait, Diablo uses a slightly different colour scheme for its loot doesn't it?


Sat Mar 03 2012 3:39PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

I've seen the "Skeleton King" battle footage from almost a year ago. Why is this finally being put up? Is it something you guys just "decided" to do on a whim in order to get more footage on the site?


It's not like this is exclusive or new or anything. We've seen it before, just this one is done by a different player?

Sat Mar 03 2012 4:47PM Report
MMOarQQ writes:

^ Seriously, I was surprised to see Ripper tackle this limited Beta last week as well.

I suppose there isn't much of anything to showcase ATM.

Sat Mar 03 2012 5:19PM Report
expresso writes:

Rumour has it the release date is april 17th - that should get confirmed at the Blizzard press event in the next few days.

Sat Mar 03 2012 6:00PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

:/ not impressed with d3

Sat Mar 03 2012 6:38PM Report
adam_nox writes:

I'm not impressed with you. 


If you didn't play and love diablo 2 then you are in the second category of people, the other being people who don't deserve to diaf.

Sat Mar 03 2012 8:13PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:



I played Diablo1, and played it religiously until Mplayer went-down & got bought out by Fileplanet, and then they stopped supporting Diablo.


I played Diablo2 when it first came out, and played it religiously until Bnet enacted a deletion policy for accounts that hadn't been logged in for more than 90days. I took a 97day hiatus because I had to move & deal with RL stuff. Ended up losing 4 level 99s and simply haven't gone back since. (was maybe 5years ago?)


I will NOT be playing Diablo3 if the RMT-AuctionHouse stays in for the US-East servers. Absolutely refuse. It has no business being in an online game, and especially has no business in the Diablo franchise.


Not to mention that they completely cut out some of the most fun classes to play in the Diablo franchise.

-Renaming Sorcerer to Wizard, REALLY?

-Removing Paladin, Necromancer, Assasin, Amazon....REALLY?

-Adding in a Dual-Crossbow wielding "Demon Hunter" that was taken DIRECTLY from World of Warcraft. REALLY?!?!?!



No, they've gone too far from the Diablo franchise and bled directly into WoW with many of their themes. Not to mention the massive grab-for-cash to supposedly "Relegate the Gold Sellers". Even though the RMT-Auction House will be completely undercut by Gold Sellers, and it will have little to zero impact on relegating GoldSelling if at all.


I miss when Blizzard was good :(!

Sat Mar 03 2012 10:35PM Report
blythega writes:

Diablo may have been "cool" 10 years ago but watching this video shows how "yawn" this style of game gets. It is just more of the same old mindless grind with updated graphics.

I guess a new generation of mindless kids will love it. (Kind of like kids who think they are cool with a new hairstyle or style of clothes only to then discover that hairstyle or style of clothes had already been done by a generation or more before them and that generation just looks on with amusement).


Sun Mar 04 2012 12:01AM Report
Xstyles writes:

It was never the gameplay that did it for me. It was the constantly upgrading your character to make him as powerful as possible. Whenever a unique item dropped it felt like getting presents at christmas. I still get that feeling in diablo 2.

And when your character hits the max potential in power, it's time to duel other players. Man! what a thrill it was in hardcore mode.

Sun Mar 04 2012 2:03AM Report
snoocky writes:

According to the graphics, its like watching Wow....

Sun Mar 04 2012 2:36AM Report
adis5005 writes:


You should play it before you say that, been playing the Beta for a few days now and it is AMAZING.

Ps. played D1 and D2 since the release, so I'm not a kid.

Sun Mar 04 2012 4:56AM Report
palulalula writes:

Millions will buy this game. Blizzard never failed us

Sun Mar 04 2012 9:04AM Report
69Cuda writes:

Game looks like ass.



Sun Mar 04 2012 9:11AM Report
sibs4455 writes:

@xstyles : Unless you used hacks then hardcore pvp was with your low level charactors only.



Even with the AH that they are implementing most traders will still use d2jsp.

Sun Mar 04 2012 10:25AM Report
Axxar writes:

He definitely seems tougher in multiplayer mode. Good to see!

Sun Mar 04 2012 10:35AM Report
expresso writes:

Also remember this is normal difficulty and the first half of act 1, game gets harder as you progress.  I cannot wait to run though in Hell difficulty.

Sun Mar 04 2012 11:09AM Report
darkchewy writes:

and ppl call this game epic lol just a amusement ...

Sun Mar 04 2012 2:09PM Report
Badkittykkr writes:

what i loved about this game was getting new gear all the time...using this gear...then TRADING it to other people. the whole bind on equip/pickup things sucks.

i stopped playing d2 lod after they nerfed the cow level. MOOO!! i will definitely be buying this game.

Sun Mar 04 2012 2:48PM Report
zellmer writes:

"Exclusive Video" almost seems insulting after we've seen it/played it long since when..

also, @palulalula

Look at their early games, especially the side scrollers and platformers..  They where the same company back then with those awful games, just under a different name..

Sun Mar 04 2012 3:00PM Report
kilun writes:


Have you read the novels or just blantantly disregarding the 7 novels created well before Diablo III was announced.  So far I have yet to see anything that doesn't represent the lore to make it to "wowified"  Or are use just saying since they both deal with "high magic settings" that they are one in the same, so could be said about nearly all fantasy. 


Sun Mar 04 2012 3:37PM Report
Spiider writes:

This looks just plain old and bad! When did Diablo devs lose imagination?!? This is Diablo II on better graphics and that is bazillion years old.


Sun Mar 04 2012 4:07PM Report
Banisco writes:

I love the new Mordekaiser skin...

Sun Mar 04 2012 5:11PM Report
wrekognize writes:

The annimations seem very choppy to me. It could be the computer he was using could not handle the best graphic settings. Or it could be that I've been spoiled playing Linkrealms beta where annimations are very fluid.

Sun Mar 04 2012 6:29PM Report
dadante666 writes:

the game looks  k not big deal and not gonna be somthing big tho.

Sun Mar 04 2012 8:24PM Report
DAS1337 writes:

The person in this video is a newbie gamer.  That's the only reason I can see for the needless clicking.  You do not need to click so often.  I probably don't click that much in 20 minutes of gameplay.  That's just unreal.

Mon Mar 05 2012 2:21AM Report
DAS1337 writes:

@dadante666, you've got to be kidding me.  Diablo 3 is going to be one of the biggest sellers in the history of gaming.


Mon Mar 05 2012 2:23AM Report
thekid1 writes:


I don't think it will outsell Skyrim.

Mon Mar 05 2012 5:19AM Report
BillMurphy writes:

The clicks you heard were my number 1 key on my Naga, the Number 2 key, and my right click... kind of essential to use skills and all.  But I do apologize for the mic picking it up.  Headset was borked so I had to use the camera.

As for WHY this video? It's more to highlight our twitch channel and less to highlight D3.  It's just something we played this weekend, that's all.  ;)

Mon Mar 05 2012 5:40AM Report
wrekognize writes:

How are the settings on the graphics? were they the highest setting? Or are the annimations choppy because of the recording software?

Mon Mar 05 2012 8:30AM Report
BillMurphy writes:

Yeah the stream was what was chopping.  I'm lowering its output for the next one.  It was at higher settings, but fine on my PC.  I didn't realize the stream was hitching until after really.

Mon Mar 05 2012 9:06AM Report
nobottters writes:

D3 is amazing... Long have I missed slaying upteen billion skeletons over and over. The only thing I am sad about so far is that the skeletons don't crumble :/  But the ones that fly into the sky and plop down make up for it


Mon Mar 05 2012 8:28PM Report
Badmiral writes:

Seemed good to me. 



Tue Mar 06 2012 7:42AM Report
Rednecksith writes:

I played Diablo 1 and 2 for years, and loved every minute of it. Which is why I will be buying Torchlight 2, since a large chunk of the great developers who made D1 & 2 are at Runic Games now.

Blizzard is just a cold, dead husk of its former self, and this video proves it. Nothing but recycled, WoW-ified trash. Hell, they recycled KING LEORIC FFS. That's how unoriginal they are. Just resurrect a boss from D1. Just wow.

Not even getting into the gold seller's marketplace - err, I mean real money auction house bit. Fadedbomb beat me to the punch.


Tue Mar 06 2012 2:38PM Report
Blindchance writes:

Diablo was fun when it came out. DIablo 3 is going to feel like Duke Nukem Forever when it came out. Outdated.

Tue Mar 06 2012 3:43PM Report