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Diablo 3 Forum » General Discussion » Are you still playing D3?

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  User Deleted
7/08/12 1:52:28 PM#81
Originally posted by ianicus
Originally posted by coxyroxy

So is it hatred against Blizzard or there games? hmm..

I would say its mostly directed at D3 and I can understand why. The "end game" of D3 is grinding elite groups with MF gear....over.....and over.....and over, its awful, at least in wow or other mmo's you get to do that with others and sometimes acctualy have fun in raids, where'as here it REALLY sucks, there is literaly nothing fun about it, and to be honest no challange unless the old D3 roulette wheel decides to spin out a crazy combo mob that unbeatable, than you just make a new game....truely lame.


1. D3 isn't an MMO

2. Grinding for gear *IS* what this game is about.

3. You can play with firends or join public games

4. It's a challenge unless you bought all the best gear. If you did then ya, no reason to keep playing...


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7/08/12 1:54:12 PM#82

Ive been sticking to playing Hardcore cuz the zero reward while playing makes Hardcore the only real fun. I keep dying far too soon tho. lol

The game is definitely focused on farming and thats what i loved about D1 and D2 but 3 the farming is useless cuz all the items are junk.

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7/09/12 1:33:09 AM#83

After the first 2 weeks,  I just haven't been able to bring myself to play again. I logged in today, stared at my character for 20 seconds, then logged out in disgust. I'm done with this trash.


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"aging gamer"

7/10/12 10:34:27 AM#84


Started playing HC, and enjoying it!

Not playing nearly as much as I did at launch, but still enjoying the gameplay immensely. 

Rolling a monk this time around, my buddy started a Barb.  Hopefully this is a good HC combo!

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7/13/12 2:40:08 AM#85

Beat it on a barbarian a week and a half before they nerfed inferno and that was all i could take. Felt acomplished because it was insanely hard, but looking back at it Diablo 3 was an awful game and I kinda wish I never would have played it.

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7/13/12 2:46:08 AM#86

not playing anymore, jsut trying to sell my lvl 63 gear for my wizard on the rmah , thats the only reason for me to log in, too bad diablos such a disapointment, ive seen it, ive done it, you dont want it...


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7/13/12 2:46:17 AM#87

I drop in from time to time.  There's not much I can do on my barb anymore, he's got his whole level 60 set :)


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7/13/12 12:18:38 PM#88

Not playing anymore. It had no staying power with me.


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7/13/12 2:12:37 PM#89

It is still fun and i haven't beaten Inferno Diablo yet.

The fun thing is that there are still different builds i can use/explore when i get more gear. Now i can farm Act 1 with a super melting dps build, instead of a kiting build (which i use in Act 2 & 3). I even read a melee build is viable for the wizard (on official forums).

And none of my alts are 60 yet. This game will last me a few more months.


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7/13/12 2:19:34 PM#90

I have officially not played D3 in 2weeks :\


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7/13/12 2:21:18 PM#91

Nope, it got boring after a week of no lifing it with a couple friends

  User Deleted
7/13/12 2:22:38 PM#92

Hell no. The game is horrible.


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7/13/12 9:57:23 PM#93

Quit over 3 weeks ago, game was fun for a while but no longevity.  Im not about to spend hundreds of hours farming cash / the AH to gear up to advance when people are just botting their way in easy mode


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7/13/12 10:04:48 PM#94
Originally posted by styles74


Started playing HC, and enjoying it!

Not playing nearly as much as I did at launch, but still enjoying the gameplay immensely. 

Rolling a monk this time around, my buddy started a Barb.  Hopefully this is a good HC combo!

Good luck with that. I also thought to roll a HC character just for the thrill of it. Imagine my dissapointment when I died due to the games shitty network management. A lag spike slayed my lev 28 monk. 


Nope, do not play the game still for many a reasons I will not go into.

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OP  7/16/12 9:56:25 AM#95
Originally posted by FlawSGI  .  Imagine my dissapointment when I died due to the games shitty network management. A lag spike slayed my lev 28 monk. 


THIS right here.


I'm really sorry to hear that happened to you. It must have really sucked. That's a lot of hours.


There is no way I would start an HC char with the number of times I died due to lag. I raged enough even though I wasn't playing HC.


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7/16/12 9:58:19 AM#96

Nope....lost interest after Nightmare difficulty


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7/16/12 10:03:28 AM#97

Well, I got around 60 hours of enjoyment out of Diablo 3.  I'd say one hour per dollar spent is a decent price and no game is going to last forever.   Anyway, I also rolled a HC character and made it all the way to Act 2 Hell before being destroyed.  I haven't played the game since then.  lol


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7/16/12 1:36:32 PM#98

Played game for 120 hours. Paid 30 pounds for it. This game is amazing value for money at 25p per hour.

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7/17/12 4:09:46 AM#99

I got really bored right when I hit Inferno. I don't really understand the concept of bosses being complete trash after Normal...Also act 4 is just so short and hurried I feel a bit cheated...the gear grind is gone and that is really all I was looking forward to anyway.


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7/17/12 4:16:49 AM#100

Yes I am.

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