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Tank Ace Forum » General Discussion » first impression??

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hatred is a prison, death a release.

OP  9/14/11 1:21:06 AM#1

how many people have tried this game & what are their impression of it??

i ran across it last night while looking for yet another game to try while waiting for 1.8 minecrack and interest in my other games to return..

reading their forums, they seem to be trying to make this game "better" then WoT or improve on issues WoT has currently..

while the player/community seem to harp on WoT's more arcade style play....


well i tried it got to about level 8 so far (no were near high enough for a full review of it.. as lv 10 i can pick a nation "germany/russia/usa" or stay merc and from that other tanks.... (why is there only usa??? what is with the nation hate on english commenwealth?? stupid americans.... didnt win the war you know >> britan and canada was there too with aussies and french.... ANYWAY..

the game play...while enjoyable kind of sucks... its another lobby system and at 3am there are next to no one online... i played with the same 14 people for about 3hrs in differant map battles.. oh and there seems to be about 4-5 PVP maps.. thats it, a few PvE matches (vs really stupid grunts and some AT guns a simple MG can clear...)

gameplay it self is way more arcade then WoT.... the respawn/spawn camping reminds me of BF1942's where you have god mode for a few seconds, the ingame crafting really is lack luster with next to no info it  and tanks them selfs are rather odd.. a 75mm sherman (my starting noob tank) killed a panter at long range with HE shells.. as they coded HE to never lose power at range.... while thats good and everything shooting long range with AP gives you a -0 dmg marker when you hit... kind of waste of time shooting at range.. maps are small almost CS 1.6 size or atleast it feels like it limited pathing so you wind up with a mass blob in the center of the map with spawn camping on the weaker side.. teams wind up stacked some times 2 v 1 (last night me and 2 guys vs 6... such fun.....)


over all.... i would never trade WoT for this game, its got its own marit i give it that, can be enjoyable (except when i got stuck in the US Base as to leave the starting camp its 10k cash... and to go back i needed another 10k.. so i hate that aspect... when matches make me like 1.3k if that)

im rather surpised WoT players are claiming TA will replace WoT.. as their quests are cookie cut and really poorly translated with grammar problems you see in asian ports.. and the hugely arcade style the game uses im not sure..

i like the paint sceme stuff and armor bonuse addons thats a nice touch..  ill keep tinker with the game but im not sure, hopefully next time i login there are more then a few peopleonline... almost no matches running when i was playing :/


long story short, has anyone else played this game at lenth and what are your thoughts on it if you had???

is the boast by the TA admins and community accurate in that this game is better or more fun then WoT???

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9/15/11 7:00:32 AM#2

This game will (finally) replace WoT in "the game devs spent least time working on" title. Other than that its not much worse.

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hatred is a prison, death a release.

OP  9/16/11 12:53:13 AM#3

ya i finally got rank 10 so went yankee doodle for nation.. im really hating these ww2 games that only show russia/germany and the usa... 

there is no reason to buy clothing for the nation u join cause it gives no mods other then looks.. of which there is 1 lv 45 hat/shirt and the rest are level (1)/10 gear that are just looks... 8 or so rifleman uniforms of colours... :/

rather lame though its a lobby based game and next to no matches.. i played TA for 2hrs or so had about 3 pvp matches against 1 GM Crom and a few other guys in a 3/4 vs 3/4 match.. you wind up spending more time in PVE matches then pvp..

and i noticed from level 1 to my current level "glen" the npc noob guy gives the same quest.. kill 10 player tanks in pvp/ocupation match then see him... do that and he gives the same quest over and over... 


so your A typical kill X harvest Y quest tree..

funny thing is showing the game to my sister who i tend to game with at times.. she wasnt impressed with TA... then we laughed when i went to WoT and it took about 15seconds to get a 15/15 match going (had delay the first match under 10s for the next 5)


i do admit TA is a decent game but frankly the communty seems to think it will beat WoT (reading their forums) :/ i dont see it even beating WW2 online...

CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU 860 2.8GHz
Evga GeForce 670 FTW
Evga P55 SLI


  User Deleted
9/25/11 1:11:59 PM#4

Looks and plays like a reheated turd.

I couldn't stand to play this thing past the 30 minute mark. Art style is truly simplistic and dull, character animations are close to nonexistent and the sound effects are muffled.

This game would have been amazing if released 15 years ago on the Super Nintendo, but alas, I wager we've all come to expect a little more from PC titles in 2011.



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9/28/11 12:52:04 PM#5

What the guy above said.

Played it for about 15 minutes and the combination of crap graphics, simplistic gameplay, on screen text typos etc had me uninstalling it straight away.

I don't see anything here that makes it worthy of investing any time into it , and am baffled as to how anyone would think anything in this game is an improvement over World of Tanks. I will add I played WoT when it first came out but not in a while - don't play it now so not like I'm a fanboy - just telling it the way I see it.


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10/05/11 10:49:11 PM#6

This may surprise Vesper, and others that have given the game a glance, but Tank Ace has been in development for a very long time. 


The history behind the development of Tank Ace (TA) dates way back to about a year and change before World of Tanks began its own development. Meaning around 2007. December of 07 if I recall correctly.  Whatever the case, Tank Ace came out and was never intended to be a "historical simulation" like World of Tanks, as much as it was meant to go a slightly more relaxed route. The concept was to take a PvP based game, and inject into it armored combat type operations.  In the early days of the ORIGINAL (I cap that for emphasis) beta, it was noticed that there were a host of problems. Not the least of which being the game's draw on the graphics card. The game as it looked in the first beta in 07, would be more comparable to WoT now than anything.  However the graphics drain caused all kinds of lag, there were more bugs than you could shake a stick at, and after a massive crash when the servers couldn't handle the load, Tank Ace vanished.   Speaking with some of the GM's at Games Campus, the whole game was shelved while the developers went back to the drawing board and simply started over.

Now I'm not exaggerating there. By all accounts they literally went back to the ground and started to build the game again.  Some things changed, like the combat system. Originally ramming did do damage, but it was also found that players were abusing this, causing team damage and griefing other players.  So this was removed. There's talk about it coming back in, but right now work is gearing more to the combat related bugs than the physics engine.  The physics engine got a whole reboot, with a realistic damage system being taken into account.  Unlike WoT, shells do follow ballistic paths, and will lose speed over a given range.  Meaning that not every shot is a snipered in chance to hit. Further away you are, the less damage your armor piercing rounds do.  Closer you are, more damage you do.  It's a easy concept to understand, yet something that WoT never quite wrapped their head around. At Gamescon the developers of WoT went so far as to admit that there are some serious issues with the physics engine, but I'll not get into that.

Gameplay wise, Tank Ace currently suffers from two main problems.  The first of those is the current lack of PvE missions. This is being addressed, though as I said most of the work is being directed at more game breaking problems than anything.  The second main problem is the players themselves.  Spoiled on more "realistic" games like the younger WoT, (counting development time, Tank Ace is the original, WoT the copy) players aren't willing to take a different point of view, and thus "uninstall after 30 minutes" to quote one user.


However if you're looking for a fun diversion, something that's slightly tongue in cheek about it; and don't mind the fact that the game is still being developed in Open Beta (it still is in beta), then Tank Ace is the one for you.  For more detailed information, check out Mister 42's let's play of the game. He gives a good bit of the history and information of the game.

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10/16/11 10:08:11 AM#7
Originally posted by Ichmen

i do admit TA is a decent game but frankly the communty seems to think it will beat WoT (reading their forums) :/ i dont see it even beating WW2 online...

I wouldn't compare both in the same sentence.  While WW2 Online has problems, WoT is just a kids game.  Its not a tank simulator. 


I wouldn't call WoT or TA a tank game.  They took models that looked like tanks and fictionalized them.



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11/07/11 1:35:01 AM#8

I have been playing TankAce since day 1 of CBT2. They opened it up for OB on 9/1/11. Since CBT2 I have seen a lot of changes. And most of them for the better.

In comparison to WoT. I can say that WoT has 3 things better than TankAce. Graphics, map variety, tank variety. However, that is where the pros of WoT stop over TankAce.

In TankAce, even a level 1 tank can fight against a (current) top level tank, and actually do at least moderate damage to them. Try going up against a KV in a Loltrakter in WoT, see how far that gets you.

How many times have you had your sights set on a tank in WoT, only to have it just disappear on you? Why? Spotting system. In TankAce, if you see a tank, it will stay seen (Unless you get inundated by a sandstorm in Battle Axe, or El Alamein).

Platooning. In WoT, you have to pretty much be in a platoon in order to play in the same match together. And unless you pay real money for a premium account, you cannot have more than 2 people. In TankAce, you can have your entire clan (up to 16) in one battle, and not have to spend 1 cent on the game.

What all is there available to actually DO in WoT? PvP, and that is it. You leave your hanger, and go right into battle. At least in TankAce, you can run around to different camps (Yea, it will cost you 10K Ace (In game currency) if you are not of that country), but Ace is easy enough to get if you know how. You can set up a personal shop and sell unwanted stuff to get Ace. You can actually interact with the community a whole lot easier.

How much of a grind fest is WoT in comparison. Let's see. The only thing you are actually trying to do is get higher and higher tiered tanks. In TankAce, you fight either PvP, or PvE, and you are leveling up your commander. Everything is based on commander level (Except crew).

Respawns... In WoT, your tank dies, that is it. You can either watch the rest of the match, or exit and go into another battle. How much fun is that really? In TankAce, you can respawn multiple times. This adds (IMHO) more of a fun factor to the game. When I played WoT, I got sick of getting 1 shotted by artillery within the 1st 3 minutes of a game,a nd then have to just do nothing or use another tank.

Matchmaking system in WoT is SO messed up. I don't know how many times I have been in my loltrakter and gone up againt Tier 3s, 4s, and on rare occassion 5s. Not much you can do. I point back to level 1 tanks being able to damage the top level tanks in TankAce. They can even kill them if driven by the right commander.

No reason to buy clothes? They do not give mods? Obviously you did not inspect the clothing after you bought them. They will give random bonus stats to your Commander's various attributes. And those stats could mean the difference in acquiring 1 skill that allows you to use better equipment.

Granted, currently the game is still in its (very) early stages, however, let them get it developed more. Yea, I know they have been in development for over 2 years, but it was mothballed at the same time, so who knows exactly how long developers have actually been working on it?

Crafting right now is definitely lackluster, as the only blueprints in the game are for A B and C Rank AP shells. The will be getting more in game soon.

I have also heard that they have over 50 tanks either in the works, or ready to be implemented. Also, a number of maps and even PvP modes.

Don't write this game off.