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Cryptic Studios | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 06/20/13)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Neverwinter Videos: Exclusive Gameplay Preview with Cryptic Studios! (60:10)

We dive deep into the upcoming F2P MMO, Neverwinter, play with character creation, the Foundry, combat, grouping, and the 5-man dungeon delve The Cloak Tower! See Bill as the Devoted Cleric! Cryptic's Zeke stops by to show the MMORPG team how dungeoning is really done.

We dive deep into the upcoming F2P MMO, Neverwinter, play with character creation, the Foundry, combat, grouping, and the 5-man dungeon delve The Cloak Tower! See Bill as the Devoted Cleric! Cryptic's Zeke stops by to show the MMORPG team how dungeoning is really done.
Duration: 60:10
Views: 8,105  41 comments
Game: Neverwinter
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BillMurphy writes: Two hours of awesome. Love that Cleric.  Hope the stability of the voice and crashes get fixed though. Wed Feb 06 2013 7:32PM Report
Eir_S writes: It looks alright, the graphics remind me of Rift/Warhammer but the combat looks a lot more fun to me, and maybe this will satisfy the fans of aiming mechanics.  Good video so far. Wed Feb 06 2013 7:45PM Report
BillMurphy writes: I'm really most curious to dig more into the Foundry, its creative tools (not open to us), the PVP tournaments (not open), and the open world stuff.  Gotta dive in more this weekend. Wed Feb 06 2013 7:50PM Report
Jokerdaproblem writes: Any keys laying around bill ? Wed Feb 06 2013 7:57PM Report
BillMurphy writes: Nope. Those five were all I had for this weekend.  More soon! Wed Feb 06 2013 8:43PM Report
Rider071 writes: I watched it as you streamed it live on the mmorpg site (here). I like how Leeroy Murphy reined himself in after a bit, as things started to get serious quickly for a healer, lol. The game looks great, I do hope that beta keys will be made available through the actual MMORPG site as well as loyal fans watching through the site itself, and not try and force us to sub to sites we have no desire to. Wed Feb 06 2013 10:44PM Report
platonicx writes: Not saying it cant be a good game. But from the looks of it it has nothing to do with dnd. And that terrible slide move. Good god. Wed Feb 06 2013 10:53PM Report
Grakulen writes:

@Rider071 Just as an FYI. There is a difference between sub and follow on Twitch. If you follow it costs you absolutely nothing. In fact you cannot even subscribe to MMO's twitch channel. By following you get an e-mail letting you know when we have live events.

Wed Feb 06 2013 11:03PM Report
kevjards writes: the game looks really good..cant it supposed to be released at the end of the year? Wed Feb 06 2013 11:31PM Report
Rider071 writes:

@Grak, tried Follow during the stream while watching from MMORPG site, it asks you for all your personal info to sub to justintv. Not something I was into. You guys and your Youtube are more than enough info and fun for me to keep up.

Loved the fact the game has in-game chat, and it sounded crystal clear which was nice.

And oh guys doing a MMOFTW this friday? I watch those every week, here and on youtube. Really enjoy you guys' work, and your Waybacks!

Wed Feb 06 2013 11:40PM Report
aob30 writes: how can i play as in game to start to play Thu Feb 07 2013 12:14AM Report
Akumawraith writes: watching the stream and seeing the game play, options and foundry set up convinced me that ponying up the 200 isnt such a bad thing. Thu Feb 07 2013 2:19AM Report
Arcona writes:

they say around 23 the client can run on 10 year old pc.  The engine is smoooth

Thu Feb 07 2013 3:02AM Report
piquet writes:

So this is a lobby game?

Is there a persistent world with solo content and can you make solo-friendly dungeons with the foundry system?

Thu Feb 07 2013 3:30AM Report
BillMurphy writes: It's not a lobby game, it's more of a heavily instanced MMO.  Think Champions Online, or DCUO, and you have the idea.  Open shared main world, and adventure zones, but lots of content is instanced like the dungeon we did and much of the mission content. Thu Feb 07 2013 4:51AM Report
piquet writes: Thanks for the answer Bill. I never actually played any of Cryptic's games except CoH for a few months at launch. But do you know if there's any solo-friendly content and/or if you can make such content with the foundry? Thu Feb 07 2013 5:41AM Report
hpisti writes: Did I hear correctly, drow only for founders? :| Thu Feb 07 2013 7:12AM Report
baldernono writes: Is the gameplay like a lobby games (D&D online, Vindictus...) or more classic mmorpg (open world) Thu Feb 07 2013 7:22AM Report
Grakulen writes: @Rider MMOFTW Live tonight (Thursday) and not Friday this week. We are still playing with what time slot works best. Thu Feb 07 2013 8:08AM Report
daydreamerxx writes:

I loved the gameplay from the other classes but cleric looked boring. Cleric is not a ranged class. It is meant to be a class in heavy armor with a mace and shield in the middle of combat. Granted they cast but it just isn't Cleric. 

The fact that the game doesnt have ranger, bard, barbarian, paladin, monk, or druid also bothers me greatly. None of the classes I like from DND or Neverwinter are in the game. But I will settle for playing a Rogue. 

This game seems to be getting more hype than it deserves though. I want to play it badly because I am a cryptic fan and a neverwinter fan but I am now on the fence about this game. 

Thu Feb 07 2013 8:14AM Report
BillMurphy writes:

It IS the Cleric, the Devoted build.  The other build you're thinking of is the Battle Cleric, which will undoubtedly come later.

But I will agree that the class selection is going to be limited at launch.  Only five seems light.  But hopefully others will come quickly.

Thu Feb 07 2013 9:18AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Piquet: Plenty of solo-able content, and yep Foundry will be open to all.  Though we'll see how much they monetize that soon I bet, if at all. Thu Feb 07 2013 9:20AM Report
Nanfoodle writes:

Looks awesome, but I have to ask 2 questions Bill. 

1. Is this a lobby, dungeon game, or is there a persistant world?

2. How hard was it to target players for your heal abilities?

Thu Feb 07 2013 10:47AM Report
Nanfoodle writes: P.S. I love GW2 so much but I have to say I miss the trinity and the feel of a real dungeon crawl. NW really seems to have brought that back to life. I cant wait to try a few dungeon runs (unlike GW2 runs that seem to be all about runing from point a-b as fast as you can, not playing) Thu Feb 07 2013 10:54AM Report
Stormblaest writes: Looks like a nice game and all but where are traps and puzzles in dungeons and skills like trade, diplomacy, lockpick etc.? Seems like a waste of DnD concept. Thu Feb 07 2013 11:11AM Report
Kazuhiro writes: Thanks for the video, this helped me to decide I have no interest in it and can avoid trying to get into the beta. Definitely saved me some time, thanks again. :) Thu Feb 07 2013 11:47AM Report
talraset writes: even tho i didnt get into the beta thank you for giving us the chance to see it Thu Feb 07 2013 11:49AM Report
thark writes:

Was wondering, how this could "feel" like a D&D game , when the game is as far from a true D&D game as possible.

There is nothing in here that makes me think of D&D, From the looks of it . Turbine's DDO is much  much closer to  a true D&D experience than this will ever be, It  atleast has small things that really makes you think of D&D , but this game, well..It may be fun and all, but D&D  ?

.A true D&D game should atleast have some small hardcore details, like no auto health auto mana inside a dungeon etc ..To make use of your teammates AS MUCH as possible, you should need to plan and make use of your characthers abilities carefully by working together. Tough desicions like what spells is needed in certain cituations, do I pick these spells or do i go with these ones, is a huge factor of D&D, do I switch out spells during a "rest shrine" with the possibility of gimping my wizard/cleric for the rest of the dungeon.

From what I see you just run around bashing each monster left and right, no spell/mana conservation, no tactical hard desicions, no traps (from what I have seen), No meaningful death penalties.

I guess this is what we get when they try to make D&D a action "twitch" game, but why ? Anyone that wants to play Dungeons and Dragons already knows what they want, and I'm sure most doesnt want a action game that looks and feels and plays just like any other action game released,

Thu Feb 07 2013 12:08PM Report
Gravarg writes: This game reminds me alot of Stormreach, which I loved.  The only thing I can't help but notice is there isn't enough classes.  I used to play PnP DnD and there were like infinite classes.  Limiting classes to only 5 kinda limits you into a class.  I'm sure they're going to add more as the game progresses.  Everything else looked good though. Thu Feb 07 2013 12:12PM Report
BillMurphy writes:


1.) It's an open shared world, but fragmented.  Think DCUO. A lot of content is instanced, but there are large open adventure zones in the wilds and so forth as well.

2.) VERY hard to target, which is why I think a lot of heals were positional or AOE.  The one that puts a seal on a foe really helps, if you coordinate.  The healer could effectively call targets with it, and players attacking that mob get hots, and then you could use Sun Burst to AOE heal every 12 seconds. 

Thu Feb 07 2013 12:59PM Report
Snoepie writes:

thx for the vid..


nothing new... seeing the game tho..


what a waiste of time for alot of people :(

Thu Feb 07 2013 1:12PM Report
Nanfoodle writes: Thanks Bill =-) Thu Feb 07 2013 1:45PM Report
Ghavrigg writes:

I think I'll play the hell out of this game when it launches...


... for about 2 weeks. Still, looks pretty good. Never know, I might get hooked, especially if the foundry is any good in the end.

Thu Feb 07 2013 1:56PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Aviggin, that's my main concern too.  How long will it keep me? How quickly will I hit cap and grow tired? The Foundry looks to be a dream for new content if the good creative types are drawn to it though. Thu Feb 07 2013 2:14PM Report
stefanakisgr writes:

I think this can be a diamond or another failure , and its success may depend on the foundry . Right on comment , if the creative guys get onboard this might be a never ending content game , provided they made good plans to manage the risk / reward factors 


Thu Feb 07 2013 3:24PM Report
Matticus75 writes: If cryptic is involved, and if you played Star Trek online, then I advised to stay away....seems scamish Thu Feb 07 2013 7:43PM Report
hardicon writes:

well after watching part of that video I will comment on this.  The combat does look fun, it reminds me alot of the old sony playstation game baldurs gate.  I must admit I played that game alot, like a whole lot, so the combat look interesting.  Knowing cryptics reputation it wont be a real deep mmo but that is ok to me.  fun hack and slash combat combined with no sub fee to me is perfectly fine. 

now back to the video, the first part of the video was pretty good from what I see though. 


Fri Feb 08 2013 1:36PM Report
Malvious writes: it looks fun, but i am always to worried about f2p being a buy 2 win game :< Fri Feb 08 2013 2:18PM Report
skorner64 writes: any pvp? Fri Feb 08 2013 2:36PM Report
uller30 writes: 10min in and im Hooked Sun Feb 10 2013 7:29PM Report
GreenLanternFan writes:

I'm sick of hearing that it's not DnD from some of you.

If you really pay attention to this and other videos you will see that is very much the same or as close to a translation as you can have going from PnP.

The starting classes that are offered in the game are the same as the 4th Ed. builds that are available, at least according to the Player's Handbook I recently got.

For example, the Cleric class in the books offers two different builds: the Battle Cleric and the Devoted Cleric (which Bill was playing!)

The Rogue has two build types: the Brawny Rogue and the Trickster Rogue (which Garrett was playing!)

According to the videos I've seen, the game offers the same skills and feats and later on, offers access to Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies, so there appears to be the same type of advanced class / character customization as in the tabletop game.

So, I don't get what people are going on about by saying that it isn't anything like the PnP game. Obviously, they have to make some types of sacrificies in the translation to an MMO, but I think Cryptic has done a pretty bang up job from what I've seen so far!

It sounds to me like those saying it's nothing like DnD, have no idea what they are talking about!

Fri Feb 15 2013 9:27PM Report