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Cryptic Studios | Play Now
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 06/20/13)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Neverwinter Videos: PAX East 2012 - Neverwinter Developer Preview - (8:04)'s Hillary "Pokket" Nicole got a chance to sit down with Cryptic Studios and talk all about their next MMO, Neverwinter (published by Perfect World Entertainment. Find out why this game jumped out at us made us all so very eager to learn more. It's not just the setting folks. Neverwinter looks simply stunning.'s Hillary "Pokket" Nicole got a chance to sit down with Cryptic Studios and talk all about their next MMO, Neverwinter (published by Perfect World Entertainment. Find out why this game jumped out at us made us all so very eager to learn more. It's not just the setting folks. Neverwinter looks simply stunning.
Duration: 8:04
Views: 4,202  23 comments
Game: Neverwinter
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BillMurphy writes:

I do try to remain objective, honestly I do. But this one caught Mike, Hillary, and myself completely off guard.  The nerd-gasms in that little demo room were palpable.

Sun Apr 08 2012 10:18PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I can see a lot of online games going this route. What really is the purpose of 1000's of players on the same server if you rarely ever utilize it. Aside from GW2 world vs. world style PvP, MMO's have yet to really create purpose for large scale world populations.

Borderlands, Dead Island and Diablo 3 are all very good games and proof that dungeon crawling can be just as fun with a small group of friends.

Sun Apr 08 2012 10:22PM Report
utharda writes:

Play Eve for a while.   It can be  an incredible source of user generated content.      The level of instancing I'm seeing laltey (last 5 years) is one of the big things making games less.. weighty.   

For example way back when in EQ, you;'d go hang out aorund Sol A/B looking for groups.  You'd get to know people, have real social experiences.   Thatr just doesn't seem to happen the same way anymore.    

As for Borederlands, etc..  Those games are... well they're just not the same market.   If I want spastic clicking, I can always hook my mouse up to mains power though.




Sun Apr 08 2012 11:02PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

I hope Cryptic add gamepad support to this game. I never liked to use mouse for attacks in action mmos. They added gamepad support to Champions online and works well, so they should add it here too.

@Rhoklaw,   i know what you mean, but unless the game is specificaly a dungeon crawler i would prefer it to be huge persistent world capable of holding many players. Perhaps a well implemented mixture of both would also work fine? I personally get easily bored with all the latest dungeon crawler mmos because are heavily instanced and you have to repeat the same content a lot because theres nowhere else to go (Vindictus, dragon nest, etc).

Sun Apr 08 2012 11:15PM Report
SirBalin writes:

Looks good, still...I don't ever trust anything Pockett says because she's always wrong..., but I was able to tune her out and in general this one sounds good.

Sun Apr 08 2012 11:35PM Report
xr00t3dx writes:

Graphics looks OK but I've got no hope for this game. It will cheapen the IP most likely. 

Sun Apr 08 2012 11:45PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

I have to admit, I was going to brush this one off. It wasn't even on my radar. Mind you CO/STO ended up good games, but it took a long time to get there. Pair up a company that released unfinished products with Perfect World and one would think the Anti-Christ was just given the go, right?

But to PW's credit, they took a look at what Cryptic was doing with NWN and said, "No. Try harder," and made them practically start from scratch, do a 180 on gameplay and graphics and shoved a bunch of money at them to make sure they could. The game is now officially on my radar, and I didn't think I'd ever be saying that. It's beautiful, the combat looks really fun and those animations, as compared to the video that debuted over a year ago for the same game, are worlds better.

I'm still not sold on the 4th edition ruleset (although I always did feel it was more suited for a video game than a PnP session, so who knows) and more than a tad wary of Cryptic, but I am interested. It's on my list of things to check for news on every morning, now.

Sun Apr 08 2012 11:45PM Report
achesoma writes:

Looks good but looks can be deceiving.  After Tera's so-called "action" MMO I'm remaining very skeptical.  Should have asked if players can actually move while attacking. ;)

Mon Apr 09 2012 12:16AM Report
MikeB writes:

We did (though it isn't in the video). We were given a fairly extensive demo of just this capability. You can indeed bounce around and move freely while attacking. It reminded me a lot of Champions Online's combat mobility.

Mon Apr 09 2012 12:21AM Report
Xthos writes:

It visually reminds me of Rift, PvP shortly after launch is usually never a good thing. I liked hearing open world, but then its instanced...Hopefully they also have some open dungeons...

I will keep an eye on it, and see how it fleshes out, hopefully they will have open wrold dungeons too, and will have to see how the player made content works itself out...

Mon Apr 09 2012 1:03AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Very interesting indeed. Combat looks nice and fluid. Detail level is great and the IP is one of the oldest and most original RPG franchises ever.

Sad to hear pvp will be added only after launch, though. That makes servers with open world pvp rule sets highly unlikely.

Here's to hoping that they will add something like GW2 is doing with WvW, rather than just cookie cutter instanced battlegrounds.

Mon Apr 09 2012 1:52AM Report
Yuui writes:

VERY nice


I can udnerstand people's distrust of Cryptic but this is their first game without Atari and Bill Roper.  that fact alone makes me very interested in it.


The fact that its set in neverwinter and that it looks awesome also helps.

Mon Apr 09 2012 3:12AM Report
thark writes:

It's Dungeons and Dragons..Why do some of you even consider this game if you wan't PvP ?

It seems to me this is NOT the game you look for , if you want PvP..

Ohh well

Mon Apr 09 2012 3:27AM Report
Tardcore writes:

"I do try to remain objective, honestly I do. But this one caught Mike, Hillary, and myself completely off guard.  The nerd-gasms in that little demo room were palpable"

Hey, even as much as I had steeled myself to hate this game, even I have to admit the combat demo looked pretty good.

Mon Apr 09 2012 5:41AM Report
Talin writes:

It's too bad they went the action route. With 4th Ed rules, I would have thought a tactical, semi-turn-based MMO would have been perfect. I know the action gameplay slowly became more popular in DDO, but I recall the initial mass dissapointment with that game as well. 

Here's to hoping the get the formula for fun right the first time.

Mon Apr 09 2012 6:26AM Report
thark writes:

Well..This game will have a hard time competing with DDO I guess, especially now when they are releasing the Underdark expansion..

I think DDO is a far more strategic aproch to Dungeons and Dragons than Neverwinter is from watching the video

Mon Apr 09 2012 6:35AM Report
AI724 writes:

I didn't think I would be interested in this game... but after this video, I'm definitely looking forward to it when it is released. I like Never Winter and this one is going to be fun playing with friends and family! Good job Pokket :)

Mon Apr 09 2012 11:23AM Report
stealthbr writes:

Any word on Feats and Skills? I haven't seen anything about a rogue being able to disable a trap or open a lock. Would clearly not feel like D&D if these are not present.

Mon Apr 09 2012 12:39PM Report
stealthbr writes:

And where's the Dungeon Master and the dice rolls??

Mon Apr 09 2012 12:44PM Report
dontadow writes:

The perfect place for a 4th edition memorial.  After 5e is launched, I would love for someone to finally figure out how to make a dnd game that actually incorporated more to dnd than just combat.  Which, in any campaign is about 1/5th of the game.  


Mon Apr 09 2012 1:31PM Report
L3nnyGp writes:

I'm new to this DnD, is the combat like this to the other editions? Even so, this looks like something I'll most likely keep an eye on and eventually play. Looks good.

Mon Apr 09 2012 5:37PM Report
L3nnyGp writes:

Likes this = similar to the other editions of DnD 

Mon Apr 09 2012 5:38PM Report
Masiquer writes:

This looks so COPY/PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on!  WoW, Rift, need I say more? 

I love how the guy talking sounds like he hasn't ever played other MMOs.  They just wrote 'Forgotten Realms' and 'Neverwinter' on the product and act like it's something with depth. 

Yuall have fun making an immortal character and playing your new Neverwinter Sports game.

Wed Apr 11 2012 8:35PM Report