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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 06/20/13)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Neverwinter review

A 1 month impression of Neverwinter
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

Neverwinter, released by Cyrptic studios. Published by Perfect World Entertainment. While journeying around The Sword Coast I have discovered the game which is labelled as an “Open Beta” in fact has no problems taking your money from you. In my eyes this is deemed as a release. This seems to be the norm for most Asian cash shops games I have encountered and only has risen up it seems since Neverwinter labelled it’s game in it’s current state as an “Open Beta.”

Graphicly, this game is good. It has sound graphics. It uses a lighter colour pallet than Elderscrolls for example. The music is well done. There is this thing called The Foundry which players can use to create better quests than what is already available.

But it was with no surprise to me open to abuse and I found myself to level cap within the week. Still, it is a good way to create stories and increases the replayability if all you are interested in is story and not reaching level cap. Unfortanately although well done the music goes over and over again and repeats too much so I had to turn the option off.

The city seemed alive with NPCs running around. They had voices which became repetitive after awhile and lets be honest it was a bit over the top. The UI is customisable and could be moved around to suit your preferences.

Gameplay, the game actually plays good. The characters seem to all look the same as when I first created them but there were enough options for me to be happy although I didn’t like looking the same and using the same skills from 1-60. Despite the combat being pretty much the same and you could play the game with your starting skills with no troubles. It needs more variety and skills.

No tab targeting, you had to manually aim your skills at the target. My main character was a control wizard who focused mainly on AOE’ing the mobs down. I found that I was almost strong enough but some enemies had a little bit of hit points left over which left me having to manually dodging by shift + direction myself to avoid being hit and finishing off the mobs.

PvE is great the way it is. It is single player quest running. Although the quests are a bit generic there is a lot of dialogue and story to follow if you are interested in the lore of Neverwinter.

PvP I had afew issues with people afk’ing to get free xp. There is a lack of map choices and when I did manage to get into a game where there were no afkers the matches were either our team was OP’d or the opposing team was OP’d and out of the 150 matches there was 7 where what I would consider “fun” games as they were close and even. There needs to be more variety and a better way to filter more suitable opponents for PvP to hold my interest.

There seems to be a passive crafting system where you have assets to gather materials for you and it is time based which can be bought with AD the in game currency which can be bought through Zen or obtained by completing daily quests.

Socially there was not a lot going on. I found myself in some random zone chat while out questing but in the main city it was scrolling too fast. Most of the time it was very quiet other than that. I was disappointed to see a lack of RP although I have backed away from that in recent years it is something which would have felt right in a Neverwinter environment with all the dialogue and quest texts.

Overall this game is worth playing once but my advice is to not part with any real life money for the title as you can get by just fine without doing so and still have a good time. My conclusion is this is a short lived title with poor customer service and provided you like PvE and not relying on customer service for any issues then you will have a great time playing this game.

Final Score


 PvE - Good Story
 Customizable UI
 Smooth Gameplay
 Good Graphics
 Alive city
 Passive Crafting
 Low Sociability
 Poor PvP diversity
 Too many zoning
 Expensive cash shop

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KilgrenII writes: 
Perfect World Entertainment’s Neverwinter After a month of trials and tribulations running the gamut from server glitches damaging my account to game loader crashes and lengthy tech support response times for e-mailed issue tickets I finally get to play the game… And found it unworthy of the wait and a waste of effort on my part to play. Graphically superior to DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online 2007), but not surpassing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (2006), the game fails in the most critical function of an RPG… its’ game play mechanics. I site these two much older games as fine examples of what a Fantasy MMORPG is supposed to be, as opposed to what Neverwinter is. The game play problems are numerous but I will begin with the most glaring ones that stand out immediately in Neverwinter. Utter lack of opponent AI or reaction scripting. The first rule of thumb is if you can see the enemy, they can see you. But in Neverwinter the enemies just mill about (usually standing in one spot or even walking right past your character) without responding to you until you actually attack them. Being seriously outnumbered by your foes is supposed to be a reason to employ strategy or have a few members of a party along to aid in the quest and fight the enemy, or propose a strategy to sneak around them… which brings me to the next problem. No options for stealth. What is the point of creating a rogue in this game if there are no traps to disarm or evade, no chests or doors to be disarmed or unlocked, and no reason to sneak past an enemy. All character classes are supposed to have the option to be stealthy with a pass/fail rate based on stats and abilities. In a few hours I completed a multi-staged quest and leveled up my Ranger to 9th Level without encountering a single trap… I received a notice that I had detected one during my mission to catch Korvas, but never saw any sign of the trap or its’ triggered effects. According to the Forums a thief’s stealth abilities will be unlocked after they reach Level 10… since when is this the case in Dungeons & Dragons? No physical obstacles in the environments. All FRPGs for years have had environmental obstacles that required the players to move out of the way, or failing that climb over or swim under to get past them. I played from level 0 to level 23 with my Ranger without encountering anything physically engaging beyond jumping on rafter support struts for a bit of rather pitiful treasure. Unable to send private messages to other players until you have a level 15 Character?! I located the Moonstone Mask Inn, and saw a few characters that were able to emote and sit on the couches, and decided to private message one to ask advice on a few issues I was having… and received the message that I could not send private messages until I had a 15th Level Character in my account. Really? I am supposed to suffer through this game that long just to ask advice from another player? Auto targeting weapons and spells? The whole point of using a bow is to try to gauge the range of your foe, and aim with the intention of hitting your target in the hope of killing them before them can get close enough to kill you, and hope your foe doesn't dodge the shot. In this game you have no ammunition to use in your bow (so much for equipping Ice Arrows to deal with Fire Efreets)… and cannot fire your ranged weapon until you are in the imposed range limit of the weapon (you are warned you cannot fire without a target) even though you can see the enemy from 90 meters away, you are not allowed to fire until you are between 5 and 10 meters distant based on your “powers” tied to your bow. And the bow auto tracks your foes so you have no possibility of missing your target once you are engaged in combat. I am utterly disappointed with Neverwinter and PWE for releasing this terrible button mashing level grinder under the Dungeons & Dragons moniker, I had to retire this game after a mere 72 hours in my Steam account. Even as a console game this is a sad offering, but to release it under the D&D flag while having no elements of that RPG is inexcusable… this is supposed to be Faerun, not the World of Warcraft after all.
2/12/14 11:47:18 AM  / Report
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