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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 06/20/13)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Neverwinter Forum » General Discussion » Casting your votes... Beta 3

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3/25/13 6:32:11 AM#21

It has a decent foundation to build from and I kinda knew what to expect from Cryptic. However, it is still missing many features, refinement and the pvp is a mistake in its current form.




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3/25/13 6:37:22 AM#22
8/10 for me.  I just found myself playing it more than I thought I would and just having a blast on my Wizard especially in PVP where my CCs really mattered.  I agree with everyone else about being rooted in combat sucking but other than that, I just had a blast.  Can't wait to see the crafting side of the game.


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3/25/13 6:37:48 AM#23
Originally posted by HeroEvermore

Game started really strong but at about 25 it got repetative already for me. I will play more and I truly loved the combat on my GWEPFIGHTER. Such cool skills. Ive honestly played less  buggy alphas for 20 years so I was actually quite in shock at the amount of broken things with this game.

The combat is what will get me to play the next beta but I will never donate a nickle to PWE. To bad a good company didnt snag this up. Woulda been great to see En Masse get another title on there hands.

Sorry to hear you didn't make it a little further because for me it was at 30+ when the game really took off. The areas outside of the city itself that you start encountering get to be quite amazing. Blackdagger Ruins was alright and Helms Hold was cool but everything after that was pretty epic.


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3/25/13 6:38:12 AM#24
I gave it a 7. It is better than GW2, but still kind of "meh". The foundry has so much potential and will hopefully stop it from becoming a "level a character and out" MMO like GW2. The foundry will hopefully give the game a good supply of end game material.

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3/25/13 6:43:31 AM#25

I was working and flying warplanes this weekend, but my daughter played it and was hooked. I went over the OP with her and rated it an 8 on her behalf. She got a cleric up to L16, but she felt the dungeons and quest areas got to be a bit challenging for solo play.

On a side note, I told her she could be in the beta and get a "headstart" on the GA players for just $60 and she said, "No Way!"

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3/25/13 6:54:38 AM#26

Gave it 6/10 (tried the trickster rogue and the guardian). Liked the rogue because it felt relatively fluid during combat. Didn't like the guardian though. The lack of dodge or an ability to get out of danger from unblockables was annoying. That and the fact that it's a potion chucking class when soloing.

Wasn't bad but i prefer the versatility that TERA has as far as combat goes (more abilities, skill chains that you can costumize, ...)

Graphics are too western for my liking (i prefer the asian style).

Admittedly, i've only played to level 10 because i had a ton of other things to do this weekend.


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Joined: 3/14/13
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3/25/13 6:56:35 AM#27

Played my rogue to lvl 16..

I realy dont like the graphic very much..way to dark and ugly

I realy dont like the animation it is very bad

I dont like when a game place's the mobs so close that there are no chance to just run straith forward without figtithing with every mob on the map..

To much instance/alone gameplay (mmo ??)


I like the combat system






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Joined: 6/04/05
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3/25/13 6:59:21 AM#28

6/10 for me...

Played in the 2nd Beta but could only manage 2/3 hours in B3 sorry found it very boring and went straight back to DDO, i know NW aint released yet but cant see the gameplay/game being anywhere as good as DDO...Just my opinion guys so dont start a  Flaming pandemic..


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Joined: 8/11/07
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3/25/13 7:11:03 AM#29

I've only played this week-end BE3 for a couple hours, and to me it feels more like a reskinned CO trying to match a generic fantasy setting rather than being D&D.

Mobs, traps and loot in dungeons seem to be very evenly spread out so it becomes almost predictable (DDO has a more exciting setup for their instances IMHO).

To me it never felt like I'm actually playing D&D.

Only 1 story to walk through (from what I've gathered) will make for a boring replay value.

Foundry is a very strong asset to the game and I'll spend most of my time there to come up with good stories and adventures.

Cryptic should do away with the bulgy eyes on characters and the overall comical looks and of course fix the animations.


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3/25/13 7:25:11 AM#30
i gave it a 6 out of 10 the combat was sluggish but loved the rouge and wizard both classes are seemed more complete than the others .

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Joined: 9/22/08
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3/25/13 7:35:16 AM#31

I gave it a 5.

I played 2 classes this weekend, a Great Weapon swordsman to 14 and a Cleric to 26. The GWF i found to be totaly boring compared to my level 100 swordmaster in Warhammer Online, the Cleric was a breeze to play infact they were nerfed for this beta but still felt to op ... maybe in the higher levels it will be different but up untill 26 i found it easy. Locked in combat and not being able to move is a no no for me, but you can still kite with easy on the harder mobs / bosses.


Game to me needs alot of improvement.


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A new year let's hope for new games that don't suck.

3/25/13 7:49:02 AM#32

I give it a 7/10, for a F2P game it is entertaining and at the end of the day that is what matters.


1. Graphics - Very good, not top notch but decent enough

2. Combat - Works great, the root in place is an added bonus for ranged weapon and magic users. I also didn't find it bothersome with my sword wielders not sure why most people have a problem with this.

3. UI - I think they did a good job on the UI, it's not over burden with too much on the screen and the hotbar was a nice touch as well, keeping it simple. Just remember this word 'KISS' - Keep It Simple Stupid

4. Gameplay - This is where I have a problem, the game is very linear quest wise. Would really have liked to seen more quest givers where you have more options quest wise. I hate following the same path as everyone else. Like some others have said feels like Dragon Age linear. It's not a complete deal breaker with Neverwinter just is a slight turnoff.

5. Story - Very well done, I can see they put alot of effort into each quest story especially the instance quest, it was refreshing.

5. Prices - Another problem I have is the amount of real cash they want for items. $40 to get a mount is ridiculous. I hope these were just beta prices not set in stone yet and they reduce the cost upon release otherwise this will be a deal breaker for most people.

I mean hell I'm debating whether to spend $59 on the game 'Defiance' let alone $40 for just a mount in 'Neverwinter', never gonna happen. I sure hope Cryptic lowers the prices. It's really an easy business model, low prices you'll make more money by selling more items. High prices means only a select few will be buying items thus will not make as much money, simple.


All in all though 'Neverwinter' will be a game most people will play for a while.



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3/25/13 7:52:30 AM#33

6/10.  The game is fun but not great.  If I wasn't a 20 year fan of the IP I probably wouldn't be interested in the launch.

For myself, I love the guardian fighter.  It's not a mobile class at all, the only one that doesn't have some kind of quick movement ability with the shift, but compared to a lot of other tank classes it can actually hold up with dps and the survivability and support features are nice.

This is a game where I'll really have to control my desire to roll alts.  Since there is only the one linear story, and the quests themselves aren't that interesting, I can tell it's going to have low replay value.  I know I'll run through to end game once, see if the locations and characters I remember are introduced, and then see how the end game dungeons are.

Looking forward to hoarding up my astral coins and having an angel as my henchman.


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Joined: 10/31/08
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3/25/13 7:55:35 AM#34

i scored 5/10.

Pretty boring to be honest. very similar stuff to what ive played before. I gues it would be ok to get into smack a dungeon and drop out. I spent more time in defiance ( loved it).


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OP  3/25/13 11:08:56 AM#35

Leaves us with a firm 7/10 average, not to bad for a free to play game... 


So that has me going back to SWTOR to finish my 2 main quests, and then i might try this one just to play till 50...   It might be a fun PvE experience next to my GW2 PvPing.



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Novice Member

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3/25/13 11:59:08 AM#36
10 outta 10 for me.  Completely enjoyed it.  Was totally blown away by everything that matters.  Combat was great, graphics were great, animations were fantastic, the game has lots of personality, the zombie dance is proof of that.  PvP was hella fun and seriously addicting.  both the guardian warrior and the rogue were both extremely fun to play as.  Foundry stuff is just mind blowing, the things that are gonna come out of that will be amazing.

Advanced Member

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3/25/13 12:03:25 PM#37

I thought the game was so MEH. I mean mobs not moving, staying in one place. The game reminds me of the very first Neverwinter I played, except that one was better.


Very bland game.

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Novice Member

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3/25/13 12:05:20 PM#38

Gave it a 7...not a 7 like the mass media would mean, but a 7 like I would.


It's alot of fun to play, nothing really sticks out cept for the Foundry and the combat.  Im a pretty big fan of the combat.  Would like more customization with my skills and what not, but it's not that bad and that's not what Im really looking for in this game anyway.  Graphics are nice and character movement is really good a FTP title.  

Quests are what they have been for the entire past of the MMO genre...nothing new, but not surprised.  PVP is actually fun in this game and I typically hate PVP.  

The one thing Im most looking foward to getting my hands on is the Foundry which seems like an awesome idea in a D&D IP'd game.  

It's most certainly the best FTP (from launch) game that has come out and it's better than alot of games that didnt come out at launch as FTP.

It's not "god's gift to MMO fans" but it's certainly a good appetizer.



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3/25/13 12:08:56 PM#39

7/10 for me. Didn't have too much time to play this weekend and the few bugs I encountered were pretty annoying (infinite queue for an instance while in full party to name one) and the content that I did play I think was very well done. Game is not D&D and very railroaded so far (lvl 16), but the story told is very good...

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3/25/13 12:11:38 PM#40

Currently 6/10. Dont know how end game is yet, could be better or worse.

Pretty much every single aspect of Neverwinter is good or flawed but not great. So, your typical Cryptic game.

graphics - nice world graphics and some good monsters but the player character models are terrible. Armor was getting good at around level 30 but everything up to that point was terrible.

combat - functional but it didnt feel as good as Tera's combat. Aldo, putting GW2s dodge bar in didnt help at all.

lore - after reading the Forgotten Realms books that pertain to Neverwinter the lore of the game is a mixed bag. If you completely ignore the books that the game is supposed to be based on then its alright, if you take the books into consideration its bad.

Biggest complaint is that nearly everything is tied to Astral Diamonds. Even Runes of Magic wasnt this bad. Auction House is Diamonds only. Mounts = Diamonds. Companions = Diamonds. Dyes = Diamonds.
Yeah, you get Diamonds by doing that pray thing omce and hour but its a small amount and everything costs a lot of Diamonds.
Also, I do realise that it is Free to play and people buying Diamonds will be their main source of income but to gate so much of the game behind a pay wall so early may frustrate a lot of players, making them feel that they wont be able to do anything if they dont pay and pay through the nose.

PS - just pointing out that everyone lost their mind over the real money Auction House in Diablo 3 and no one says anything about Neverwinter's Auction House being Diamonds only. That Free to play effect I guess.

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