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Neverwinter Forum » General Discussion » Neverwinter Bombs in Beta

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3/20/13 9:00:06 PM#81
From what I've seen of you people and your exaggerated opinions and outright false claims on other MMOs....I think this thread just makes me want to play this game more. You ppl are so backwards these days, it's like listening to a political debate more than any honest review. So thanks...but I'll check elsewhere for thoughts.

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3/20/13 9:02:23 PM#82

Probably the most useless thread I've seen thus far.  All the crap OP that you posted has already been fixed or is currently being changed/noted as a bug for the beta weekend 3 and launch for them to fix.  You can't say the game will forever be broken by something so silly when its still in beta, and no, it isn't open beta either.


If you would spend more time on their own forums and follow the devs or watch any streaming that they do, they talk all about what you said and are fixing it / have already fixed it.  This thread is a complete bust now and should be disregarded.


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3/20/13 9:06:04 PM#83
Ummm... it's BETA. It's still a work in progress.... it's not complete yet.  Changes are coming.

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3/20/13 11:51:59 PM#84
Originally posted by Tokken
Ummm... it's BETA. It's still a work in progress.... it's not complete yet.  Changes are coming.


Ummm... it's CRYPTIC. Don't expect much, and even more do not expect the mythical "miracle patch" prior to launch: the same thing was said about STO and what you saw in beta was almost exactly what appeared at release.

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3/21/13 2:20:11 AM#85

Well I will be playing this weekend and will judge the game myself.

One thing I don't get it is the foundry.

Why do players pay Cryptic money so that they can make their own content?

Shouldn't Cryptic be paying these foundry makers salaries for doing the devs job?

Pardon my English as it is not my 1st language :)


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GW2 socialist.

3/21/13 2:44:25 AM#86
I signed up for the beta, and was watching videos... but I just can't get excited about it.  Apart from the combat, it looks just like every other Cryptic game.  Their nameplates always look boring to me and remind of WAR, which wasn't very good either.  Obviously I'd have to try it before judging it, but I'm not expecting much.  To be fair, I was never expecting much, so if anything I'll be pleasantly surprised if it's decent.

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3/21/13 4:01:18 AM#87

I loved beta, cant wait for weekend 3!


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3/22/13 11:10:57 AM#88
Originally posted by Ragnarockk
Originally posted by Monstre0auS
Originally posted by Ragnarockk
'But here were several showstoppers for me:

1.  When I realized there is no way to make an organized group or raid in the game.  Because of the chaotic reticule nature of the TPS (third person shooter) interface, you can't focus on your tank, can't even lock focus on anything unless you hold down CTRL all the time, so things like Target of Target are impossible, and when I brought that up, it was very nearly ignored.  People simply said "that's the challenge of the interface."

1. The point of this interface is to require some element of skill in the combat. You can't tab target because in doing so, it kind of mitigates your responsibility to be looking at what's going on and actually actively taking a part in it. You mentioned that in your group, it was a bit chaotic? Well, in my opinion you have had a bad group! I've played both beta weekends, clearing the blacklake skirmish, as well as the tower district orc skirmish in both, and running the Cloak Tower in both and never have I had any experience where the group had trouble in doing their roles effectively. Now admittedly, I've played a Guardian both runs, but my close friend played a Cleric to 30 last weekend with me, and this weekend playing the Arcane (Meh, Control) Wiz said he's never seen or had any issues with healing or the like either.
1.  Element of skill?  It's element of chaos.  All you need is one lag spike, or mechanical malfunction, and your focusis gone, your tank is dead, your raid is over.  Nobody who has a job is going to waste their time.


I guess you've never played a non targeting action combat game. They are the future of MMO's right now and they are a lot of fun. You have TERA, RaiderZ, GW2, Blade and Soul, The Secret World, The Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar all going with an action combat/non-targeting model, or in the case of TSW and GW2 a hybrid model.

They do require a different skillset on the part of the player and they force you to be more engaged in the actual combat of the game instead of just standing back smashing buttons and tab.

As for healing in those types of games, as someone who has played a healer in every MMO I've played including all these new action combat ones, I can tell you it's a far better method of healing than any tab target game. I don't want to stare at a UI all night. I want to see the game and be a part of the fight. Action combat non targeting MMO's allow me to do that. And no, it is not hard unless you're bad. You learn that positioning is important and you move around in order to be able to see your entire group and heal them properly. In TERA I'm constantly on the move and I've found the best place to be for me is actually the side of the boss, so I can see the tank in front and the dps in back and be able to heal them all (because in action games you can avoid a lot of the hits, so dps generally want to be behind or on the side of mobs/bosses where the mobs won't be hitting them). And your group members also tend to learn that their positioning is important as well and the fights becomes much more controlled once they know what they're doing. I haven't gotten a chance to get into Neverwinter yet, not until tonight, but the same ideas apply. Healing is as much about proper positioning and targeting as it is about using the right spells to keep people alive. And it's far more fun. At this point I dont think I'll ever play another tab target MMO again.


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3/22/13 1:56:07 PM#89

I like the game and plan on playing it when it launches.


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I actually still like MMORPGs

3/22/13 1:58:21 PM#90
Why for the love of god are people trying to turn this into a tab targeting game!? It's just not for you if you don't like the action combat. You are free to move on. For us who do like it, let us enjoy it for what it is.


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3/22/13 3:24:10 PM#91
Originally posted by Fendel84M
Why for the love of god are people trying to turn this into a tab targeting game!? It's just not for you if you don't like the action combat. You are free to move on. For us who do like it, let us enjoy it for what it is.

Quoting for emphasis.

My opinion is my own. I respect all other opinions and views equally, but keep in mind that my opinion will always be the best for me. That's why it's my opinion.


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3/22/13 4:34:07 PM#92
Originally posted by Xarko
Originally posted by Burntvet
Originally posted by Dauzqul
I quit after about an hour. Been there, done that...  so many times.


The thread can end right here... ^^

If that could end thread on site called you might aswell cancel the whole thing.

It's funny seeing someone named "Burntvet" acknowledging someone else saying "Been there, done that... so many times.".

It's obvious this burnt vet needs to move on from the genre. lol.


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3/22/13 5:01:16 PM#93

Just logged into the Beta and played around with a few classes... I'm going to make another character to see if I can find a class I enjoy.  Here's my thoughts after very limited gameplay.. first impressions if you will. 

What I like about it are the dungeons and how there are different skills classes can use to unlock certain chests or whatever, that's pretty neat.  But for me the gameplay is kinda lacking so far.  I know it's FTP and all that, but those with founder packs will get a head start and the economy will be inflated because of the diamonds or whatever, similar to GW2, which sucks.  I wasn't expecting much, but as others have pointed out.. it's interesting to see so many flock over to this MMO and claim it's the best ever.  It's OKAY... maybe I need to play it more.  The character creation isn't as detailed as others... I feel kinda spoiled on games with good graphics and decent game play now.  Meh.  It is 2013, and I'm grateful there are so many games to choose from that - although people are claiming the MMO genre is getting worse -I find them enjoyable.  And plus I wasn't around for the early days of MMOs so whatevs. 

I'm a fan of D&D obviously, so I'm going to give it another shot right now, find a class I like without lame animations and try some PvP... although I'm yearning to go back to playing my main games.  I'll check back after for final thoughts about the game and whether I'll play at launch. xD


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3/22/13 6:23:34 PM#94
Yeah, the game is okay, once I got far enough started reminding me of neverwinter nights a lot.  The dungeon crawl aspect is nice.  Is fun for those who enjoy it. 

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Live Life today, Because tomorrow is but a dream and yesterday only a

3/22/13 6:25:47 PM#95
Is the current one up and runnign yet?


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GW2 socialist.

3/22/13 6:33:17 PM#96

Well since this beta thread was already on my Watched list, I figured I'd give my first 3 hours' impression of Neverwinter Online.

Graphics: Not bad, not great, kind of outdated.  The locales are much better looking than the character models though.

Voice Acting: Pretty awful, but still better than TERA's.

Combat: Again, comparable to TERA.  I haven't seen any ability to dodge, but you can press a button (Shift by default) to hold up your shield as in TERA, though unlike TERA you can hold it up as long as you want even if you're not getting hit.  Stamina runs down as you physically block.  The swings that hit more than one enemy ala TERA/GW2 are also great.  Plus the sword & board Guardian class is much faster than the Lancer (and GW2 didn't really have much of a use for shields period, which still greatly disappoints me).

Overall feel: I actually kind of like it.  Most games make me want to start a new character after doing the first 2 quests but I stuck with my "main" for three whole hours (!)  Apart from a completely toxic beta "community" who do nothing but QQ (you can turn off zone chat) instead of just turning it off and playing something else, I think the game could have moderate success as something to pick up and play when you just want to hack and slash and collect loot.

Bonus points for having to run over the loot to pick it up.  It's been a long time since I saw a game with that feature.  It could get annoying but right now it's charming.

I'm honestly surprised.  I had the very real expectations of hating everything about this game.


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3/22/13 6:37:20 PM#97

i have seen enough of this game to know i am going to enjoy playing may not be everyones cup of tea but it is mine..still a few things for them to iron out but otherwise really enjoying it..someone said it was an updated version of ddo..if it is then that is a good a bit of lag but thats expected in beta given the mountains of peeps thing i did notice was that all the usual trolls were there slagging the game off.why oh why people feel the need to rubbish a game they dont like is beyond would be easier for them to log off..but for some reason they love to see thier name on the chat..sad people indeed.

i dont mind if its constructive but these people who say the game is shit having played 5 mins have no fuckin idea.the OP's post is well delivered and i understand his points..but it is beta.

will i invest a shitload of money on this game..well time will tell..but one thing is for sure i will be there at launch.


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GW2 socialist.

3/22/13 6:40:16 PM#98
Originally posted by Alber_gamer
Originally posted by Fendel84M
Why for the love of god are people trying to turn this into a tab targeting game!? It's just not for you if you don't like the action combat. You are free to move on. For us who do like it, let us enjoy it for what it is.

Quoting for emphasis.

I just realized I never tab targeted.  I didn't even notice.. shows you how much I care about whether it has the feature or not, but I must say, it plays very smoothly.


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The Critical Hit Pretzel!

3/22/13 6:41:03 PM#99

First impression wise... yeah I have no clue what would define this as a bomb. Honestly my biggest 'ooo' factor was the foundry and after that I wasn't to sure of it. Playing it I was quite delighted by how it works. Its not really in my taste the classes are the way they are, but at the very least its still at least got some 'planning' behind it. I do feel classes are done the way they are in order to add more classes easier and save on production time. Over-all it could use more dnd goodies but then again 4e isn't the greatest either with it so its satisfactory on that.


Overall I'm very suprised and enjoyed it a lot more. Combat is actually quite a blast, some classes needing some work but over-all it is quite satisfying in how they handled it where you feel like your actually hitting something on the trickster rogue or guardian warrior in particular. It gives me that "DDO" feel but in a very good way. Graphics aren't the greatest but have an appeal to me that makes it feel like "DnD" that its hard to explain.


Its a pretty fun game and I'm pleasantly amazed at how much I ended up really liking it. Gw2 would be far more of a 'bomb' IMO and thats no even a bomb by any means. If you want a real bomb go look at Walking Dead: Survival Instincts or Aliens: Colonial Marines then come back and tell me a game is a bomb, because by your definition theres extremely few games that are even decent out right now. Even giving away my bias to DnD, it is still a great game with a foundry that is sure to help extend its longevity. Not for everyone but for those enjoying action combat your sure to like it and with more tweaks (which it sounds like they did to trickster rogue which feels amazing now) it can be satisfying to play any class in the game and feel good with it.

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