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Neverwinter Forum » General Discussion » Two Million People Have Played Neverwinter

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8/06/13 1:50:41 AM#21
Originally posted by jesteralways
Originally posted by Foomerang


Originally posted by jesteralways

Originally posted by Foomerang So you make a free Dungeons & Dragons game for anyone with a pc and you're bragging about 2 million?
What do you expect? this is a f2p publisher we are talking about. remember when snail games  claimed age of wushu have over 100 million players? 2 million players registered account and how many f them are from same gold farmer? and how many of them are from a pure f2p player who wants to live his life as a astral diamond grinder?  


I just dont get it. You have one of the most recognized IPs in gaming. And you launch it on a platform that has an installed userbase in the billions. And you you are literally giving it away. Honestly, Id be embarrassed to tell people I only had 2 million bites.

Embarrassed? PWE and cryptic? they sell a mount for 60$ in store and say "the price is fine" without a single bit of shame. they sell gambling packs for 30$ that 99% time only give potion and they say "it is random" without shame. you are expecting cockroach to act like tiger here. 



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8/08/13 7:38:53 AM#22

I am sure over 2m people played it. Me and all my friends played it for a week or so too.

Is anyone playing now? Nope...

Another failed IP by cryptic,...


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8/09/13 4:48:20 AM#23

I am one of the 2 million :D. Played for about 1 - 2 hrs (can't quite remember). Didn't like it and never came back ...


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8/09/13 4:49:13 AM#24
Originally posted by lizardbones

According to this video, two million people have played Neverwinter.

Then they quit.. haha only messing..

  User Deleted
8/10/13 8:31:37 AM#25

I highly doubt those are current players. I was a Sucker of the North in a guild with 300 members, also alpha-tested the game. It had a lot of promise before Open Beta, but the developers did their typical song and dance and ruined the base points in the game fixing stuff to prevent exploits (many of which existed in the games prior, and several of which were reported in Alpha, repeatedly).


They drove off some of the best content creators I've seen in a while with how they handled the Foundry (few people played the stuff save as an AD reward, so their longer and more involved storylines wouldn't get playtime. The rewards from Foundry are laughable at best, and attempting to level in Foundry content takes five times longer than the dev-made storyline, making it useless. It's also useless for level 60's due to scaling issues for the mobs and trap damage, as well as almost no reward.


Of the 200 friends I had from alpha, three of them still play (and may just be logging in for pray-AD). Of the 300 guildmates, 14 are still active within the last 20 days. Again, some of those are pray-AD types.


And now they're begging me to return to the game with promises of items and stuff, if I return before the Feywild expansion hits. That's not something a healthy game does (especially since the stuff they are giving away, while trivial, is stuff they sell in their shop). I'd be willing to bet that they have a player base (actually active) of around 10,000. Most of the areas are ghost-towns. There have just been so many broken promises with the game by the developers themselves (new class 1 month after release! Drow 60 days after launch! Foundry will give rewards equal to dev-made content! Regular content updates! And the list goes on) that your cash cows just moved onto something not so...





  User Deleted
8/11/13 10:52:05 PM#26
Originally posted by lizardbones

According to this video, two million people have played Neverwinter. That has to be some kind of record for a Cryptic game. :-)

Great Jorb Guys!


Maybe not. I might have borked the video link. The video is from Cryptic BTW, not some random individual.


Sure, I think two million people have played Neverwinter. However, I think about 20K are still playing Neverwinter. So good on them for finding a way to paint a positive penny after the a-bomb dropped.


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8/12/13 7:57:49 AM#27

Not sure if this matters but I read this thread and was just kind of disappointed in most the posts.  Yes I expected more and yes I want more but I think the frame for an outstanding game exists.  Dungeons and Dragons has never really pandered to the masses and once again they are staying true to form.  How many people need to play for someone to be interested.  The popularity in Europe is also overlooked.  Most the people in my guild that play this game are European or Australian it's weird but true.  I like the idea that Perfect World started with and I play a couple days a week for an hour or two.  I would play more but without more classes and races I probably won't...yet.  I would also like to see portions of the game provide a more open experience.

If PW added the following it would pretty much cement me as a long time player.


Races - Dragonborn, Eladrin and Gnomes!

The gameplay is good, the quests are good enough and the Foundry (genius) allows those of us to see what our DM friend has up his sleeve this week.  

I get sick of the constant negativity, if you paid money for a founder pack without liking the game, become wiser with your money and invest in a game that you do like.  When you rent a bad movie do you demand itunes return your money or that the production company remake the movie?  It's a stretch but not by much.  

D & D has always been about the community, I played P&P, Several console and PC games and the other D&D MMO.  I enjoyed them all because they shared something that these other games don't have and will most likely never have.  They have real lore, not something created on the backs of all the other games.  This world was created by minds that were inspired by great fantasy novelists and it shows almost 40 years later the title evokes feelings that no others can!

Does everyone remember when you bought a game for 50 bucks and it suck then you just tossed it?  At least PW is trying to make a better gaming experience, just like the rest of these video game companies.

- Squishmitten -


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8/12/13 8:01:20 AM#28
And  1,999,999 have left in anger over mountains of bugs, exploiters, and piss poor customer service.

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8/12/13 8:10:07 AM#29

I played for 3 weeks post launch - maxed out a couple of characters. Never logged in again. Total cash spent = 0

It was pretty fun while it lasted, just no long term hook(exactly how I felt with GW2)



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8/12/13 10:00:13 AM#30
Originally posted by RollieJoe
Two million people played, 1,975,000 of them quit after realizing the game was nothing more than another cash grab brought to you by PWE and Craptic.


This ^^.



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Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions. Pvbs 18:2, NIV

8/12/13 10:09:39 AM#31

With the death of the sub model, we may never again have meaningful metrics to judge how 'well" a MMO is really doing, outside of perhaps overall revenue/profit the company generates with it.

I suppose number of active servers could be used, but even there technology is changing to make that concept obsolete as well.

I know there as some metrics such as concurrently users online or what have you, but not sure companies are going to be very willing to share those figures.


In my day MMORPG's were sooooo hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow....uphill both ways.
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8/12/13 10:12:35 AM#32
Originally posted by Burntvet
Originally posted by RollieJoe
Two million people played, 1,975,000 of them quit after realizing the game was nothing more than another cash grab brought to you by PWE and Craptic.


This ^^.


Yeah, I agree. I played for 10 minutes and didn't like it so how many more of that 2 million are like me. It's all about sustainment not the number who tried it.


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I actually still like MMORPGs

8/22/13 12:41:51 PM#33
That's actually pretty low considering GW2 has actually sold more copies. Granted its been out longer but when you factor in just the gold sellers that seems pretty low.

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