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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 06/03/14)  | Pub:NCSoft
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WildStar Videos: First Impressions with Ripper X! [Part 1] (13:50)

Ripper X jumps into Wildstar for some First Impressions gameplay! WildStar is an upcoming sci-fi MMORPG with a stylized cartoon-ish look currently in development by NCSoft's Southen California-based Carbine Studios. Play will be set on the newly discovered planet of Nexus, once home to the technologically advanced race called the Eldan. Long ago, they mysteriously vanished. Now that the planet has been rediscovered, Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists, and Settlers are coming here from across th

Ripper X jumps into Wildstar for some First Impressions gameplay! WildStar is an upcoming sci-fi MMORPG with a stylized cartoon-ish look currently in development by NCSoft's Southen California-based Carbine Studios. Play will be set on the newly discovered planet of Nexus, once home to the technologically advanced race called the Eldan. Long ago, they mysteriously vanished. Now that the planet has been rediscovered, Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists, and Settlers are coming here from across th
Duration: 13:50
Views: 4,874  41 comments
Game: WildStar
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Raquis writes:

same art style as STOR just hope the is better.

I did not like the exclamation marks and right marks above npcs but this game is so busy it looks like you need them.

Thu Dec 12 2013 8:39AM Report
Herase writes: Mate....that password Thu Dec 12 2013 8:39AM Report
silverreign writes: game looks fun. but u gotta tone it done ripper. had to mute it Thu Dec 12 2013 8:44AM Report
imrobertjames writes: I got to play a little during stress test and I can't wait to get my hands on it in a functioning capacity. Thu Dec 12 2013 8:48AM Report
cinos writes:

Sadly, this video pretty much killed all interest I had in this game.

I just can't do exclamation quest hubs any more.

As an aside, I have to agree with Silverreign, you're trying to hard to be entertaining Ripper. Relax a bit.

Thu Dec 12 2013 8:53AM Report
SomeOldBloke writes: I'm still undecided but will probably buy it along with the other drones. Telegraphing puts me off a bit... mystic swords coming your way... please move. Thu Dec 12 2013 9:11AM Report
koboldfodder writes:

Yet another WOW clone, cartoon graphics, quest hub with exclamation points, kill 10 of these, easy crafting, avoid the red square of death game.


Exactly what the genre needed. 



Thu Dec 12 2013 9:19AM Report
IamEpitaph writes:

Great game, but this guy. This is the guy you all put as the MMORPG official game tester/promoter? Sorry, but he is horrible and as stated above I had to mute him after a few minutes. Never even got to hear about anything past Character creation. Hope he is not hosting the rest of the videos.

The game looks awesome though.

Thu Dec 12 2013 10:32AM Report
Sho0terMcgavin writes:



I'll put it this way.  The telegraphs help you learn the fights.  They are so fast that you hardly have time to respond.  Telegraphs or not, you will find challenge in the combat.  I wouldn't cross it off just yet.

Thu Dec 12 2013 10:36AM Report
SidQFT writes:

i heard warfronts wont be in for another year+

plus themepark


Thu Dec 12 2013 10:50AM Report
black_isle writes: Very enjoyable video as always. Altho i'm amazed everytime how Ripper has no clue about the mmo space. I mean if you don't know about the basic WS mechanics like telegraphs and such by now, it clearly shows you don't follow even a single news from this genre. It's just weird considering he is involved with one of the biggest sites on mmos. Thu Dec 12 2013 11:12AM Report
Volgore writes:

RipperX: you are trying too hard to sound entertaining.

As to the game: I probably belong to a curious minority, but the more i see of it the LESS i like it.


Some may defence the overall design as "stylised", but i find alot of things way over the top.. pencil waist + badonkadonks etc.

Looks like they couldnt decide if they make "Sci-Fi with WoW assets" or "SWTOR with an attitude".


Thu Dec 12 2013 11:23AM Report
Sho0terMcgavin writes:



Any actual source on this information?  I'm guessing not.  I've been following this game for a long time.  I read up every piece of news on it.  And not once have I heard this.  Sounds like you are just making things up.

Thu Dec 12 2013 11:32AM Report
IamEpitaph writes: I am actually wondering if RipperX did the drugs right before the taping, or did he let the high start first? When I used to use Meth and Cocaine I tried to avoid any recordings of it. =/ Thu Dec 12 2013 11:40AM Report
IamEpitaph writes:


Read less then 1/2 way down in the article on the front page. He talks about how even in Beta the Q for BG's was very quick. Something about there already being a large PvP base in the game (Beta)

Thu Dec 12 2013 11:46AM Report
Lahuzer writes: @Volgore That's just RipperX for ya. I love him for it. Keep it up X!!! ;) Thu Dec 12 2013 11:46AM Report
ButeoRegalis writes: So, since this guy Advice isn't going to be back in the next beta phase can I haz beta spot plx? 8D Thu Dec 12 2013 11:47AM Report
bcbully writes: This looks nuw and xciting. Thu Dec 12 2013 1:21PM Report
redrip writes:

@IamEpitaph All my videos are a bit wacky, watch any from the last 2 years and it's pretty much along the lines of what you see. Love me or hate me, I personally don't care. Cheers.


Thu Dec 12 2013 1:36PM Report
dgmako writes:

I don't care what anyone says about Ripper X, I think he's trying to do a good job, and he's funny sometimes. I would prefer to watch and hear a guy like him, making it somewhat interesting rather than a lot of slow typical talkers... 

Looking forward to the game. The whole "let me call this one a  wow clone" thing has been played out years ago. Don't know why people have to keep doing it and saying. This game is nothing like WoW, but there are always trolls out there. 

Thu Dec 12 2013 2:14PM Report
imrobertjames writes: Remember how WoW just took the good aspects of the, what 3 or 4 MMOs, at the time, got rid of things people always complained about, put a bit of polish on it, and released?  Ya, I guess in a way that's what W* is doing when I stress tested, except it's taking all those things wow got right back in vanilla, getting rid of the stupid shit, making combat interesting and basically updating the aged system.  Say what you want, but WoW is the MOST successful MMO to date, period.  No point in reinventing the wheel, but you can certainly make it much much better.  The dialog is interesting and funny, and the path system adds so much to the game it's fantastic, since you aren't quest hubbed into path quests, you basically discover them.  There's a lot more to it than the video shows.  It's going to be big. Thu Dec 12 2013 3:00PM Report
Bacchira writes:

When this game was first announced I clicked the link, yelled Ouch!, and immediately hit the back button, thinking this was not something I would ever be interested in.

Since than my hype has gradually grown, and now I'm so freaking excited that I just can't wait. Every class looks sweet, even the high armor ones, something I never usually play. 

Dear Santa, let WS be released soon.

Thu Dec 12 2013 4:17PM Report
Maelzrael writes: Ripper X, you said the combat was your favorite part, yet you show almost none of it. This video past character creation wasn't very good imho, and as was previously stated, your comedy style isn't very entertaining, it's mostly overdone. I appreciate you doing the video though, I'd just say you might want to take a look at how you narrate these as the way you project your personality is quite a turn off for most people. Just my 2 cents.  Thu Dec 12 2013 4:20PM Report
Nitth writes:

Been following the game..

But i don't like what i saw in this video in regards to animations..

Thu Dec 12 2013 4:31PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I'm pumped, where's my beta key!? lol Thu Dec 12 2013 5:09PM Report
sacredfool writes: For a moment I thought you said "I am like a kid in a kidney store".  Thu Dec 12 2013 5:14PM Report
Hatefull writes:

LOl if you have never seen a RipperX video before he can be a bit over the top.  What he does do though is be excited for the game sis he playing and he does a damn fine job  of pointing things out and keeping people informed and entertained.  If you want fax news to review your games, go ask them.  Ripper is good and I am glad he is doing this.


As for the game, I am looking forward to getting my hands on it.  Not sure if I will love or hate it, but it does look interesting.


Good job Ripper, keep it up.

Thu Dec 12 2013 5:38PM Report
spookydom writes: New and shinny. Thu Dec 12 2013 5:44PM Report
dgarbini writes:

Haters are always going to hate.  Keep doing your thing Ripper we will always love you.


Ripper has been doing First Impressions videos for quite awhile on this site.  So if this is the first time your seeing it, where have you been?  I've seen him play quite a few really bad games, and still makes it entertaining and tries to be very positive about them all.

Thu Dec 12 2013 6:06PM Report
coldandnumb writes:

I've always enjoyed Ripperx's videos so I say keep up the good work you always get at least a smile out of me every time I watch one.

I think a lot of the complaints may be that they wanted more specific information and I don't think that this is what the intent of the video is. I consider it mostly a sort of "look and feel" video not a wiki or a walkthrough which seems to be what some people were expecting.

Thu Dec 12 2013 6:26PM Report
Utinni writes: Best reviewer on the internet. People don't understand that you would have these thoughts and say them out loud regardless of the camera rolling. Thu Dec 12 2013 6:42PM Report
VveV writes: ESO is better  Thu Dec 12 2013 8:45PM Report
Nevulus writes: I see I wasn't the only one who had to mute this video. Trying TOO hard sometimes is not a good look. Was too distracting from the game itself, leave the jokes to the professional comedians, please. Thu Dec 12 2013 9:51PM Report
evilized writes:

the combat feel anything like darkfall, ripper? (if using third person camera)

Thu Dec 12 2013 10:54PM Report
gigat writes:

Thanks for the first impressions RipperX! I enjoyed the video!

RipperX certainly has a unique way of narrating his videos (he kinda sounds like Phil Plait the bad astronomer). I've grown accustomed to his way of speaking, and I really enjoy hearing the enthusiasm.

Can't wait to see more WildStar!

Fri Dec 13 2013 12:52AM Report
GuyClinch writes:

Nice. FWIW Ripper X is not so terrible - has a good voice for this kinda thing.. Sounds kinda like a DJ or something.


Wildstar looks fun. I like the art style of GW2 better but nothing wrong with the Ratchet and Clank approach - I loved that game..

Fri Dec 13 2013 1:46AM Report
cinos writes:

@redrip: Saying something like "love me or hate me", isn't exactly the right attitude to take when people give you feedback on your videos. It really isn't that black and white.

Personally, I don't hate you, far from it. I just feel you would have a much more watchable channel if you just toned down the enthusiasm a bit. Currently it really does sound like an act, as if you are forcing yourself to like every little thing. It's not wacky, it's just fake.

This is as constructive as I can get, and I really am not hating here, but after over two years of doing this style and only around 6k subscribers gained, might it not be time to think about looking at yourself and your content and see where improvements can be made?

You clearly put a lot of effort into your videos though which is a good thing.

Fri Dec 13 2013 5:23AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

The only thing i hate about this video, is when he changes viewdirection adn quickly turns the camera... somehow it makes me feel a bit dizzy..


Not good, i just hope its the fool playing this games handling...

Fri Dec 13 2013 6:09AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

Oh, and lol for all these people calling this a wow clone...


The only things this game and WoW have in common are the art style and the fact that both are MMO´s..

Fri Dec 13 2013 6:10AM Report
Gravarg writes: Oh nos, there's quests, crafting, and killing stuff...must be another WoW Clone.  Com'on people, it's an MMO, it's going to have all that...You shouldn't be playing MMOs if you don't want to play an MMO. Fri Dec 13 2013 9:14AM Report
bbates024 writes: Game looks good ripper talks alittle much maybe he was nippining the applecider.  Sat Dec 14 2013 9:29AM Report