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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 06/03/14)  | Pub:NCSoft
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:$59.99 | Monthly Fee:$14.99
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WildStar Videos: PAX Prime Dungeon Preview (14:31)

Stephan Frost, Design Producer on WildStar, runs us through Stormtalon's Lair in the upcoming MMORPG to see how the game's mechanics will play out, plus some other surprises.

Stephan Frost, Design Producer on WildStar, runs us through Stormtalon's Lair in the upcoming MMORPG to see how the game's mechanics will play out, plus some other surprises.
Duration: 14:31
Views: 6,703  26 comments
Game: WildStar
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Reehay writes:

telegraphing combat is the single most moronic trend of MMOs..

so sick of these dumbed down bullshit MMOs... and not only is this telegraphing system dumbed down... its fucking annoying and distracting. Several game journalists who have played Wildstar have made similar comments: "i quickly focused solely on the telegraphs and ignored the target completely."

lame. so fucking lame.

Mon Sep 02 2013 2:55PM Report
Shodanas writes:

The journalists who stated that they ignored the target and focused solely on the telegraphs are the ones who fail. Apparently they have zero situational awareness and the attention span of a snail. 

When you heal, tank or dps in a 40 man raid and "..quickly focus solely on the telegraphs.." you will fail badly. 

Mon Sep 02 2013 3:36PM Report
Maelzrael writes: I personally think the telegraphs will allow the content to be even harder then any raids we've seen before. The movement style + telegraphs should prove for a very hectic experience. I think all the people being close minded about the telegraphs really are going to miss out on an epic gaming experience. Ah well, more fun for the rest of us. Mon Sep 02 2013 3:56PM Report
bwinthehouse writes: Are they serious about putting those huge read circles in the game? What is so epic about defeating a boss like that.... Where is the immersion and the skill in not standing in the red circle. Boss fights like this are the reason I do not PvE.  Mon Sep 02 2013 4:06PM Report
IceAge writes:

I don't get how people dislike the telegraphing(s) . As you could see in the video, even with the red circles, they were hit. And keep in mind, that this was a 17 level dungeon. 

I cannot wait to see and/or try, the 50 lvl dungeons. This game is going in the right direction. Keep up the good work Carbine, and take your time to make this game as good as you can.

Mon Sep 02 2013 4:13PM Report
Darkages writes: I like it! cant wait to play. Mon Sep 02 2013 4:41PM Report
DeniZg writes: It seems that people don't understand that players' telegraphs are actually a sort of a targeting reticule. So, you use your telegraph to aim at a moving target. It' also worth mentioning that, according to lead combat designer, 90% of spells are skill shots (think Moba skillshots). You won't get more challenging MMOs than this, at least not in 2014. Mon Sep 02 2013 5:09PM Report
arieste writes:

Not sure why people are bitching about the telegraph circles as being dumbed down.  I don't see how this is any dumber than the existing mechanics of moving X meters away from the mob on the AE.  


If anything, it's better than having to look in combat logs and experiment to find out exact how far an AE hits.  I find it more immersive to see where something bad is going to happen IN-GAME and move away from it than have to know that every 20 seconds you need to move X meters away but not have anything in game reflect that.  


Plus, it allows for design of multiple simultaneous AoEs that affect different areas/people differently, which can make for more complex combat.


I've like zero interest in Wildstar, but i was curious about the video and found these complaints kinda odd. 

Mon Sep 02 2013 5:46PM Report
Utinni writes:

You can turn the telegraphs off...


Mon Sep 02 2013 6:15PM Report
Drakephire writes: Wait, I thought Wild Star was a science fiction mmo? Mon Sep 02 2013 6:27PM Report
tinywulf writes: fyi, account management with NCsoft is a freaking NIGHTMARE. Mon Sep 02 2013 7:59PM Report
Roxtarr writes: It's ok if some people aren't getting how telegraphs work yet. Very few have actually played a dungeon with them.  Skepticism is understood and welcomed :D Mon Sep 02 2013 10:13PM Report
Yunique writes:

I think enemy telegraphs should be hidden. Makes it far too predictable in combat. Sure, it could be challenging even when seeing them, but it just makes it seem a little 'easy'. It's like using a wall hack in an FPS.

Either way, still excited to play this.

Mon Sep 02 2013 11:36PM Report
DMKano writes:

I'll give it a shot - but the telegraphs ruin this completely. 

Bosses telegraphing - ok

Every freaking mob in the game telegraphing - .../no


Mon Sep 02 2013 11:50PM Report
nephren25 writes: who ever was eating in the vid i wanted to kick in the teeth0 Tue Sep 03 2013 12:08AM Report
Angzt writes:

hm, actually every single boss-mechanic we saw has been used before (mostly in wow, but i bet in other games too)


all they did was paint it red... what's wrong with having magic effects to display areas of damage? let them build up before they do their dmg.


i don't like that telegraph nonsense

Tue Sep 03 2013 12:22AM Report
Hrimnir writes:

All that kept repeating in my head when i watched this was how painfully obvious it is that they're trying to out WoW, WoW.

Yes, i know there a ton of major gameplay elements that are different.  But the feel and artistic style of the game is such a blatant copy, its really kind of sad.

And by the way, i say this (and you can check my post history if you dont believe me) as a person who believes WOW is responsible for the demise of the mmorpg genre.  And yes, it is dead. 

Tue Sep 03 2013 2:32AM Report
Dajag writes: Look, Just go play The Secret World, it has the same type combat system, and it is free to play. If you like that you will like this, if you don't, you probably won't like this.... Tue Sep 03 2013 2:46AM Report
triplee writes: I really hope those that are moaning and groaning about "telegraphing" didn't/don't play Warcraft, and if they did play, don't use deadly boss mods. Tue Sep 03 2013 7:44AM Report
Saryk writes:

Don't like telegraphing, so that knocks out this MMO. I guess if EQnext doest capture me, then I am done with MMOS.

Tue Sep 03 2013 3:19PM Report
ZenMorph writes: I like what I'm seeing.  Don't mind the telegraphs at all. I'm really curious to try this from a healer perspective.  It looks like I'll be able to focus on the environment instead of being constantly pulled away to look at health bars in a standard raid-frame format.  Tue Sep 03 2013 3:50PM Report
Falcomith writes: Wow, that was a level 17 dungeon. This is certainly grabbing my attention. Tue Sep 03 2013 7:27PM Report
dirtyd77 writes:

After AOC & SWTOR I will not ride the hype train anymore.  

I will try this out with limited expectations and maybe it will surprise me. 


Wed Sep 04 2013 8:38AM Report
Enigma7337 writes: Telegraphs are not what you expect. I played this at PAX and the telegraphs were great. I myself am a veteran gamer so th etelegraphs only needed to show me where to dodge so I can blow it up better. It's not about being easy or hard. it's about keeping you moving. Which most Modern MMOs don't do. You click target and spam. This game wins over all next gen MMOs. Wed Sep 04 2013 10:19AM Report
Wizardry writes:

Teles are still hand holding mechanics.

I can see why they went this route,trying to make more challenging combat  and they sort of succeed but it also creates sloppy combat.

The tough bosses with all those oddball tele designs and the other example where only one player is safe again forces sloppy combat.

What the system does is actually force everyone to keep running around,not sure how that makes for good healing if the healer has to keep running around just because some red carpet is on the ground or needs to run to one player.

Also the tele system shows a more fake hate system,just a manufactured one based on preset tele formations.

This might be something many like just not my idea of good combat design.I prefer more old school style of controlled hate mechanics and more organized group play than just constantly running around to avoid red markers.

Thu Sep 05 2013 5:39AM Report
manio22 writes: I agree with DMKano on this . I mean its okey if some telegraphing exists in game ,in boss fights or some elites , but not in every single f...g mob out there. Its one of the reasons i hated Neverwinter. Tue Sep 10 2013 5:19AM Report