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WildStar Videos: Game Face: Wildstar Player Housing, WoW loses subs, DayZ standalone, Firefall HUGE update (6:39)

Wildstar: WoW: DayZ: Firefall: Follow Pokket: Follow MMORPG:

Wildstar: WoW: DayZ: Firefall: Follow Pokket: Follow MMORPG:
Duration: 6:39
Views: 10,569  45 comments
Game: WildStar
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jusomdude writes:

Best hairdo to date.

Anyways, the Wildstar stuff you went over looks pretty cool.

Thu Aug 09 2012 8:21AM Report
WabbaWay writes: That player housing trailer tickled my anus just right, non-instanced or gtfo though. Thu Aug 09 2012 8:57AM Report
Margrave writes:

Love her hair!

Shoot... I'm bias, I love her stuff. She rocks!

Great mmorpg piece as always little Pokket! Bravo.

Thu Aug 09 2012 9:28AM Report
JerYnkFan writes: At first I didn't think I'd like Wildstar, but it has peaked my interest.  Nice expression at the end of the WOW segment and still have the top of your head out of the frame. Thu Aug 09 2012 9:30AM Report
jeremyjodes writes: Pokket..Not wanting to add to the comnents about your looks, but by god the youtube frame picture for this game face piece makes you look like your insane.but I think you are doing great! you have really upped your game on this one and gave more details. keep improving kiddo. Thu Aug 09 2012 9:40AM Report
rygard49 writes: OAG face ftw. Thu Aug 09 2012 9:56AM Report
Paragus1 writes: Whoever is picking the frames to use for the banners has made you look like a crazy person. Thu Aug 09 2012 10:11AM Report
mmoguy43 writes: Hilarious title image. Thu Aug 09 2012 10:22AM Report
xtrabullets writes: I hate your videos because your face is pretty... Thu Aug 09 2012 10:30AM Report
Phaserlight writes:

Jesus, nice expression

Was fun seeing you in the RaiderZ live chat.

Thu Aug 09 2012 10:36AM Report
Nilenya writes: much more animated and interesting to watch and listen to! Thu Aug 09 2012 10:47AM Report
ButeoRegalis writes: Good video, much less rambling than some of the previous ones. And you should karate-chop whoever picked that still, unless you are auditioning for "over obsessive girlfriend, part 2". Thu Aug 09 2012 10:49AM Report
achesoma writes: Best video and hair so far.  Well done.  Also looking forward to Wildstar even though I'm not interested in player housing.  Thu Aug 09 2012 11:14AM Report
Freezzo writes: I agree with achesoma, on the video part. It seems a lot more structured now and it's actually fun to listen to. Keep up the good work! Thu Aug 09 2012 11:49AM Report
thubub writes:

OMG!!  Somebody please tie her hands down!

The emote for her hands is /flailshandsobsessivelywhiletalking


Thu Aug 09 2012 12:43PM Report
Brenelael writes:

Not to go too far off topic but is that your Batman Bed Sheet hanging behind you? If it is you're such a nerd Pokket and I love ya for it! LOL

Anyways... Nice vid and very informative. I've not really followed any of the games you talked about except for DayZ but the news of a stand alone game is great even if we did see it coming. Great hair btw. =)



Thu Aug 09 2012 12:51PM Report
lotaparty writes: why is this girl staring at me ? :P Thu Aug 09 2012 1:43PM Report
warbot7777 writes: She isn't pretty. Sorry to say. Thu Aug 09 2012 2:33PM Report
Cloudink writes: Nice video, zoom it out a just tad, so its not cutting out the top of you head. Thu Aug 09 2012 3:13PM Report
TheLizardbones writes: DayZ standalone?  Sweet! Thu Aug 09 2012 3:20PM Report
micona writes: Kids :( Thu Aug 09 2012 3:22PM Report
Pokket writes:

"Paragus1: Whoever is picking the frames to use for the banners has made you look like a crazy person."

That was me. I picked it :3 I've started doing my own thumbnails. I randomly paused on that still before rendereing aaaaaaaaaaaaaand voila! Thumbnail.

Thank y'all for the feedback and compliments =) I'm trying to improve every week and really do listen to what you all say (except trolls, I just laugh at them :D).

Thu Aug 09 2012 3:52PM Report
hcoelho writes:

i'm not your fan and i mostly don't like your videos, but this one was good. Informative enough, i actually got NEWS from it. 

Thu Aug 09 2012 4:07PM Report
ButeoRegalis writes:

Yea, maybe the "I randomly paused" is the issue. Bonus points for spontaneity, but I guess you would have redone it if it'd been a still with a derpy eyes-helf-closed look. :) There must be a better still in that 6min thing.

Gesticulation seems fine to me. I do it, too, when I have to speak extemporaneously. Helps to explain stuff if I can't find the right word out of the top of my head.

Thu Aug 09 2012 4:10PM Report
Tenebrion writes:

Excellent video, and fantastic journalism, as always. This is, without a doubt, absolute top notch stuff. I'm really glad to see really knocking things up a few notches with the quality of their content.

Pokket's head looks like a potatoe.

Thu Aug 09 2012 4:59PM Report
Mephster writes: Well done! Thu Aug 09 2012 5:14PM Report
waxmask writes: Pretty face talking words put there by a boy. I would be amazed if this person actually plays MMO's. Thu Aug 09 2012 5:42PM Report
mcrippins writes: @waxmask then you obviously don't know who Pokket is.. lol Thu Aug 09 2012 6:08PM Report
starwarsnut writes:

i would like to see pokket doing the news from afghanistan for lolz

pokket: like omg hello im reporting here dudes! whats with the IDE'S

pokket" Ok lets talk about this whole al queda thing. These dudes are evil and like  trying to kill everyone it makes me madder then when i die in dayz what gives?

Shes quite lively sometimes i wonder if she drinks a red bull before she does these lol.

Hair review 7/10 still like to see pokket with an bigger side bang and short emo hair. Lose the cleopatra eyeliner you!!

Thu Aug 09 2012 7:10PM Report
Hokie writes:

Although WoW isnt hurting losing 1.5M or 2M subs, it does hurt them. No company wants to lose that amount of revenue. Which is a large amount of money lost each month/billling cycle.

Not implying that you dont understand that. But you can believe that some of the people at the top have tender backsides from the ass-chewing they must be getting.


You also said something that was very significant. Mike Morhaime says it always fluctuates, so its no big deal.

But, for me, that really brings into question do they still understand how to, or do they even care about, keeping their player base interested enough to keep playing between expansions. And that indifferent answer doesnt lead me to think that.

It seems to me instead of making (and supporting) a great game, they are instead focusing on making "great" expansions. It sure seems to me that March of the Pandas expansion is more gimickie that it is actual over all content.



On to DayZ. I cant say Im 100% behind the "going independent" game is going to be such a great idea. Right now Rocket is getting (a lot?) of support from Bohemia. As its in Bohemias interest to fix any bugs in the Arma 2's code.

And its my understanding, could be wrong, that DayZ will still be using Arma2's code as the foundation of its game.

Not a big deal, except Bohemia is going to release Arma 3 sometime next year, which I believe is a near complete rewrite of its "source" code.

Meaning DayZ and Rocket may be losing a lot of indirect support they have. That I have to say Im kinda dreading.

Then again Im sure Bohemia has been doing some serious coding already on Arma 3's engine/mechanics and Rocket and dayZ has been getting support.


So its a kind of wait and see. I am a fan of both games. And I have to say Im looking forward to Arma 3 more so than I am DayZ stand alone.

Either way Im going to have some great FPS fun this year an next. PS2, Arma 3 and DayZ.


Thanks again for the videos!

Thu Aug 09 2012 9:28PM Report
xr00t3dx writes: Stop waving your fracking hands in my face! Thu Aug 09 2012 11:06PM Report
VirgoThree writes:

Great vid! Has it been mentioned anywhere when the DayZ standalone client will be available? I definitely want to give the game a shot someday.

Anyways keep up the good work!

Thu Aug 09 2012 11:18PM Report
avalon1000 writes: Wow will just slowly fade away. It won't happen overnight. Fri Aug 10 2012 12:26AM Report
illmaculate writes: Why anyone thought it was a good idea to let you spew nonsense in these videos is beyond me. Butter face. Fri Aug 10 2012 1:09AM Report
Mothanos writes:

In regards to WoW, more subs will drop as many people are stuck on death servers and refuse to play realm transfer costs ontop of their subscription.

Q2 reported 1.2 million sub drops Q3 wont boost that number as the Anual pass will end + GW2 comes out, MoP will launch but man there are riots versus the kung fu panda as is so Blizzard is going to have a rough time doing 2 bad Xpacs :P

Fri Aug 10 2012 2:05AM Report
Failtrain writes: Firefall PvP is just silly now to be honest. So disappointed in it. Fri Aug 10 2012 5:57AM Report
Digna writes:

This video was...better than in the past. The hands were a severe distraction. You can use 'calculated' hand gestures as a means of strengthening a review/speech/conversation but with only a head and shoulders view, wild gesturing is (and was) distracting.

The overall information stream and conversation seemed reasonable (better than past) for the first 2/3rds of the article. Last 2 minutes or so it started to speed up and began to seem like rambling. Easy to do when you get excited. You extemporize to 'get it all in' and begin to fall short.

Overall? Well, I sat through the whole thing which is a change pointing to the positive. Kudos.

Fri Aug 10 2012 6:01AM Report
InvaderGUI writes: OMG!!! This pocket girl is horrably anoying. She just keeps rambling on endsly and has nothing to say.  The people in charge of MMORPG should send her to acting and journalism classes and wright her a script. At least she is better to look at then the dragqueen Morgan Web. Fri Aug 10 2012 7:46AM Report
FrodoFragins writes: Is that your batman bed sheet? Fri Aug 10 2012 12:24PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: woah, those arms are really flying around :D Fri Aug 10 2012 5:03PM Report
Falcomith writes:

Was the video on fast forward?

Oh yes. I forgot. Its Pokket on the energy drinks again.

Fri Aug 10 2012 5:18PM Report
Hokie writes:

Dont know what the big deal is about her hands. I actually had to rewatch it just see what its all about.

She is just an expressive talker guys. Nothing wrong with that.


Seems like people a just trying to find something to complain about, just to complain.


Fri Aug 10 2012 8:11PM Report
Hallowel writes:

Love your videos Hillary, you do great game reporting, keep them coming! Don't let the bad critics get ya down. It's the silent masses that watch that really count.

Love the hair by the way. :)

Sat Aug 11 2012 7:39PM Report
Urden writes: Great video, very informative. I didn't even notice your hands. Some people just look for things to complain about. Looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work. Sat Aug 11 2012 9:26PM Report
Heafstagg writes: Wow, some people really need to put other people down to make themselves feel better. The bashing of pokket and bills work ans videos is borderline disgusting. People really need to grow up around here. Wed Aug 15 2012 12:39AM Report