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RaiderZ (RZ)
MAIET Entertainment | Official Site
MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 11/20/12)  | Pub:Perfect World Entertainment
Distribution:Download | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:n/a
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RaiderZ Forum » General Discussion » Best f2p I´ve tried so far

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11/19/12 12:45:09 AM#21
Originally posted by Adam1902

I got in to closed beta for this game on the Europe servers, but at the time I didn't really have much time at all to put in to playing an MMO so all I did was run around for a couple hours and test the gameplay (which seemed good from what I could tell).

What does RaiderZ have to offer in terms of PvP?

Are their PvP servers where fights between groups will happen over bosses etc? I'd enjoy that. Or is it more of an instanced PvP kinda deal?

If it's the first one, might give it a another bash untill DF: UW.

Currently the only way to pvp is in a zone called "Mt Eda". The way it works is that the main quest eventually takes you to a zone where there is a war between two factions, you have to choose a side and do quests in the contested area of the map to progress through the main quest, however once you hit 29 you can no longer attack other players and cannot be attacked yourself, there is a higher level version called "Epic Mt Eda". There are no pvp servers but an arena is supposed to be on the way. There is a single boss called Diago in the center of this area, in the first Mt Eda he drops materials you need for a very good set of armor, in the second I'm not so sure, by this point most people ignore him and just pvp purely.


As for my take on the game...basically the game is another quest hub hopper with some action combat thrown in. I went in thinking I was just gonna kill a few hours with it and ended up getting to the cap (which isn't a feat, you level fast and the cap is only 35). It's a fun ride and all but I honestly don't see the end game ever holding up, this is what you can currently do in the end game:


Run "epic" versions of dungeons (think WoW heroics) that are laughably easy for materials for gear that is a color swap of a lower level set. You can only do 3 runs a day per dungeon (3 dungeons, you get 3 "keys" for each dungeon by doing 3 daily quests).


PvP.  This is a joke, at the moment it is currently a contest to see who can sucessfully stunlock the other person to death first, not to mention that if one faction has even 2 more people than the other in the war zone, the underdog faction gets a buff that increases all their stats, which only increases the more the difference in numbers gets.


Do what are called "Hellhound quests" where you fight previous bosses solo or with a group, nobody does the group versions as the bosses have way too much hp and the rewards are less than the solo versions. You have to do these for the only earrings in the game currently.


I find very little reason to log in anymore other than to do the dailies to hoard a bunch of keys to do a bunch of dungeons I have no need to do. It's a great time waster and if you don't mind the stone age questing system it can be a ton of fun when you finally hit that first group boss. I know it's just open beta and that a patch is coming within the next few days that is going to raise the cap(I believe) but I just don't see them adding enough that it would be worth staying for the long haul.

Just my 2 CP



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11/19/12 1:25:23 AM#22

Normaly I steer clear of PWE games because of the asian generic feel to them. That being said I decided to give Raiderz a shot.I havent been able to move away from the computer. My eyes have been glued to the screen. The combat system is very nice and what a rush fighting those bosses.  I dont know if the game will hold up for those hardcore players that need new content every two weeks, but for the casual to semi hardcore players It will be a fun ride.

I dont care for the generic UI and the constant grind for mats , but hell I havent found a mmorpg yet that didnt have alot of repetitive grinding in some form or fashion. There is alot postives about the game! It has alot of potential. Like I said the boss fights are hella fun. Dodging at that perfect moment is pure excitement!

Nice Graphics

Smooth gameplay (For the most part)

Mount crafting (Thats a new one to me)

Epic boss fights

Dual class system ( Combine Cleric with Defender = Palidan)

Freindly community

Its not the best F2p game on the market right now , but with good support It very well could be in the future.

nathonc Xfire Miniprofile

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11/19/12 4:05:30 AM#23

From the sounds of things I'm going to assume this is a semi-casual MMO, or it is simply unfinished in its current state (maybe both?). However, I like the sounds of the PvP - the fact that it's uninstanced. Sounds nice to play for my MMO fix for time being along with some FPS whilst waiting for DF: UW.

Anyway, I downloaded the Europe client again (I hate PWE, pay2win) and yes, the game is as good as I remember. The almost-classless system is very nice. The gameplay is quite action-packed and very fluid, possibly more-so than TERA - I dunno TERA felt a bit more clunky compared to this.

The graphics are quite nice too, actually... There's some really beautiful sights to be seen in-game, they're not as good as TERA's graphics but they're definitely not lacking by any means.

Also I'm using TERA as an example here because the game 'feels' similar to it, and offers a similar basic feature-set.

The world feels quite small though from what I've played so far, then again I've just finished the first zone then logged off. Actually looking forward to having another bash when I get home later! :)

I hope Mt Eda is fun.

Biggest problem I can find with the game so far, is that it's not really very challenging (yet?). The mobs are easy to take down multiples of and the large bosses that feel as though you'd need a group to take down I would probably been capable to solo. Hope it gets rougher later.

Also, don't be worried about the population on the EU server guys, UK player here got a bit worried when I saw how few posts their was at the EU-RaiderZ forum as opposed to the US one, population seems totally fine and I've been playing at a silly time between 7-10am.

Glad I decided to give RaiderZ a bash. :)

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12/05/12 6:40:19 PM#24
Originally posted by negativf4kk
u must be joking

We normally talk to people in a polite manner here. Especially those who take time to write their honest opinion. You might not agree with him but don't talk down.

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