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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 04/02/13)  | Pub:Trion Worlds
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Defiance Forum » General Discussion » Bought defiance over the weekend (PS3) gonna do a day by day.

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OP  6/16/13 9:45:19 PM#1

Not that anyone cares but i'd figured , what the heck and give people an objective sense of the game. I am just overly exhausted of pc mmo's and really wanted to play an mmo on ps3 (dcuo excluded).

So, I went to gamestop. Let me tell you first off. You can buy a used copy of the game and have a 7 day return no questions asked. So right there, is a good reason to at least try it. I got it for 45$ and even tried buying a new copy till the manager told me " you either love it or hate it, try the used copy with the refund policy".

I get home, plop the bad boy in. 

Registration easy, linking account was easy but you have to use IE not chrome. As an I.T person kinda got on that quick, but hopefully that'll save you guys a lot of headache. Basically, you are linking your profile to the game, it gives you redeem codes etc as you level.

So, i get to the character creation. Wasnt fond of the  irathients. Made a human , veteran with my wife. You can chose from veteran, soldier, outlaw, machinist. Only difference in class is look and starting weapons i belive (correct me if im wrong).

Get in game, story pretty good. Cut scenes were not too long and not to short. Tutorial drops you right into some combat. No xp at the very beginning , i am old school so thought i could sneak a quick level in. You basically get your starting gear and a very good tutorial on ego powers.

THe third person shooter is nice. To be honest they did an extremely great job of crosshair and aiming in this game. IT feels good. The weapons feel good and the character models seem to really have that good feeling to them.

I spent the first night trying different classes to see which weapons i liked. I am at around ego 100 now which does some more unlocks, so im learninga bout all that.

There's a lot to go into and im a bit tired but, i'll do the negatives first and finish with the positive tomorrow.

Driving, you get a vehicle free and quick. Problem is the rendering is god awful. I hit invisible walls nonstop. It's not a huge game breaker for me but i turned it off the other night just because it took a while for the render. I was going over a bridge and there was a truck blockade there. I didn't see it for a about a minute no exaggeration, a minute for it to render. I have a very good ps3.

I started to focus on leveling and arks. I went to an ark (AMAZING FUN TIME BTW!). So many people showed up the sound jsut turned off. Completely turned off, i spent about 10 minutes finishing it with no sound. Also, the rendering, again....It took an extremely long time to render the event. I can understand 50+ people in one spot fighting a big monster, but it was really bad.

Exploits. I did one ark where a guy just drove around in circles the whole time running over things. It was easy xp and loot but it took the fun out of it. Hopefully they patch that soon.

My first couple nights in, and im still going. It's just a refreshing chane to sit on the couch and play a mmo (co-op) other than trying to force myself to enjoy a pc mmo. 


I'll update it a bit more as i go on tomorrow and through the week, still early in the game bu tit is great fun. THere are some very serious bugs , but it feels good to play and it feels different so far.


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6/16/13 9:58:18 PM#2

i was at first a bit put off  by the game, but have become quite addicted to it lately. one of the things that changed my mind was when they announced the virus/afflicted story arc. at that point i realized it was a Trion game and that while its not quite an mmo really, that content should be fairly regular in output by them.


so rather than a complete set of all options and content, as in most mmos, this game looks as if it will unfold like Rift did. a little light on the front end, but building layers of content over time.


hope you enjoy your time ingame.


(also, to clarify the four choices include 'survivalist' not 'soldier', which is really what the 'veteran' option is. as well, there aren't any real classes in the game especially since you can master all four of the primary EGO powers eventually. so pick up any weapon, any time and begin mastering it.)

"There are at least two kinds of games.
One could be called finite, the other infinite.
A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse


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OP  6/17/13 6:51:36 PM#3

Another day in the books.

Game is really growing on me. A lot of the quests are go here press square (ps3) kill mobs while you are there.

I enjoy the hotshot, racing challenges and the variety of free roaming that it offers though. It's got a nice feel to it and despite the simple questing the controls and action more than make up for it.

I did a ton of arkfalls and learned about modding and a bit more about my ego.

The cash shop is not great and not bad, there are weapon boxes you can buy but you can also get them in game. Extra inventory is a reasonable price etc..

I realized there are a few things lacking that kind of bothered me today. Social gameplay is non existent. I know im on a console but it sucks to see 50+ people fighting together with no one one talking.

No bank :( really annoying. No mail system even more annoying (unless there is one and im just totally oblivious to it). 

No auction house, doesnt really bother me. I think player run economies are better. I'd really like to see a zone like the marina in APB where people can just connect and socialize. The game is still great fun so far, but it has it's issues.

So far my biggest gripes have been mostly bug related and the lack of community, trading , mailing, communication etc.. For all its downfalls , i am going to keep it and keep playing it. The combat and the style of hte game are worth playing occasionally even if i hit a boredom wall soon. 

I am going to tackle pvp and some other builds. 

so far using a veteran , loadout one is a smg and secondary weapon is  a sniper rifle. loadout two is an infector and an rpg. 

I have found that sniping is almost a necessity when soloing. The quests are pretty challenging and if u run in with guns blazing you'll just end up dead. THe strategy is nice in it.

  User Deleted
6/17/13 6:57:01 PM#4
Day 387.... they still do not realize I am a troll....

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OP  6/19/13 9:46:54 PM#5

another day in. Game is really a blast to play. 

I did some pvp today. It was pretty fun although totally imbalanced. I went to the forums and found a thread on starting defiance. I'd lke to point any new players here as it really helps you a tremendous amount to start.!


this guide gives you 100+ arkfall codes, that unlock bonuses. I didn't go to the forums so i didn't find this till just today. I started a new character and wow , it does help.

basically today, i spent most of my time testing a multitude of weapons. I've decided to permanently stick witha  vot pulser (smg) great gun. Second slot is a sniper rifle. Loadout two is my shotty, rpg loadout.

I am working my way through all the events, grouping up a bit more and trying pvp. The UI is annoying at times, there is just way to much to go through to get where u are going.  i am a little annoyed that there is not an out of combat loadout swap but all in all im progressing reasonably well and enjoying what the game has to offer.


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7/15/13 7:01:40 PM#6

I'm too one of the late buyers of Defiance after picking up the Ultimate Edition, which is quite awesome for such a nice package