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Defiance Forum » General Discussion » Is it worth it?

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OP  6/11/13 12:23:07 AM#1

I'm disappointed with mmo shooters at this point. I have an extreme dislike of Planetside 2 and feel as though Firefall could have been good if it weren't for its heavy use of grind as a poor solution to extremely limited content.


I just want to know how this compares to Firefall.


Content amount.

Content variety.

Character customization.

The overall playing experience.

Bang for your buck.





Be honest. 


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6/11/13 6:09:46 AM#2

"Extremely limited content"... This comment of yours about Firefall fits perfectly for Defiance too, I'm afraid.

I bought the game and I've played for a few hours. It was fun in the beginning, but very quickly you realize that most of the missions (quests) are identical. Either they tell you to collect, repair, whatever, it's all the same: Enter an area, kill enemies and interact with something 3 times or more.

There are side missions that provide SOME variation, ie races to beat certain times. But it really doesn't help much. This game feels like there are 4-5 quests which are repeated over and over and over....

If you're still considering this game, wait till Steam's summer sale and hope for a huge discount. It's NOT worth the full price. All imo, of course.


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6/13/13 4:00:12 AM#3

I play[ed] Defiance first got all the pre-order stuff $60 and so forth. I am now playing Firefall, paid $20 .

I think it depends on what you're looking for , if you're looking for a 40-60 hour shooter game with some MMO elements, then yes it's worth it. The combat is fun, the vehicles is fun. However that's it, i don't see the longevity in this game, you will get bored with it and even "finish it" within a month of regular play. Pretty much like a single player game. I found the RPG elements lacking to be honest, Deus Ex got more RPG than this.


So my experience between the 2:

1. Both are 3rd person Shooters with an open world.

2. Firefall's world is more interesting , prettier and more varied. I'm talking Fallout vs. Farcry  here. Firefall got the beach,forest,huge cliffs, caves, bunkers and alot of unique looking spaces. Defiance in contrast is one texture copy paste rolling landscape with the exact same NPC outposts scattered around. What you see at the start is pretty much what you will see rest of the game. San Francisco (which you can't  access until you are rather far into the game) only differs with a texture change. 

3. Defiance you drive around in jeeps/quad bikes which are fast and quite entertaining. In Firefall you glide/fly around with gliders or jetpacks. You can eventually get a vehicle in Firefall, but due to Firefall's more intricate/varied terrain, i'd say driving is not as interesting as running/flying but Firefall gives you more options.

4. Defiance got no crafting.  You can call the "weapon mods" thing crafting, but it's not, it's like Diablo enchants that you slot in your weapon to get a 1% increase in something.  Firefall got a rather intricate crafting system, it's not very polished and can be obscure, but it is a big part of the game. You can craft a vehicle for example.

5. Defiance got no classes. Your only differentiating factor is the weapons you wield. There is a ton of weapons with alot of effects, you basically level the weapons as you use them. There is a "skill tree" with 4 primary abilities and the rest is  passives that enhance crit/health/reload/etc etc, you can only use 1 ability at a time . In Firefall they have Battleframes which is considered a "class" and similar to Planetside 2 in this regard. However there is 5 "free" Battleframes and then like 10 more that you can "grind" for or buy with $. You can switch between battleframes anytime, you level them as you use them (again same as Planetside 2) . Each Battleframe have 4 abilities and 2 weapons, all which can be changed/augmented via crafting.

So imho, Defiance is by far inferior here, there's VERY little progression paths in Defiance, there isn't any thing you will ever feel like grinding for. Most things you will have access to from the start.

6. Defiance got "dungeons" which are 5-man type of instances , they work like most modern MMOs. You queue up for them and off you go. Firefall got "open world dungeons" which are populated at random . So it's like a cave or bunker which are empty and dynamically and randomly it can be populated by enemies with a goal to fetch/clear it. This can be 1-man to 5-man , but it's a "free for all open world quest" effect. I'm not aware of true 5-man dungeon instances in Firefall.

7. Defiance got PvP, so does Firefall. I will refrain to comment as i've not done Firefall PvP. I did the "shadow war" PvP in Defiance which is kinda like Open World PvP where you have to hold /capture points and so on, i did not find it particularly fun or interesting due to lack of balance of weapons. Most will just spam grenades/AOE or stealth.

8.Defiance got a "main story" which consists of various quests and boss fights (in solo instances). Firefall got nothing.

9. Defiance got side quests which is bascially open world fetch/take points missions, this is generally open world and shared with other players. Firefall's ARES missions / open world dungeons / radar missions / repair thumpers are pretty much same as this. I do think Firefall's missions are more random and varied, where Defiance's missions are fixed and scripted and not always repeteable.

10. Defiance got no "resource gathering" . Firefall got the whole thumping effect which not only gives you crafting materials but creates an instant mob spawn situation which you need to fight while thumping. Defiance's closest to this is probably the random side missions that spawn in the middle of the roads or areas requiring you to save a hostage or blow up something (generally quick).

11. Defiance got Arkfalls , which is same as Rift's rifts. Random open world raid/group events. Everyone run there shoot at some mobs, next phase, shoot more mobs, final boss appear and done. It's fun for a bit, but gets very repetitive. Firefall got the invasions/incursions where NPC groups attack the towns and take them over, you can defend/retake , can build up a town's defenses (turrets etc) , similar to Planetside 2, except it's against NPCs. Rift had this thing called "Zone Invasions" which consisted of Rifts opening up and mobs attacking the towns, well Firefall has similar concept. For some reason Defiance stopped short of creating something similar, probably because there's no real "town" (Defiance towns are like a farm or small outpost, there is no central hub like Copa in Firefall).

12. Defiance is pretty much LINEAR . You go from one quest hub to the next. You will reach quest hub, do the main story missions and then optionally complete the side missions all marked on your map in the vacinity. There is repeatable "gauntlets" lik the time trials (with a vehicle ) / chicken shoot trials / mass waves shooting which are solo and generally instanced/only you.

When you're done there, you move on to the next hub, there's very little reason to return to previous areas other than use the merchant terminals.

13. Defiance UI is based on console , so the ui is terrible on PC. There's very little social interaction, the chat mechanism is terrible and no one talks (because it's too difficult and unintuitive). There's no proper "zone chat" or even "/say". Firefall is more traditional with chat channels and such , alot more talking and interaction.

14. Defiance got the tie in with the TV show, so there's "special" missions that change on a weekly/biweekly basis where you interact a bit with the main characters of the show. This kinda like "story" missions, but they're optional and can be anywhere in the world and not related with your current progress in the game etc.


So in all honesty, Firefall is more bang for your buck considering it's Free (or $20 to play in the beta permanently). Defiance combat is still alot of fun, but the content is linear and finite . They have what is called "EGO Power" which is a way of indicating your "level", but there isn't really levels in this game. You gain EGO Power by completing "achievements" (i.e. completing all quests in an area) , so it's not really a true level indicator and definitely does not give you any feeling of "progression" in terms of character building. It's pretty much like playing Battlefield or Call of Duty to be honest, you got a few unlocks, but ultimately there's not a big RPG path to work towards, there's no stats to raise or decisions to make (that you can't eventually unlock anyway).

Firefall might bore players just as fast as Defiance, but there is at least more potential to stick around longer. Defiance does have the more story line thing to it (with an ending), whereas Firefall you're left at a kind of "end game" from the start.








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6/13/13 4:02:07 AM#4

IF you can pick it up cheap then i guess go for it..


Game is very average.. noly thing it is good for is finding out a bit more about the lore of the universe to go along with the TV series.. just dont go paying full price for it.

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