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World of Darkness Forum » General Discussion » What Vampire Bloodline with you play?

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12/30/11 9:17:25 AM#81

1. Lasombra  

2. Brujah (old school scholar type , not the punk ganger type)

3. Cappadocian

  User Deleted
1/03/12 1:55:46 PM#82

Malk or bust.


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1/06/12 8:43:47 PM#83

Brujah (I like your statement about the lore behind them not sure how many people were aware)

Ravnos (Simply because i love the gypsies)

and last but definately not least Tremere


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1/15/12 10:26:39 PM#84

Gangrel or Brujah


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2/03/12 11:50:12 PM#85

1. Gangrel

2. Ravnos

3. Tremere

Probably not in that order (Gangrels don't like the Tremere).


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2/06/12 8:26:56 AM#86


We are the people our paretns warned us about.


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2/06/12 8:34:03 AM#87

Definately Gangrel.


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2/06/12 8:46:51 AM#88
Originally posted by cheshyrecat

I always favored the Samedi, Tzimisce, or the followers of set.  The ugly, the monstrous, and the sinners.  I also habitually root for the under-dog.  Go figure.





     Good, So if they allow them.  I shall be True Tzimisce (ala Vlad Tepes), you players playing the wyrm corrupted False Tzimisce will give me somthing to hunt :)


     Time Warping True Brujah would be kinda cool too..or regular Brujah if they dont allow the exotic clans in.

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2/06/12 9:03:30 AM#89

According to the Troika character creation quiz at the beginning of their most excellent CRPG, I'm Gangrel. So there you go. And Brujah as my second choice.

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2/06/12 4:20:07 PM#90

Gangrel from northern europe. About time I get something worth while to do during the nightless nights. Can't really show myself in public these days, lack of blood during summertime, when sun doesn't set for months, has caused slight conflict with my inner beast...and it has left it's marks. Bloody hairy ears and huge unibrow seem to draw too much attention! ><

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2/14/12 8:38:41 PM#91

Only the main 7 cammy clans will be playable for launch. See the wiki on my site for more confirmed info, it has been updated with the latest news.


Admin of World of Darkness News


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2/18/12 3:25:04 AM#92


no alts.

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3/25/12 5:00:19 AM#93

If given the chance, Caitiff.

with time based locked character progression, alongside the ruleset of Vampire the Masquerade, Caitiff on long term has the potential to surpass any other class.


Assuming you can hide your clan from other players (i.e. people dont automatically see your name and information automatically, unless you share the information with then using in-game mechanics), there should be no unmanageable penalties.

Caitiff is the custom class, the hybrid of computer RPGs. It also offers a lot more freedom in roleplaying, because it has no soft steryotypes like other clans.


The choice between Ventrue, Tremere, Brujah, Nosferatu or Malkavian will depend on the game mechanics and features available.

No point playing a Brujah if the game does not offer a gameplay that provides means of acquiring resources, value as a Brujah minor society cancer would, or the freedoms to behave how they want, or socialization tools to rebel against whatever order blocks their way. If they make it so you can act how you want, but then a blood hunt is ordered because you shot some guards during a bank robbery without exposing the masquerade in a blatant way, then the game was designed in a way that it restricts the nature of the class too much, by adding punishments and consequences that would otherwise be absent in the dark gothic world we are supposed to be living with. But if individual players take the rules of the vampiric society and bend it at their will, and the game gives them the tools to do so, very differently from the pen and paper, the players freedom will be restricted beyond the original intentions of the clan steryotype.

No point playing a Nosferatu if there is no secret infos, nets and databases to benefit from. No point either if you cant have a well developed sewers, undercity structure. To conceive a Nosferatu, you must have all players info secret and allow it to be revealed. From unimportant things such as npc friends/parents/relationships, to past work jobs, address, hideout, clan, generation, vampire connections and so on. It would require a game mechanics that designs on top of any possible metagame bypasses. In order to make information become power. Information has to be mineable/harvested/collected. It has to be shareable/tradeable. It has to have a point, so there must be mechanics that generate demand for it. This whole cat and rat, seek and hide game that Nosferatus excel at has to be designed throughly, otherwise its pointless to be a Nosferatu. It has to be valuable, strategic information. Whatever the media/newsgroup have access, public or private entities, npcs or characters have access to, must be accessable by Nosferatus. Things like tracking players characters location live, last location. last activities. Basically the log admins normally have of players activities should be addapted and shaped into a feature just for the Nosferatu's main game. Trackers, Hackers, Investigators, Researches, anything regarding information should be part of this mini-game feature. Basically all this "see name tag on top of players head, or right click to see info", should be rethought and turned into a thesims kind of thing, initially you dont know nothing and as you spend time and effort you discover more things, wich might even be false. Some information might be willingly shared through game mechanics that could be animated into roleplays such as presenting yourself formaly to another vampire player character at wich point the info you choose to share gets added to their "memory" of you, wich is translated through game mechanic by the game. Said information would be fluid, change, expand or even get removed, through socialization, research, disciplines AND the design has to provide the tools/mechanics for that. Otherwise you cant even start to think of roleplaying when everything is metagamed.

The players shouldnt even be able to know if the character they are seing is controled by an npc or a player. Unless they are using auspex, or the player clothes style gives it away, or they are moving erratically, zig zagging and jumping around. That sort of thing. All possibilities should be foreseen and designed to fit possible player behavior and world setting/lore/mechanics.

No point playing a Ventrue, unless the politics and game mechanics regarding prerrogatives of princes and other roles of power actually can create conditions and limitations that cause effect on other players. It also will depend on how the mechanics of domination and presence will be implemented and how they will be able to interact with human npcs society.

For the game to make justice to the world of darkness, it also has to allow players to buy, sell, real state, manage services/product companies, prospect natural resources, have enterprises/companies, become share holders/stock holders oil companies, bank companies, etc. Everything must be represented phisically within the game world, and be affectable by other players. So players can invade, torch, raid, dynamite the whole thing. And the Ventrue in charge would have to hire security, bribe police, keep things tight, or under the radar of other players. For this to happen, every possible industrial or comercial building should be represented, regardless if its owned by players or fictionally by npcs, as long as its there and affectable, purchaseable, destroyable. The game must be designed to allow players to take control over the macro economy of the world. From energy companies, telecomunication companies, natural resources prospectors, farmaceutics or food industries to everything else. Everything up for grabs between players and AI. Anything less than that does not make justice to the power, influence and behavior means and intentions of the Ventrue steryotype in the struggles of power. The finance/economy order must be so well realized in the game and it must be at players disposal as a game by itself.

It would be ridiculous not to be able to control the Estate, through its direct branches legislative, executive and judiciary power agents npcs as well as its indirect branches, from banks to What Im saying is that, to even conceive a Ventrue clan, they would have to GO WAY BEYOND EVE ECONOMY or X UNIVERSE economy complexity.

Gangrels, for instance, would depend on the existance and development not just of a main city or big capital/metropolis areas, but also countrysides, rural areas. So Gangrels can really make use of soil, and nature as habitat/disguise. It would also depend on how agravated damage, feeding and life regeneration will be implemented in game mechanics. In the pen and paper game a Gangrel was a threat, a force to reckognize even as a starting character. This would translate to a griefers wetdream depending on how its portraied/transitioned to WOD.

Tremeres, for the same reason as all other classes, would depend on how well Thaumaturgy will be developed. How deep and complex it will be. Its has the scope of an integral feature such as auction house or a crafting/conjuring/witchcraft/alchemy/enchanting system. Almost anything the Tremere wishes may be accomplished through its magic. So depending how deep and complex is, how well the game makes justice to its power, then it might make Tremere worth playing. If Thaumaturgy ends up being just gimmicks, then its no better than other classes.

Malkavians will certainly fall short on the expectations of everyone. Regarding the uniqueness of its vision, perception, UI, and how it will be translated/presented to players. Even what was offered in Vampire Bloodlines is the bare minimum for a Malkavian. In terms of gaming design and development having to offer objective visual representations and limitations, to make justice to a Malkavian would require too many TIME AND DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES, to satisfy just a fraction of the possible player base who ends up choosing Malkavian.


So, just to give an idea, depending on what they expand upon, what features were made or what game mechanics have been designed, will define the class that I will be willing to play. If the game doesnt suck so much, Im even willing to finance a dozen of accounts just for posteriority.



Joined: 1/12/07
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3/25/12 5:14:57 AM#94

Nosferatu for male, Gangrel for female. Depends on how western (aka fugly) the avatars will be really.


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3/29/12 10:39:46 PM#95

Depends, Malkavian... but that seems to be too popular.. might try a couple of different ones and go for an under populated one.  I would hate to be 1 of  20k of 1 clan when I could be 1 of a hundred or so of a less popular clan. Just saying.

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  User Deleted
3/29/12 10:43:03 PM#96


ccp does politics well. i'm very excited to see what tool they'll give us in regard to that element of vtm.

i'd be interested in nosferatu depending what tools they give nosferatu in regard to the gathering of secrets etc.


  User Deleted
3/29/12 10:44:07 PM#97
Originally posted by Xasapis

Nosferatu for male, Gangrel for female. Depends on how western (aka fugly) the avatars will be really.

if the avatars are anything like eve, i don't think we'll have much to worry about.

wondering what they'll do to nosferatu, though...


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3/29/12 10:59:46 PM#98


I'm still deciding if I'll play WoD - VtM as I'm more of a WotA fan, however when I did LARP I was tasked with portraying an interesting Toreador NPC so I might create a character loosely based on him. Once (or in the case of CCP "if ever") they add WotA I will play a Stargazer, though CCP better do a damn good job on the werewolves, there is no reason not to have morphing these days. No need to go the lazy route like Blizzard and have them poof into their forms. If you're going to do that then you might as well make the vampires sparkle so they fit together in the world. ;-)

Outside of wanting proper morphing animations I would like to see Kailindo as a form of attack skill werewolves could branch into. Thought that's just a dream and I'm not jaded enough to believe CCP would attempt morphing let alone Kailindo, heck I'd be surprised if WotA was added with in the first five to ten years if at all.

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3/29/12 11:15:18 PM#99





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3/29/12 11:22:20 PM#100

1. Ravnos- of course, but only should they allow it. Likely to roleplay more of a Rroma 'Ezmerelda' than a skeezy modern, failing that might fall to Mayaparasatya style Hindi. If they follow V20 it will be a "both are true or have been at times" with 1st,2nd and Rev.


2. Tzimisce- again if allowed. Definitely Romanian, but likely still with Vissicitude rather than "old clan".


3. Gangrel- and would base the character off a modern tribal who aimed for being a Pict. Leather strapped down bosom and all.






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