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World of Darkness Forum » General Discussion » World of Darkness 2013 or 2014?

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4/28/13 10:47:41 PM#21
Originally posted by Mothanos

The ps3 is at the end of her life cycle - we get a new PS and xbox not to long from now.
Lots of studio's are already working on launch title's for the new hardware that comes out soon.

Sure people might still own the PS3, but games will grow thin like any other console when its getting replaced.
I woult rule out Dust 514 on PC when this happens.

WoD....we know little about whats going on in the house of CCP.
Wish we got some more info so we can assume its being worked on, right now its on the CCP shelves and no1 knows how many people might going to work on it.

Sad new as this might be a very interesting mmo on the fail themepark mmo's we have been fed last 7 years.

It's worth remembering that it has only been a few months since Sony stopped producing the Playstation 2. Even if the PS4 launches this year, the PS3 will be the greatly more important platform for years to come. Going on historical trends, it'll be at least 2016 before the PS4 starts outselling it, never mind actually exceeding the PS3 userbase - the Playstation 2 was still massively outselling the PS3 in 2009, 3 years after the PS3 launched.

If you think that game companies are going to drop PS3 releases any time soon, you might want to explain your reasoning.

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5/01/13 4:22:48 PM#22

My three best guesses based on how little they're willing to show ( especially considering started devlopemnt in 2006):

1. 2016

2. Gets cancelled

3. 2015


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5/02/13 6:21:33 AM#23

with Eve still growing and DUST integration getting more and more attention they have a great succes.
WOD has 70 devs working on it..knowing CCP they want to make it perfect.
This is the 1st time they do a (fantasy mmo) so excpect lots of hicups and back to the drawing board.

They are not in a hurry, dont feel presured by retarded investors...
My gues is 2015 release or beta.


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5/09/13 9:02:23 PM#24
More like 2015 and beyond....

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5/09/13 9:25:11 PM#25

Originally posted by LongLivePvP
More like 2015 and beyond....

Dang it! I wanted to put 2015 up there!

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5/09/13 9:26:48 PM#26
I have a feeling that this game won't see the light of day.

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5/09/13 9:30:41 PM#27
having followed this since i heard about it a few years ago. i thought for the most part it might have been vapor ware as there was nothing released ever about it apart from CCP was looking at making it. Now they are starting to release some info in small amounts its good. I would love it if this did come out 2014 (dont see it happening 2013), but more than likely it will be 2015 or beyond.

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5/10/13 3:24:02 AM#28
Originally posted by Arakazi
I have a feeling that this game won't see the light of day.

good one


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5/10/13 4:15:46 AM#29
They lost their way with Dust 514, once they shake that off they can focus on this title which will be doing well to come out by 2015.

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5/12/13 3:22:54 PM#30
They have already officially announced that it will not come out this year or next year so that means 2015. I'm too lazy to source it but there's been multiple interviews just google it and you'll see. It does suck but at least this way we know that will get a finished product

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5/16/13 2:25:27 PM#31
Yeah 2015-2017 seems like a safe bet. I'm a tad sad about it. Not sure if to go full emo or dump some sparkle dust on my face. I hope people are not expecting to play this game on a single/dual core laptop in the year 2017... because if you are...


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As One With Darkness

5/22/13 4:47:30 AM#32
Best bet i think is Nov in this current year... will be playing it when the bells and whistles of X-mas are taking us to ease the burden and giving up our bed bears.

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5/22/13 4:50:49 AM#33
what the fekk is taking so long. daddy wants to play!

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5/22/13 4:51:42 AM#34
dubble post.

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5/22/13 5:17:31 AM#35

2016 ! Coming soon !


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5/25/13 10:29:34 AM#36
Originally posted by RavingRabbid
Hopefully by 2014 once they realize the waiting catastrophe that is Dust 514 and spend the money to develop WOD.

Dust 514 never had any real potential in my opinion, it's just CCP wanting to get into the console market. On the other hand, WoD surely has potential and I hope they put serious work and resources in it. gogo EvE with fangs!



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6/11/13 11:13:58 AM#37

Chris said at the most recent Fanfest won't be coming out 2013 or 2014 so 2015 it is at best. FYI


See here for details;

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6/11/13 11:15:57 AM#38

I won't worry about when this game will release, but will just be happy if / when it does..

CCP has to get this one right. Another DUST 514 showing would not be a good look for such a solid development studio such as CCP..

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8/03/13 10:04:56 PM#39
Originally posted by Malcanis
The fact is that no-one not even CCP really knows.



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8/03/13 10:06:44 PM#40
Im counting on 2015 in all seriousness..yes I know..but 014 is way too close to even consider next year a possibility.

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