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World of Darkness Forum » General Discussion » What Vampire Bloodline with you play?

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3/29/12 11:25:50 PM#101



  User Deleted
3/30/12 4:28:49 AM#102

Toreador or Tremere


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3/30/12 4:32:29 AM#103



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3/30/12 4:43:32 AM#104

Tremere, as that's all i ever played for tabletop.


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*stuck in T-pose*

3/30/12 4:46:38 AM#105

Ravnos then vamp hunter if they put it in. 


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3/30/12 4:51:07 AM#106

Metis Bonegnawer (Ragabash).

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  User Deleted
3/30/12 5:14:18 AM#107

I would go with the Tzimisce , then Assimite, Ventrue or Lasombra or Toreador , with the Nosferatu  being the last of the clans i would create a character from. These were the clans my all time favorite characters were from, all of them had an interesting background as well as story to them. My favorite was my Tzimisce who in the setting i played in gamewise almost created a sub-set of vampiric bloodline of his own. He used his Vissitude discipline to transform his loved ones into items that he used with many of those that were the most inmportant to him, became armor or weapons he would use, such as his wife that he turned in a Katana with his heart melded into the very blade itself. Through a ritual later in his story he was able to trap his vampiric bloodlust in the Katana within his heart, but in doing so he also trapped his very humanity (some say soul) inside it as well, and so gained much more power over his beast. In many ways his act of crafting his loved ones into weapons/items that he would use to protect himself was rather dark, yet in his mind he was protecting those he loved by keeping them near him though he also fed them his blood in the process to strengthen them so they could survive the ordeal anyway.


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4/07/12 2:32:38 PM#108

Ravnos, they are the most fun to play. The "underdog" of vampires!


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4/09/12 2:41:11 PM#109

I hope that Cappadocians are at start  but since wod is gonna be in modern era i doubt it.I think in modern times Cappadocians were consumed by the Giovanni clan but i don't wanna play  the watered down version of the Giovanni.




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4/17/12 9:39:07 AM#110

Malkavian, i love being the most underestimated clan in the game. Plus the creepy crazy thing is kinda fun.

Because i can.
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4/27/12 12:07:24 AM#111

WOD is not WOD without Werefolfs, mage, changelings, inquisition, hunters and pentex stuff. Its like making a game about the Avengers and only see the Captain america side... CCP has a reputation of doing things wide but damn! this is really thin!! Since its already in the box about being only vampire, i hope expensions will get the rest of WOD.



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4/27/12 12:23:56 AM#112


Although lovely and seductive, the members of this clan are as much prisoners of their artistic vision and sensitivity as they are its beneficiaries. They are often overcome by the beauty they see around them, and become immobilized with fascination. Such things as paintings, neon signs, or even sunrises can captivate them.
It requires a successful Willpower roll to break the fascination quickly; otherwise, the Toreador will stand, awed and helpless, for minutes or even hours. This trait explains why Toreador so often fall in love with mortals.


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10/04/12 3:46:33 PM#113
Nos, I just love stealth and knowledge.

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10/12/12 1:11:43 PM#114
Toreador! I'll probably also make a male alt and go Gangrel with him. But first and foremost Toreador, they represent all I love about the World of Darkness.

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10/12/12 2:00:14 PM#115

Tremere for sure. The important question is whether they have play housing or not. Every Vamp has a Haven, and Tremere Chantries are brutally awesome.

My hope is that success for this title means they'll branch out to the other WoD supernaturals and release Werewolf and Mage games, then have them cross over in some fashion.


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10/12/12 2:14:03 PM#116
Originally posted by GTwander

Metis Bonegnawer (Ragabash).


I'd come at you with my brick-to-face style, then pee on you... then probably fall asleep on you.

IGN: Watches-You-Shower

More like "have taken a brick to the face" style if you run as a metis... them arnt the purdy ones.


That being said my first will most likley be a Toreador as a nod to an old LARP character.


then only time will tell.


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10/14/12 6:18:16 PM#117
I usually went Tremere.

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10/14/12 6:25:50 PM#118
What about "I hate vampire" posts. If theres one thing I'd be a blind hater of, I can safely say I really hope vampires bite the dust.

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12/02/12 3:45:23 PM#119

Well.. It's using the Vampire: The Masquerade ruleset and thankfully not Reqiuem! That being said I'd probably play Brujah with a more Promethian mindeset. The combination of Celerty and Potence is just nasty. Though Gangrel will most likely be combat monsters as well since they have early access to Aggrivated damage thanks to Protean.


So yeah.. Either Gangrel or Brujah.


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Joined: 1/12/13
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1/13/13 8:22:09 AM#120
I like the idea of a more magical based character, so Tremere is likely. But we'll see.
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