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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 11/20/12)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Monthly Fee:n/a
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PlanetSide 2 Videos: World Premiere - Death is No Excuse Full Trailer (3:31)

Thanks to the fine folks at SOE, we're bringing you the world premiere of the Planetside 2 cinematic trailer: Death is No Excuse. Check it out!

Thanks to the fine folks at SOE, we're bringing you the world premiere of the Planetside 2 cinematic trailer: Death is No Excuse. Check it out!
Duration: 3:31
Views: 10,293  63 comments
Game: PlanetSide 2
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piehole writes:

That vid made me be like a child in front of a toycommercial "Oh, I want it, I want , I want it now! Mom, can I have it!? I WANT IT!!!"

Wed Jul 25 2012 9:20PM Report
shawnpat writes:

no ingame footage, in other words this video has nothing to do with the game itself, gives no idea of what the game is going to be like, swell

Wed Jul 25 2012 9:27PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:


Wed Jul 25 2012 9:29PM Report
Beanpuie writes:

Inb4 the "its a trailer, no gameplay footage despite ignoring several hour length videos of the game in action lame hype train"

comments... may begin 



Wed Jul 25 2012 9:29PM Report
csthao writes:

If only they made movies that looks this good more often.

Wed Jul 25 2012 10:11PM Report
rivethead23 writes:

TR Max pilot reporting for duty!

Wed Jul 25 2012 10:38PM Report
Kebeck writes:

Pretty epic.. Can't wait to see this one in action..

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:08PM Report
DJJazzy writes:

Always a hit trailer from Blur

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:19PM Report
Zooce writes:

Peaked my interest enough to find some actual gameplay footage.  Looks pretty impressive and fun

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:26PM Report
OldManFunk writes:

Okay, if the graphics don't look that good in game and I can't take down a ship by jumping on it and shooting the driver then heads will roll.

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:51PM Report
grimfall writes:

Pretty good, though I am a little hazy on the physics of those jet packs... apparently they work on thought control?

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:59PM Report
Maggon writes:

How many actually noticed the "Not actual gameplay footage" message at the start of the video ;P?

Thu Jul 26 2012 12:00AM Report
Segun777 writes:

I just remember the incredible DC Universe movies and then actually playing the game...

Thu Jul 26 2012 12:10AM Report
Rhoklaw writes:


Apparently only those who can read english...

Thu Jul 26 2012 12:13AM Report
Wraithone writes:

Sweet video. We will have to see how the game plays.

Thu Jul 26 2012 12:45AM Report
SandaStunna writes:

definitely, awesome trailer. up  there with the dcuo trailers.

Thu Jul 26 2012 1:09AM Report
bcbully writes:

Damn too bad it's f2p....



Thu Jul 26 2012 1:21AM Report
Faynth writes:

good its f2p , i might pick it up

Thu Jul 26 2012 1:41AM Report
hfztt writes:

Nothing wrong with f2p if its not p2w...

Thu Jul 26 2012 1:42AM Report
paxal writes:

Its PVP GamePlay, trust me... the rest of the game is just exquisite...

Thu Jul 26 2012 1:49AM Report
Mothanos writes:

Whats the diffrence in these time's with BtP and FtP ? my son is 12 years old and is making 40 euro a week....

Everyone can buy games these days m8, check wow and their kids population.


As long as it aint Pay To Win it does not bother me.

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:14AM Report
atticusbc writes:

just because it's not representative of te final product doesn't mean it's not awesome.

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:20AM Report
Dward127 writes:

it is free to play but will be pay to win that is the sony way.

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:27AM Report
Caldrin writes:

Shame t hey decided to go f2p and not sub.. but ill still check it out as the gameplay looks awesome..

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:50AM Report
Rydeson writes:

If they go B2P to F2P .. I'm in .. but I wouldn't buy the game then add a sub on top of that as well..  I just wouldnt' put that many hours in it to justify that cost..

Thu Jul 26 2012 3:02AM Report
MumboJumbo writes: I just read not actual gameplay footage or something = a complete waste of time. I like what Calve have done with their Source Engine - Source Film-maker. Thu Jul 26 2012 3:04AM Report
tawess writes:

Ok... Soo come launch day all the new blood will go to VS and NC... Poor poor reds... we never get any love. Fortunatly we are soo cool that we can handle that =P

Thu Jul 26 2012 3:55AM Report
SpottyGekko writes:

How long ?

How looong do we have to wait ?

Make it happen, SOE !!!


Even though the movie is not actual game footage, it's a good representation of Planetside 2 mayhem, lol

There's quite a few Youtube clips available, watch them if you have any doubts...

Thu Jul 26 2012 4:55AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

It reminds me of the SWTOR movie Hope.  That was frickin awesome!


And as always.. Vanu effs people up by walking in after the target is softend :D

Thu Jul 26 2012 5:43AM Report
Betaguy writes:

looks good cant wait for this title

Thu Jul 26 2012 5:44AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

And I hope they let that NC scout guy live... Cause they made him out to be one bad ass trooper!

Thu Jul 26 2012 5:48AM Report
Tinybina writes:

Love this video... Please SOE, advertise this on TV

Thu Jul 26 2012 6:25AM Report
vmoped writes:

If its like the first one without BFR's it will be great with the graphics we have seen from the few gameplay videos released.  My concerns based on PS1 are whether I will be able to play or locked out of maps due to population caps since it will be f2p.  This was very frustrating sitting in the transportation bubble thing waiting to join the fight.


Thu Jul 26 2012 6:39AM Report
Malasorte writes:

i've seen all the game footage on utube ... but the trailer even if its nothing like the actual gameplay was pretty awsome ... i was like oo sci-fi movie :) but after 3:31 min it ended ..[mod edit]

Thu Jul 26 2012 7:29AM Report
Malasorte writes:


the VS infiltrator came and was like "i pieced u with my blade, down boy the true rulers are comming" :D

Thu Jul 26 2012 7:32AM Report
inmysights writes:

wow, just wow at that video, that was an awesome intro! Crosses fingers that gameplay keeps up with this!

Thu Jul 26 2012 9:21AM Report
sgtalon writes:

The game play is "Almost" as awesome as the video guys. There are tons of videos out now that show all the awesome gameplay and thousands of people have had hands on experiences with it.

While i agree you won't be able to take out people inside of a Galaxy Troop Transport while riding on top of it, you will be able to do pretty much everything else, including the jetpacking (as a light assault)

The scene with hundreds of enemies waiting over the ridge and the squadrons of planes flying in, those are totally true.


Epic game. And it is free!

Thu Jul 26 2012 9:43AM Report
Hodo writes:

Lots of hate over a trailer.  I enjoyed it, I think it would be a decent action movie.  I think its no better or worse than all the people who fell in love with Master Chief from Halo over the damned trailers.

Thu Jul 26 2012 9:45AM Report
Kniknax writes:

Sorry, but to all those complaining that this isnt game footage - have you never seen a trailer before? Never played a video game with some amazing movie at the start? No? 

There is a ton of gameplay footage on the net and on this site, and has been for months. Just enjoy the cool little movie they made and stop complaining just for the sake of it.

Thu Jul 26 2012 10:52AM Report
AI724 writes:

Just look up beta gameplay on Youtube! It looks a lot like fun. I like the video and WILL be playing the game when it launches.

Thu Jul 26 2012 11:28AM Report
gigat writes:

just had a nerdgasm..  I'm an ex-PlanetSide player, I can't wait for PS2!!!

Thu Jul 26 2012 12:30PM Report
boberic writes:

Lol do people just not appreciate good cg trailers anymore? so what if its not ingame footage...its meant to get people excited about the game. Theres plenty of gameplay footage already ... get over it.

Thu Jul 26 2012 12:43PM Report
Nekky_Fate writes:

PS1 was amazing just because of the amount of coordination and planning that went it some of the base assults. I remember lining up Gals for coordinated drops on a base and tower. MAX crashes on the back door. Locking down the CC and fighing your ass off to hold it. ANT runs with reavers and mosquito's chasing you down, knowing if they blew up your ANT the base would go neutral and most likely be taken over. Some of my best experiences gaming over the past 20+ years were in Planetside. I can't wait for PS2 and with what I have seen so far it shouldn't disappoint.

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:19PM Report
Wolvards writes:

Who else has watched this about 4 times so far? 

Sooooo kewl.

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:38PM Report
Amjoco writes:

I wish I liked these kind of games! That looks awesome

Thu Jul 26 2012 2:45PM Report
Mari2k writes:

Dust is much better !!

And you can play it on ps3 with move !

This is just over hiped...

Thu Jul 26 2012 3:42PM Report
GreenishBlue writes:

nice CGI, the rest is going to be a trainwreck

Thu Jul 26 2012 3:59PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I really don't care if trailers are in-game footage or story based CGI as long as it gives me a feel for the game.

As for the whole B2P + Sub vs. F2P debate, well, look at it this way. Even if SOE does IP ban or Hardware ban, I doubt that it will stop this F2P game from being hacked to high heaven just like Planetside is.

I love FPS / TPS style games, but I haven't played one that didn't have hacks or cheats for it.

Thu Jul 26 2012 4:20PM Report
Bonez005 writes:

Anyone who has played PS1 knows that there hasn't been a game like it... For a "side project" game, it did succeed, and there is no reason why this remake won't take it home once again... They stuck to the fundamentals that made Planetside what it is. While I do look forward to trying Dust.. in no way do I expect it to come close to PS2.

Thu Jul 26 2012 4:39PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

@Malasorte I was Vanu in PS1.... so I know what I am talking about Mwahahaha!


But seriously, I do hope the NC guy lives... and have him be your Drill Instructor while he is recovering from his wounds.. that is one bad ass soldier.  Anyone who can take out a tank with a grenade, and a dropship in the air deserves a permanent position within the game :D

Thu Jul 26 2012 4:50PM Report
phantiasmic writes:

Original Planetside had a very solid fun factor for myself and quite a few friends and family, it looks absolutely like this will do that and take it to the next level.

I will 100% buy and play this game.

Thu Jul 26 2012 4:55PM Report
Isane writes:

If the gameplay isnt representative the the footage would be a waste. So Jetpacks are in :)

Thu Jul 26 2012 5:36PM Report
Comaf writes:

1. Cool that we know they can make CGI movies (I honestly wish this stuff was in the theaters).

2.  Where was the epic part about going to the cash shop to be able to properly compete in pvp?  I want to see THAT part.

Thu Jul 26 2012 10:03PM Report
Deivos writes:

What are you asking about with that "2." comment?


I do believe they have been pretty adamant about horizontal (or as they call 'sidegrade') itemization being the only option for things not strictly aesthetic. Meaning nothign you buy makes you stronger, it just offers options to rebalance the stats of things you use so you can specialize.

Thu Jul 26 2012 11:15PM Report
rodingo writes:

I wouldn't mind if they had a similar business model as Tribes:Ascend to where the same upgrades and weapons can be both earned or bought but having the cosmetics as pay only. 

Man does Blur make a killer sequence or what?  Those guys are so money that I'm using old out of date street slang.

Fri Jul 27 2012 12:46AM Report
morbuskabis writes:

Me WANT!!!

Fri Jul 27 2012 4:33AM Report
raykor writes:
Very pretty but I think any seasoned gamer knows by now that cinematic movies have nothing to do with gameplay.  Don’t get me wrong, I like watching them and they might make me take a look at a game if I had never heard of it before, but a cinematic will have ZERO influence on whether or not I buy a game.
Fri Jul 27 2012 9:48AM Report
evilastro writes:

Why all the hate about it being a CG trailer? Hasn't pretty much every major MMO had one?

I remember people going ga-ga over the World of Warcraft trailer, when they game didnt even look remotely similar.

If you watch the in game footage of PS2 the graphics are amazing.

Tue Jul 31 2012 4:26AM Report
kikutaknight writes:


Tue Jul 31 2012 7:51AM Report
TheNightFly writes:

the jet packs are awesome

Tue Jul 31 2012 9:33AM Report
illutian writes:


Tue Jul 31 2012 10:00AM Report
Riffix writes:

I feel like this trailer was the biggest fail I've ever seen. It is not representative of gameplay at all and even worse, fails to actually highlight the type of experience you might have in the game. Also, it makes it seem like the way to victory is to be a lone-wolf cowboy rather than utilizing teamwork. What an utter fail Sony. 

Tue Jul 31 2012 2:23PM Report
ronpack writes:

The same people who hate this game must also hate Guild Wars 2 lulz....


They are also the same people who love that "other" mmo that I won't bother mentioning...

Tue Jul 31 2012 5:17PM Report