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PlanetSide 2 Forum » General Discussion » the daily life of a free user

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OP  12/11/12 10:22:16 PM#1

1) login, hoping to get some excitement and thrills

2) get aimbot killed by someone (everyone?)

3) die by rocket pods

4) get spawn killed instantly

5) try an infiltrator to stay back from the battle and thinking you are not seen, damn, auto killed from unknown source.

6) get in a vehicle thinking they have more protection, damn, rocket pods again.

7) join a squad, damn no one gives a shit and they are spread across all continents even if it's an "esamir" only squad

8) damn, capturing bases in a zerg is the only way to make certs, boring.

9) can't fly air vehicles, die in 10 seconds from anti-air and lock-on missles

10) deploy into battle zone for instant action, damn auto killed

11) can't repair anything as engineer cause infiltrators auto kill you

12) can't revive players cause you get auto killed at 20% of the way

13) can't play heavy cause the shield does crap and you die instantly


honestly that's all i can think of off the top of my head. why the hell do people play this game? it's so skewed beyond belief.


the ONLY fun i've had as a free player is spawning a MAX infantry. since so many play engineers i get healed quick and they have decent weapons against infantry and vehicles for not paying anything extra. i just may have to invest in MAX, but i feel like i already failed the game by spending so much of my certs into infiltrators that are useless beyond means.


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12/11/12 10:26:01 PM#2
I'm a subber and that about sums up my day too. :|

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12/12/12 4:49:53 PM#3


some are just luckier than others


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12/12/12 4:52:32 PM#4
The tittle woulb better be "The daily life of a noob".

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PC is not political correctness, it means Political Cowardice!

12/12/12 4:56:04 PM#5
Originally posted by LoboMau
The tittle woulb better be "The daily life of a noob".

Then share some advice or have a hot cup of STFU.


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12/12/12 5:36:49 PM#6

Ok.  :)

1- choose a good squad.

2- Practice your skill

3 -use what  u think is the best Class for u.

4- Keep in mind that fresh players die...alot! 

5- have Fun! :)


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12/12/12 6:20:46 PM#7

Out of 3 days playtime I have come across maybe 2 aimbotter's who where quickly reported.

I think your main problem is you are not with an outfit and trying to play the game solo. This game is ok solo in the right situations but you are in for a rough ride. Hell my outfit has each ohters backs and playing alone is crap in comparison.


If you want PS2 to be more fun get with a good outfit. If on Mattherson and Vanu then I can get you in a good outfit it may change your mind about the game.


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12/12/12 7:16:23 PM#8
I'm new to FPS.....somedays run like you said but it's not always that way. When it does I go to a different guy/faction/server and enjoy my freebie game there.  I get certs when I am logged out..what could be better than that? Time will be the great equalizer. Is it perfect ? No, but it's free.  For free, I am willing to play a nameless grunt, to be farmed like a Pickett in SWG.... Remeber It's free.

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12/12/12 7:42:41 PM#9

Keep in mind that it works the same for everyone.  People can buy access to new weapons, but the improvements are relatively minor.  Subscribers get experience quicker, but the things you can get with it result in very small improvements.  Nothing can be bought or earned that makes any other player twice as powerful as you. 


I die all the time.  Occasionally though, I manage a  small streak of killing that makes it worth while.  You should never expect a kill ratio better than 1-1.  Other people trying just as hard as you are on the other end of those characters you are trying to kill. If you do manage a better ratio though, you know you are doing pretty well.  This isn't a pay to win game.  Also, I hear a bit about cheaters, though they can't be as pervasive as they are made out to be.  I don't die to headshots every time.  I kill my target almost as often as he kills me - so if everyone is cheating, they are really bad at it.


One last note:  If you die twice in a row in the same way, try a different tactic.  I know you were exaggerating to make a point, but don't get so pessimistic.  There is no way that you, me, and other non-subscribers die immediately all the time, no matter what we try or do.  The game is pretty fair.


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12/12/12 7:57:34 PM#10

3) die by rocket pods

6) get in a vehicle thinking they have more protection, damn, rocket pods again.

9) can't fly air vehicles, die in 10 seconds from anti-air and lock-on missles



this 1000s times


game is awesome


but something needs fixed there


vehicles are weak yet some how overpowered least air


very annoying getting shot down all the time. and also annoying getting stalked by esfs as infantry


they talking about buffing AA.


which makes no sense.

seeing as half the time you go into combat with an esf you are shot down almost instantly


dont get me wrong i know its a very team game

so running around solo you will die a lot.


i guess if i was ranked higher id be better off. but thats another thing altogether.

shouldnt i have a fair shot fighting a battle rank 50 at battle rank 7 guess not unless spend some monies.



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12/12/12 8:12:40 PM#11

One of the key things about the game is Location, Location, Location, Location and LOCATION.

why location? because location alot of times will matter if you have the advantage in the situation or dont.


are being rocket spammed and it has a huge lacking amount of protective AA around the area? change location. much like changing locations when, and IF you come across a Bolt Driving NC sniping Scum bag,  or a TR Light Assault Roof hopping jerkoff, even worse if they have a shotgun.

A person can be BR 99 and still get farmed if they assumed nothing trivial is going to kill them whethering being rocket spam, tank spam, c4 spam, max spam, sniper spam, whichever-- Spam is bad, dont eat it.


Once you understand location and the ebb and flow of the battle itself, youll be the one doing the farming, and they'll be the ones screaming how they should nerf x because y doesnt understand location.


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12/13/12 12:14:58 AM#12

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12/13/12 12:21:02 AM#13

I'm with the OP on this one.  I tried this game out the other day and I could literally not play.  Every single place I deployed to I would INSTANTLY INSTANTLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


get one hit by some fucking guy from out of nowhere. Literally boots would hit the ground and BANG you are dead.


so fuck this game

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Forum ranks are useless.

12/13/12 12:21:36 AM#14
Sorry to say this but i think you are just newbie, im a free user and i dont experience your problems that often.

  User Deleted
12/13/12 2:53:53 AM#15

1. Load into Indar, droppod to The crown, 1mg kill, 1 -3 grenade kills, running right into the enemy base, giraffing 2 - 10 people with the knife, die to some guy getting a clue.

2. Respawn at nearest sunderer, zoom in , press q, shoot a few rounds, 2 sniper kills, 4 spot bonus points. Storm uphill in front of the zerg, kill 2 more guys, die due to running into the front of the enemy zerg.

3. run westward and join up from the flank side, kill vanus who want to join the TR vs NC CROWNSIDE.

4. Giraffe into the Vanu sunder area, c4 it, knife kill a few more, die due to noob dropping a grenade and killing you and 3 more of his own team.

5. rinse and repeat for a few hours.

6. Log of happy with a few hundred kills a lot of deaths and a shitload of fun.


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12/13/12 3:02:41 AM#16

So I have to ask, does the game get better or become less of a hot mess, when you take the time to watch those tutorial videos they suggest, after you waited 20 minutes to get into the server, and now they want you to log out?


Yes, I do have chip on my shoulder about that.


The only fun time I had was joining the giant zerg convoy line, and got lucky enough to be on a mounted gun, actually the ride was kind of fun itself, because I felt like I had a dirction then.

The more I'm around the forums on this site, the more bitter I become.


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12/13/12 4:44:09 AM#17
War is hell you will die a lot

Everyone dies a lot

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12/13/12 4:48:05 AM#18
The only real valid complaints here are hackers, although I still encounter less of them than in gw2, csgo, war & well most online games.

And upgraded aircraft with gunners. They need an aa infantry class I reckon.

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12/13/12 4:56:59 AM#19
How to level fast if your not that good at fps.

Make an engineer, put certs into sunderer so it fan be used as a spawn point and a reload / weapon swap point, drop ammo packs, repair maxes. Or work on improving the gunship

Make a medic, heal people, put certs into the rez grenades, grenade capacity and a long range scope.

Make an infiltrator, put points into hacking, cloaking, a shorter range weapeon / scope and cap points.

Make a light, put points into jet pack and long range scope, fly up to hidden spots, press q while scoped to spot lots of targets. Or get a shotgun, and go cap base points. Get c4 for drop bombing tanks because its fun.

Get a heavy, invest in anti air weapons or mines - go kill vehicles or aircraft. Or work on defences and team with a medic - Tf2 style and machine gun people down.

Another fun one I've not seen other people do, get a gun for the little quad bike, you can be really annoying on that, laying fire while been hard to hit, and very cheap to spawn one.

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12/13/12 5:02:31 AM#20


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