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PlanetSide 2 Forum » General Discussion » How bad is the hacker issue now?

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Novice Member

Joined: 5/01/13
Posts: 145

11/03/13 2:17:17 AM#21

For those that say hacking never has been an issue, I disagree entirely.

Become a top skill level ESF pilot, these are the guys who NOTICE the hackers easiest :/


I quit because yes, hacking grew out of hand: seriously out of hand. The day I quit I was dalton and av tower instashot by no less than ten separate people. Four months have passed, I could only hope that they reeled it in by now, or the game lost popularity hence it became less profitable to hack (doubtful, i'm sure a simple google search could tell you).


Advanced Member

Joined: 7/20/04
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11/03/13 2:19:50 AM#22
I don't know what you people are talking about. PS2 is raging with cheaters and has been since day one. I don't ever plan on  seeing this change either.

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Joined: 7/01/04
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11/03/13 2:24:55 AM#23
Much as i enjoy playing PS2, the hackers are a problem, they do spoil the game for others, but thats probably why they do it, all you can do is report them and hope that SOE get rid of them, that usually gets them out of the game for a few hours, at least until they can create another account, they really do need to do something to prevent the hacking in the first place.

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11/05/13 5:18:00 PM#24

If jackass SOE would open up a sub server then I would download the game. I'm a long time PS player and have no interest in the scum bag F2P model, nor the hackers that come along with it.

Hacking occurred in PS very rarely when I was playing it. I mean you'd come across it a few times per year.

I remain curious how many players would flock to PS2 if they opened up a sub server with no cash shop; also curious what % of PS1 players never downloaded PS2. I haven't nor has the friend who got me into PS1.

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Novice Member

Joined: 11/28/05
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3/20/14 9:59:12 PM#25

I don't see them that often but it only takes one blatant hacker to ruin a week of fun for me.  If I run into several in a month, I am questioning why I bother to play.  Opening service tickets is a waste of time since they don't get answered or acted upon.  I watch the hackers account and notice continued activity with no ban.  And don't even dream of starting a post on their forums to complain because it will be deleted and you will get slapped with a violation (even if you don't name hackers or insult anyone).

The bottom's a FTP game and from SOE to boot.  If the occasional hacker bothers you, just leave because they don't want to hear any complaints and won't dedicate serious resources to combat the issue.


Hard Core Member

Joined: 6/08/03
Posts: 888

3/28/14 3:36:40 PM#26
From my experiences, hacking is extremely rare in the game.  And it certainly isn't to a point where it ruins any of my play time.  There have been times where I may have been suspicious of someone, but never really that I was certain.  I think most of the people who complain about "hackers" in this game are just upset because they were killed when they didn't expect it or felt it was unfair to them.  If you want a game that has hackers, and blatant cheating, check out APB: Reloaded...  Yikes...


Novice Member

Joined: 12/26/07
Posts: 162

7/31/14 2:27:57 PM#27
I agree that there is very little hacking in this game. I think the problem is that there is a mix of casual players, traditional MMO players, and hardcore FPSers. A guy who's been playing FPSes 20+ hours per week for 10 years could easily seem like a hacker to a noob.


Joined: 3/03/12
Posts: 8332

7/31/14 3:39:29 PM#28
It never was. Now it's virtually nonexistent. Amazing things happen in PS2 on the regular.
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Joined: 11/13/12
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Train To Zone!

9/06/14 5:04:55 AM#29
Funny People that say " no hackers " !  Hacker: "That's right bud there's No  hackers" Throws Bait! Come on in Esp auto aim Love ! lol

Apprentice Member

Joined: 1/26/12
Posts: 305

11/05/14 3:55:38 AM#30
Personally I have never encountered a "hacker," but in my experience the so called hacker is generally the person playing 16 hours a day that owns you. Mixed with a little 'amour propre',  the individual in question quickly becomes a so-called "hacker".


Novice Member

Joined: 12/21/06
Posts: 17

11/05/14 4:06:14 AM#31

I started playing heavily again a few months ago.  I am just not seeing any hackers.  There are probably a few but in such large scale combat it is difficult to tell and doesnt really matter anyway.


I think people yelling "hacker" and usually just whiners that are mad they died.   Every once in a while I get a hate tell saying I am hacking because I killed someone and they didnt like it.  Simply, I dont hack.  I either got luck or they suck.  Of course there are also the occasional bug or lag related death.


In summation, hacking is not an issue IMHO.


Advanced Member

Joined: 10/02/04
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11/05/14 4:50:53 AM#32

I have been playing planetside 2 quite a bit over the last few months and msut admit have never noticed any hackers or anything liek that.. sure maybe there are a few here and there but getting killed one is not the end of the world the battles are so big that a few hackers here or there dont make a blind bit of difference.


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Advanced Member

Joined: 8/22/09
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12/26/14 4:00:11 PM#33

I think there's a big difference between looking for aimbots / hacks in a massive largescale battle or a rather small battle.

In those large battles I get the "holy shit wtf?" moments as well, when you get killed instantly from near impossible angles. But one way to easily explain that away, is that there's simply a huge volume of fire and explosions being traded in all directions. Therefore it isn't unreleastic to assume some crazy weird shots will still end up getting you.

I've rekindled my interest in the game, now that I clearly see my destiny is to be a pink spandex clad Vanu soldier. And I usually stick to small scale engagements following a squad around. It offers a much better picture of what is going on.

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