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PlanetSide 2 Forum » General Discussion » Hacks bad and getting worse...

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8/12/13 4:41:02 AM#41
There's always going to be someone crying "hacker" in games and especially in FPS's. Alot of the time its down to latency, bugs etc, but 99% of these issues is down to the player simply being out played by someone better.

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8/12/13 5:12:01 AM#42
Originally posted by SysFail
There's always going to be someone crying "hacker" in games and especially in FPS's. Alot of the time its down to latency, bugs etc, but 99% of these issues is down to the player simply being out played by someone better.


Yeah I totally agree... One example is when Mythic finally decided to do something about "radar" in dark age of Camelot.    When they dropped that first 7 day Suspension all the servers had less than half the players they normally did for the next 7 days...


It was because only 1 percent of the players were cheating... 



Which oddly enough pretty much mirrors every single MMO that has PvP going back at least as far as Ultima Online and the days of UO Extreme.... (and of course people cheat in PvE as well but PS2 doesn't have that).


I've seen people saying "so and so hacks" and when *I* fight that player I never get that impression.   However, putting your head in the sand and thinking 99% of the time nobody is cheating... is... well I can't think of a nice way to say to flat out say it.. so I'll just stop here.



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8/12/13 5:25:56 AM#43

I started playing again last week and I dont think i have come accross anyone hacking.. well not that i could tell anyway.

I have been having a great time again and the game seems to play a lot better than it did a month after launch.


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8/14/13 3:32:59 PM#44
saw 2 hackers today, using a teleport hack, but i only reported one of them... because the other was on the same side as me... how bad is that? i should have reported them both really.. but im not even sure reporting them does any good anyway

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8/14/13 3:45:20 PM#45
Originally posted by chaintm

When it comes down to it, it is the free to play that makes it a redundant cycle of hackers. When there is no actual cost to hacking (IE paying for an actual account etc) the more people will continue to do so. GW2 has hackers and so does every game out there with MP in it for sure, but when there is a cost factor, you see allot less of it if the development team is activily seeking out bans on these type of people.

In this case, they are no argument about it, but the fact remains being free to play just equals making account #12 and keep going if your that type of player. No skin off their backs so to speak. When you have to pay for a server (IE monthly fee) as many of us suggested they should have a paying version for the serious players and non for the free to play, this could "help" the issue. No it wouldn't fix it, but if they kept on top if it, it would definitely be very scarce compared to what it is now in free to play servers.

When we brought this idea up however, the response then and after was the same however "That would break up the community to much we believe" and they would probably be right.  Don't know, I just don't see it here keeping viable, better off with BF3 and the like , at least you can find servers with admins that kick/ban daily with more control. Thou it doesn't stop it, it does help allot :)

Personally with a game like this (if I was on the team) I would go with a massive ban hammer just watching threw peoples eyes all day, but alas I believe it would end up with a good part of the population being banned. My personal experience has been every 15min I am seeing something that just doesn't make sense. Being I have been playing these games sense conception, I am sure about half of them are probably ok while the other half isn't , taking that into consideration still is 30min running into someone doing a hack of some sort if not sooner.

I am no care bare, but I don't find a non-even combat field any fun for the ones that attempt to play it as it is ment to be played. All you have to do is search for griefer videos on utube, there are people that thrive off of grieving others, it's actually sad to watch for I personally don't get how ruining another's gaming experience a muse for entertainment.

Can you please explain Diablo 1,2 BF1,2 Counterstrike all versions and well damn near all pc games that are out you can find a cheat or hack for online yes even EVE online has hacks for it and I can go on its not just FTP but anygame you can get into the code for you can tweek it and change variables. Its not F2P thats the problem its the fact nothing is hack proof or cheat proof look at consoles people use hacks there as well.

To me I enjoy gaming I dont play to be uber I play to have fun. If a game is not fun to me guess what I move on and play something else till I find one that is. When I find that great game and not sure if in my life time there will be one I hope it has everything I want in an mmo.


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8/14/13 3:54:25 PM#46

Eve online definately has some hack like bots you can use that give an unfair advantage to those using them,

But computer based FPS games have always had aim bot/ teleporting/ other strange game specific is why I rarely play them anymore... I had thought, or hoped, it wasn't a problem with console type FPS games but I see people are hacking into those as well...

oh well, I rarely play multiplayer FPS games anyway.


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9/06/13 10:23:23 AM#47

Oh yes, I have to chime in and say I've been noticing some rather weird stuff lately, last night and today I'm coming across ADAD macro'ers, but some of them has something else ontop of the ADAD macro- there was this medic moving at normal speed (sprinting) and I started shooting at his back then suddenly he was strafing left and right at ridiculous speeds turns around and manages to kill me, like going left then going right about 20 feet in 0.5 seconds and then back. There's hacks where you can bind to a hotkey and toggle it on and off so it doesn't seem obvious, but it's still obvious when you see a player that seems to be normal then suddenly is superhuman and close quarter fights are getting worse with these ADAD macro'ing and warping and when I encounter close fights I've been resorting to just swinging the knife instead of trying to line up the shot since the knife usually seems to do the trick.


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9/06/13 10:42:07 AM#48
Hacking and botting is a very common thing in mmo and it is more common in f2p mmo. but it is even more common in SOE f2p games and that is because SOE sux at handling hacking/botting and also they passively encourage hacking/botting. i remember when i was playing DCUO i constantly reported hacker and botters with videos\screenshots and every time i got an automatic reply after a week : "sorry you are having trouble with our product but unfortunately we will not be able to help you with your request because your account does not have an active subscription. only active subscribers get..bla bla bla..". one of the hacker guilds was recruiting players in forums and i posted a video link of their "endeavor" in dcuo; the same link i provided SOE while reporting this guild. and within 2 mins i got banned from forums for a week. after that i just went into the game and called the devs "worthless faggots incapable of handling hacking and cheating" and within 1 min i got permanent banned. and then i paid for 1 month sub and they revoked my ban. see that? SOE is the worst kind of mmo publisher when it comes to handling hacking and botting. given that PWE or Aeria or other major f2p publishers have worse situation but none of them have the title "Sony" in their name. And they are bringing out a sandbox style mmorpg soon that has the name "everquest" on it's title, I really want to see how that goes.

i want an open world, no phasing, no instancing.i want meaningful owpvp.i want player driven economy.i want meaningful crafting.i want awesome exploration, a sense of thrill.i want ow housing with a meaningful effect on my entire gameplay experience, not just some instanced crap.i want all of these free of cost, i don't wanna pay you a cent, game devs can eat grass and continue developing game for me.
Seems like that is the current consensus of western mmo players.


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9/14/13 4:04:45 AM#49
Originally posted by Phry
saw 2 hackers today, using a teleport hack, but i only reported one of them... because the other was on the same side as me... how bad is that? i should have reported them both really.. but im not even sure reporting them does any good anyway


Who would you report it to anyways? LOL,  I haven't seen a GM log in since the layoffs at SOE.


It's rather strange though, I haven't seen to many hackers of late.  You would think they will be all over the place now that the GM's have been canned...


Maybe they are having issues with these new "pre-optimization" patches that SOE has pushed out... Maybe they are lagging and crashing like the rest of us.


I'm not doubting you guys at all because I have seen more hackers in Planetside 2 then all of my time of playing COD/BF/UT combined.  I just haven't seen any in the past week.  I'll keep my eyes out though.. 

And then tell nobody because informing SOE wouldn't do anything anyways lol.

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9/23/13 1:41:03 AM#50
Screw hacks, took about 5 month break... come back, update, play for less than 30 minutes and game crashes... Sony STILL hasnt fixed crashes..

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9/23/13 1:54:44 AM#51
Originally posted by Arclan

Yep, everyone knows F2P = H2W (Hack to win). But "F2P" is in a bubble at the moment, which I think will burst in one or two years. Let's hope.

Doesn't matter if it's F2P or P2P, hacks are in every game where they can be exploited in profiting ways.

I'm playing FFXIV atm and our server (and probably every other aswell) are plagued with teleport-hacking farm bots & teleporting miner / logger bots (reported 2 weeks ago, yet there they still are, teleporting, botting and ruining the economy)


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9/26/13 7:54:17 PM#52
I never ran across as many hackers as some people are reporting from my time playing PS2. There are definitely people using hacks but not nearly as many as the Chicken Littles would have you believe. I probably see someone using speed/wall hacks maybe once or twice a week at most (sometimes even less) and aimbotters are somewhat more common. However there is always a GM online and they will act quickly if you use the /report function. One cool thing is that even if the hacker is on your faction, once he is found everyone reports him, even his own faction... Honestly hackers happen so infrequently and are dealt with so quickly it's a non-issue.

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