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PlanetSide 2 Forum » General Discussion » Some people took issue with my blog regarding cheaters in PS2.

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2/28/13 6:08:03 PM#41
Originally posted by Reklaw

Sorry didn't read your blog but in response to the topic.

I don't think there is a single multiplayer game out there where people for what ever reason feel the need to cheat, I don't understand why someone might cheat, perhaps they are such bad players but still like games that there is no other way for them then to cheat, falsly making themselfs feel good where in fact it just seems sad that people need too cheat in GAMES!!

No cheating?


Thi is a little vid of a socom match guy issnt playing himself but being watched trough deathcam.

back in socom 1 i had a brush with a couple of those asswell. they did not have godmode for quite some time but the running and infinite ammo/grenades they had. 


they do feel the need to cheat. because tis fun to dominate/make fun of other people.


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3/01/13 5:30:01 PM#42

We are very transparent about issues in our game. We know we have hackers. We are constantly working on removing them. Hackers are creative. :) We find ways to remove one type of hacker and there are already ten more new ones. That's how they work. 

What we can say is that we have internal systems that are detecting them, we have 24/7 customer service that you may contact at any moment to report a hacker and we are proactively looking for them internally. 

Anytime you see a hacker, if you have a moment, please put in a CS ticket and report them. It helps us and it helps you! :) 

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3/02/13 12:30:49 PM#43

I've been playing a lot and yes the hackers are rampant. So are the bugs, which can occasionally make spotting the hacks hard to see.  I have to agree with the comment that if you aren't seeing the hacking it's either because you're not playing much or blind (or just not admitting it because you are one too).

However, by the far the most common hacks are the expected speed, wall and aimbot hacks - with how much is handled client side it is really only to be expected. Fortunately the speed hackers / flyers tend to get banned fairly quickly, although there are exceptions. The CS reporting thing is nice, but frankly is usually overwhelmed. Any busy day/evening the queue gets up over a couple of hundred reports waiting rapidly...I think the last one I reported was like #1241 or something lol. I have also seen a dedicated 'hacker hunter" broadcasting for tells of exploiters to chase...but only once.


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3/04/13 5:25:52 PM#44

I really appreciate the C.S. posts here. Also nice to learn they ban up to 100 haxors a day. It's not their fault, although it is to be expected in a FTP game. I do appreciate the effort they put into bans. Maybe I will download and check it out.

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3/05/13 11:59:16 AM#45
Personally i never encoutered  hackers while in PS2, they exist of course but i saw more of "OMG HACKER!" from people on comms who just got bettered... Some just can't take a headshot or two.

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3/05/13 1:03:00 PM#46
Originally posted by SysFail
Personally i never encoutered  hackers while in PS2, they exist of course but i saw more of "OMG HACKER!" from people on comms who just got bettered... Some just can't take a headshot or two.


And some people do not like being killed inside a tank while the tank takes no damage and getting killed from beyond the effective range of weapons or "shooting at ghosts".

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OP  3/05/13 1:17:18 PM#47
Originally posted by Luperza

We are very transparent about issues in our game. We know we have hackers. We are constantly working on removing them. Hackers are creative. :) We find ways to remove one type of hacker and there are already ten more new ones. That's how they work. 

What we can say is that we have internal systems that are detecting them, we have 24/7 customer service that you may contact at any moment to report a hacker and we are proactively looking for them internally. 

Anytime you see a hacker, if you have a moment, please put in a CS ticket and report them. It helps us and it helps you! :) 

Thank you for posting in this thread, it gives me hope that SOE is attempting to do something, it is also good that you are actually out here communicating with the community.     This means a lot to us.   :)


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3/10/13 9:13:45 AM#48
I think there has been an unannounced shift in their plans...the 'queue' for reports is now up over 4500 (and I thought it was high when it was at 800 lol) but I have seen three more appearances by dedicated ' hacker hunters'...sadly the hackers are if anything more common, just less blatant.

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3/11/13 5:53:04 AM#49
Originally posted by Teala
Originally posted by MadAce
Originally posted by Teala
Originally posted by MadAce

The reason why your blog is being frowned upon is because it's a series of unsubstantiated guesses and near-hysterical hyperbole.

At no point in your rant have you even tried to provide with any kind of context, definition of "rampant" or proof.

You also blatantly contradict yourself. First you say that being "easily" (never backed up, just a baseless opinion) hacked is something PS2 has in common with PS1 and then you strongly hint that PS2 is a cheater's paradise because it's a F2P game. Now isn't that weird... PS1 wasn't F2P, and you said it had its cheating problem in common with PS2... Mmmh...

Apart from that:

" ther are no in-game admins" Prove it. SOE has about 150 people in its CS department. So now it's up to you to prove that these people collectively ignore PS2 for some arbitrary and insane reason.

"it happens quite often" What does that mean? "Quit often"? Compared to what?

Like, happens every day.

" but I guess this is beyond them" Prove it.

Really?  You want me to prove it?  I can prove that people are cheating rampantly in this game and not just aim-botting either.   Some of the top people didn't get to the top legitmately - they cheated to get there.   SOE needs to clean house and they need to start with these people that are blantantly cheating.

"Not a game session goes by that you will not encounter a cheater" Woah. Hyperbole, much? (You'll need this: There are cheaters, sure. What games doesn't have them? But not to the almost comedic extent you're trying to scream about.

Yes, not a day goes by in PS2 that you will not encounter one or more.  Watch the daily leader board.   People with new characters for that day that have a k/d of over 20 to 1(most of the time more) are more than likely cheating. 

People like you do as much damage to PS2 (if not more) as cheaters do.

No...SOE could do better and they are failing at this.   If anyone is hurting PS2 it is SOE by not taking a more pro-active stand on combating this problem.

Also, you shouldn't be writing blogs. They're pretty bad. You can't write, structure is beyond you, spell-checking is apparently against your religion or something and the concept of rational reasoning... Yea...

First I never claimed to be a writer, second, I went back and spell checked my blog and a couple of words show up that the spell check cannot ID - like Planetside, griefing, admins, SOE, PS2(apparently griefing is not a word, then again, neither is botting but it is used in the context of gaming since forever).  So yea...I am a terrible speller.  

People interested in more verifiable facts:



You say you can prove people are cheating "rampantly". Then please clarify what you mean with "rampantly". Compared to which games? In what context? In absolute numbers? In percentages? You've got some numbers to come up with.

What's your opinion on the fact that the leader-boards (and this is a widely broadcasted fact) are bugged? And how do we know that those people aren't under investigation (were they to be cheating) and/or already banned?

How about very good (and/or lucky) players? A 20:1 K/D ratio is rare, but it's possible given the right circumstances.

Anything real, objective and verifiable to back up your hyperbole would be a good start towards you no longer making yourself look attention-seeking and self-important.

Stop with the pathetic platitudes. It's frankly cringe-worthy.

All you're doing now is creating paranoia using nothing but... Nothing. A load of hot air.

I found this guy in a matter of seconds...take a look at his numbers, look really close.!/5428011263296686161/killboard/?view=kills

See anything weird about them?   Oh, and yeah, don't give me this BS story that the LB's are all messed up.  SOE tried to tell us that some of the numbers being depicted on the leader board are false and are merely SOE people testing stuff.   They have a dedicated server for testing "stuff".  

This guy cheated his way to near the top of the leaderboard for Helios server.   Wanna wager how many more I can find in a few minutes of looking?

 I agree about the cheaters, those who are not seeing hackers are probably slow or just not trying to look.  As for the guy in the link above he probably is not a cheater but he is exploiting the system.  The guy he killed 38k times is his level 1 alt, that is how he pads his stats....


Its BS but alot of guys do it.

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3/11/13 6:00:22 AM#50

I hate bloody hackers and cheaters in MP games I mean what the hell is the point in doing it.. they cant enjoy it i mean there is no skill in what they are donig at all so whats the point?

But it seems no matter the game you get people hacknig/cheating :(

All games companies should get togeather and anyone cought cheating should get their E-mail/MAC address/IP address/Payment card black listed so they can never play another online game again.. mabye then we could start getting rid of these vile people..


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3/11/13 6:18:00 AM#51
Originally posted by MadAce
Originally posted by Squeak69

ya this is one of two resons i stopped playing PS2 despite loveing it

i couldnt go very long without running into someone that one shotted with a pistol or couldnt be killed no matter how many people where fireing on them ( and alwyas had no shields left and 1 hit point for several minates)

the cheating in that game is so rampant its frusterating as hell, and i couldnt take it any more and quit.


now dont take that as me whining and i actully cant play well and im looking for excuses, truth be told im not hot at FPS games but i aint a rookie ether and i know the diffrence between someone cheating and someone just being alot better then me.

The "cheaters" who were unkillable were GM's actually patrolling to lure out cheaters. (Who have since chosen to be more subtle and are invisible) This was a widely known issue. Health is server-side (therefore can not be used to cheat with) and apart from a day in early beta there hasn't been a bug with unkillable players.


It's pretty amazing how woefully uninformed people have the audacity to make judgments about an entire game's experience.


I guess I'm the insane one for believing in verifiable facts and choose not to go along in a hysterical bandwagon driven by a few pêople who can hardly spell (no offense to anyone).

Well, MadAce, can u provide some solid statistics to prove that those were actually GMs? Widely known issue? What about some of those nice little statistics you're always harping about, huh? Hasn't been a bug? Statistics please.

See, now you look like an idiot who demands statistics for everything. How can a person without proper access to insider information provide exact statistics? Stop shooting down Teala's comments by just focusing on the lack of statistics, and start appraising her statements as they are.

Or if ur that good, why don't u come up with the statistics to disprove Teala?  


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3/11/13 6:29:17 AM#52

Never used a hack, never will, but some days I find an excellent snipers nest, and can get a headshot with every bullet in my clip. Have litterally sat there and made 42 headshots in a row and idiots kept walking back to the same spot to shoot from.


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3/11/13 7:12:52 AM#53
Several points.

Yes there are hackers, there are hackers in ALL online games. I've played games with worse hack problems, gw2, wow, war, Tf2 and especially counterstrike. I imagine your cods and what have you are even worse.

No gms, not true, I see several messages from gms each play session, e.g. "xxxx here, gm, please report any cheats to me"

There seems to be this strange idea its easier to have a fps than traditional mmo tab Target combat. This is a fallacy.

The very high k/d ratios, could be hackers, but could also be rocket pod farmers etc... K/d is pretty irrelevant anyway, you gain certs faster by playing as screams and playing to win rather than to boost your k/d. My own k/d has nose dived lately as I've switched to my job being primarily dropping beacons / grabbing Advanced points, which means most of my certs are in scythe / light assault, and I suicide run a lot.


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3/11/13 9:05:05 AM#54

This thread amuses me. For 6 years now I have been a GM on a private server and banned thousands of botters.

I have heard all kind of lame excuses. People demanding proof so I always posted screenshots.

The bot hitting a monster named "bot test do not attack" - bot would miss too much (high evasion of the monster) and reset by using the teleport. I summon the botter back to the monster - miss - teleport - resummon - reroll.


I would do this 5 times and post the screenshots and all that the botters would say was: that is no proof!


If someone claims that killing the same person 38.000 times isn't related to hacking / cheating / botting then that person is nothing but a cheater in denial himself.


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3/11/13 10:47:22 AM#55

Logged in the other day. No cheaters in my sessions. Game is getting better with each update.

That last person I saw in game cheating was in January I think, guy with no head. Reported him and others did as well. Went on playing.

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3/11/13 11:25:29 AM#56

I only lasted 30 minutes yesterday before logging when I realized I was being shot THROUGH hills and walls, it was a nightmare.


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3/11/13 11:45:22 AM#57
Report them then. They do get banned. Wall hackers are the easiest to spot too.
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