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MMORPG | Setting:Sci-Fi | Status:Final  (rel 11/20/12)  | Pub:Sony Online Entertainment
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Monthly Fee:n/a
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Don't Tread On Me!

OP  11/29/12 9:19:47 PM#1
Any chance this game will add crafting and maybe an economy?

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11/29/12 9:25:07 PM#2

I can just imagine myself mining ore or even hunting for boars in the middle of a firefight, lol


No I don't think so.


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Sandbox is your only hope for a decent mmo ;)

11/29/12 11:29:34 PM#3
Originally posted by Khondor
Any chance this game will add crafting and maybe an economy?

Its a shooter game, not a real mmo or should i say mmorpg for the ones that cant tell the difference.



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11/30/12 12:49:22 AM#4
It's supposed to be an mmofps. Certain things that work in mmorpgs or would spice things up, may end up not working so much here.
  User Deleted
11/30/12 5:08:09 AM#5

It's a pure PVP game, everything is about pvp.
You gain ressources by PVPing NOT PVE grinding materials.
Your gear > from PVP.
Your (temporary) vehicles, grenades everything is obtained by PVP (even if other players captured the ressource territory).

Everything that is temporary consumable to a permanent upgrade is obtained through PVP.
Anything tried to fit into this game coming from "MMO Crafting" would completly break it.

The last thing the PS2 pvpers want to see are concepts like flower picking, clicking on buttons in your base and then spam healing potions from these.


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11/30/12 5:40:27 AM#6
Actually smedley has talked about adding sandbox continents where outfits gather their own resources and build their own bases.

There's nothing wrong with crafting and economy in a pvp game, hell games like eve and darkfall the economy and craft resources drive the pvp.

They should never add quests and dungeons and shit though. they should also never put in Esports imo.

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11/30/12 5:44:34 AM#7
If you think about it, there's kinda fighting over resources now. You can only build tanks at facilities you own that produce them, same with aircraft. It's not a big step up to have mines and power plants etc.. that you must hold to gather resources, then have factories that use them.

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I don't like your pants.

11/30/12 5:51:24 AM#8
I don't see crafting in this game, nor do I want it, unless they decide to completely overhaul it into an MMORPG.
  User Deleted
11/30/12 5:52:32 AM#9

Engineers are tiny crafters allready,but much more is needed,and more uses for them

Vehicles should have some kind of damage system,slows them down ,makes targeting harder,something that makes them need engineers more.

And more player built structures is needed,maybe something like,if theres 5 engineers around or maybe 10,they could  build something more effective together than that 1 tiny miniturret.

Or something like that engineers ,if they are skilled enough or if theres more of them around,could upgrade tanks ,turrets or something like that.


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11/30/12 6:06:07 AM#10

So its not ok when mmorpg's get homogenised by the influence of other genres but it is ok to do this to the fps genre?


Well if you want to step out of a few hundred person pitched battle to hit some rocks - more power to you. I'll be playing the fps like a fps and enjoying the easy kills offered by the pick swinging genre confused.


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11/30/12 6:12:09 AM#11

"I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!"


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11/30/12 6:22:49 AM#12
Smedley has already talked about continents with alternative ruleset where players gather resources to build bases.

I think this is a smart move. The current setup for people who like ps1, daoc, bf etc.. the other continents for people that like games like darkfall, eve and perpetuum. What's cool is feel like rvr go the rvr continents, feel like sandbox pvp go the proposed sandbox continents.

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11/30/12 6:25:14 AM#13
Why would you hot rocks. Couldn't you for example....

Invade a mine
Deploy a harvester
Kill players and get crafting loot from them.
Take over an enemy base and dismantle it for components

You don't need to have "wow gathering"

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11/30/12 6:53:51 AM#14
The first thing SOE would do after adding nice crafted items to the game would be to add even better ones in the cash shop..  It's just better that they don't add it to the game because they would ruin it for sure.

"You are all going to poop yourselves." BillMurphy


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12/01/12 8:16:29 AM#15
I would love to have a robust crafting system.But only if you want players to play  the game for longer periods of's a key element I look for in  any game I seriously consider.

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12/01/12 8:22:38 AM#16
Is a 100% PvP game, a Non-stop PvP action mmo. Crafting?, it wont happen. 

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12/01/12 8:29:05 AM#17

Yap, Crafting will come, sooner or later. Check out Smed's Blog here and you can see whats on the List for PS2 in the next years.


Looks not that bad.


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12/01/12 8:51:09 AM#18

Going by various remarks made by Smed, they do have some future plan for tying resources to outfit-owned bases and such. Nobody knows how that will work, or even if it will ever make it into the game. It's on the long term wishlist...


However, I doubt that it will be "crafting as we know it" in standard MMO's.


Besides, players in PS2 don't have any inventory space. The team expressly designed it that way, even with the loud and constant objections from PS1 vets.



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12/01/12 9:00:34 AM#19
I crafted this badass liberator.
J.O.B. Daggerfalls BEST Gank Crew


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12/01/12 9:10:06 AM#20
I don't see how these future sandbox continents with base building and stuff stop the game being pvp orientated. The current rvr continents will still be there. It's not like crafting and pvp don't gel, look at eve.

Now if they were adding raids or quests or even arena pvp, THAT would take away from the game and water it down.
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